Wedding Venues Cape Town Prices

Wedding Venues Cape Town Prices – At ZaraZoo we were lucky enough to be in some of the most beautiful places in the Western Cape and Cape Wineland. We have compiled a list of our top 10 wedding venues in the Western Cape, selected from our wedding coverage over the last 10 years.

After scrolling down to the bottom of this post, you’ll also find out which venues make it 5 to 1 in our list of the top 10 wedding venues in the Western Cape.

Wedding Venues Cape Town Prices

Wedding Venues Cape Town Prices

Before we dive into the top 10 wedding venues in Cape Town in our opinion, watch this video to see the top 10 venues in Cape Town according to the top wedding planners.

Top Wedding Venues In Cape Town

Rockhaven Wedding Venue is number 10 in our list of top 10 wedding venues in the Western Cape. This part of the world is truly magical. Mountains, valleys, gardens, and country-style buildings offer peace and tranquility – the perfect romantic setting for a wedding! Rockhaven is only 75 km from Cape Town, but when you cross the Dutch Hottentot Mountains, you feel like you’re in another world!

Rockhaven Farm will appeal to rustic and rustic looking couples for their weddings. The best time of year for your wedding in Rockhaven is summer, when it’s covered in abundant gardens and vineyards. The rains are dangerous, but in terms of color and heat, it is autumn with browns, yellows and reds. My time of the year is here!

The villa in Rockhaven has three luxurious bedrooms. Add this to the other cabins on the farm and you’ve got 14 close friends and family. There are many nearby towns and tourist attractions in the area.

There are villas and cottages where the bridegroom and bride are prepared. Having so many resources will save you a lot of time to travel and be less stressed at times.

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Built on the edge of the embankment is a wonderful celebration in the Boathouse indoor living room. It can accommodate up to 150 guests and can double as a smaller reception venue. Marked with cement, brick walls, cinder blocks, exposed beam roofs, and shingled shutters, this venue perfectly captures the rustic feel of the couple.

Weather permitting (summer and fall), the outdoor event will be held on the beautiful lawn that flows along the mother’s bank, which flows from the top of the house and overlooks the property. It’s the perfect place for pre-dinner drinks and lawn games while guests wait for their wedding photos to be taken.

Two great places to take your drink and dinner. My favorite is the main village, the shearing lake. Here, guests can soak up the stunning views of the village and enjoy canapés, champagne and lawn games while taking wedding photos.

Wedding Venues Cape Town Prices

Another space placed outside the main space creates a more formal and intimate setting. It is close to the baths, the bar and the kitchen and the view is more comfortable. Surrounded by stone walls and fronted by a wooden square, this area can be covered by a long tent in case of wet weather.

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For traditional weddings, there are several good options in the greater Cape Town area. This is one of the main reasons Rockhaven made our list of top 10 wedding venues in the Western Cape.

The converted Alma Barn is the larger of the two receptions, accommodating up to 150 guests with a choir floor. Like the Boathouse, this space has a rustic feel with many wooden elements. Even the area bar is made from recycled apple grates. When you combine these raw-feeling elements with sophisticated ones like crystal chandeliers and fairy lights, the space transforms into a story.

Some couples choose to dance in the backyard on the floor, which can form part of the floor when the doors are open. An added bonus is that there are no real noise restrictions, as the venue is placed on the ground floor with distant neighbors to keep your party entertained.

Another option is the Boathouse, a smaller, more intimate venue with a charming deck on the water’s edge. A clever design with one completely open side allows you to experience nature close to dining with stunning views of the matrix and enjoying the property. It is closer to the barn and can accommodate up to 70 guests with a dance floor.

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Rockhaven is known for its splendid dining and prefers to use this group in the dining room. The menu usually consists of drinks and canapés, a main course and then a table/cheese. Rockhaven’s chefs only use fresh, local produce, and most vegetables and herbs are grown in an organic vegetable garden 50 meters from Ammar.

Unfortunately, Rockhaven does not have a liquor license, but bar service can be arranged upon request. You can bring your own drinks to the wedding ceremony without tax. The apiscing device does not include the staff, so an additional 10% is added to the fuel bill, which includes the staff.

Rockhaven is a true photographer’s playground. Shipyard; lake wall jeep trail natural fynbos; vineyards, orchards, and olive groves; grass water; now a beautiful country patio with stone walls. These are many beddings for wedding background images.

Wedding Venues Cape Town Prices

If your vision is to blend the essence of Cape Wineland with luxury, this is the perfect wedding venue. The 325-year-old Grand Provincial Heritage wine estate is located in the picturesque village of Franschhoek, 90 km from Cape Town by car. With its rich history and wine culture, the city is a popular tourist destination. If it’s a wedding destination, then Franschhoek is the perfect base to enjoy the wonderful restaurants, wine and natural beauty that this beautiful city has to offer.

Bosjes Wedding Venue

Grande Provincia is the ultimate resort with many accommodations, events and reception options. The lucrative restaurant also offers wedding services. Other highlights are the designed tables, statues and galleries, the purple side door, the old oak and the beautiful Dutch cape buildings.

The rooms and villas at Grande Provincia can accommodate a total of 14 guests. These self-contained units have all the luxuries you would expect, including private pools, spacious lounges and entertaining spaces.

A bridal shower suite is perfect for a wedding. It is situated on one side of the festival sail and on the other, 20 meters, next to the Jonkershuis, among the smaller gifts.

The room and its entourage can use one of the other rooms to prepare. Having a basic shower at the wedding venue is a huge plus for any wedding as it saves a lot of travel time and gives you more time to spend with family and friends on the wedding day.

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In the open, it is the best place to mow next to the villages. It is well protected from the wind and has beautiful vineyards and mountains in the distance. The preparation next to the floor of the room allows a continuous flow. If the bride chooses to come by car, there is a road that leads within 40 meters of this space.

For wet weather and indoor events, the beautiful Cape Dutch building known as the Jonkershuis is simply stunning. It can accommodate up to 70 film projections.

The garden with ancient oaks, water features, fields and artistic sculptures is perfect for your drinks and dinner. Here, your guests can enjoy champagne in style while taking your wedding photos. It is a beautiful space with beautiful mountain backdrops and views of the vineyards.

Wedding Venues Cape Town Prices

The garden can also be used as an outdoor reception area. Warm summer nights in Franschhoek allow for an alfresco reception in this space.

Top 10 Wedding Venues In Cape Town, South Africa (10 To 6)

The fact that Grand Province features in our list of top 10 wedding venues in Cape Town is due to its large number of reception venues. There are a total of 4 wells, each offering its own unique look and feel, catering to families and larger weddings.

The Jonkershuis is a beautifully decorated private room in a traditional Dutch Cape Style building. Vaulted ceilings and exposed beams combine with this elegantly decorated interior to create an elegant feel, and the venue is perfect for small weddings of up to 30 guests.

The restaurant is modern with excellent cuisine

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