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I’m glad you like what you do. As a Certified Life Coach and Certified Career Coach, I help my clients rewrite their stories, speak to themselves with compassion and confidence, and achieve their unique personal and professional goals. Over the past 23 years, I have helped thousands of people achieve their dreams!

Small Business Coach Near Me

Small Business Coach Near Me

Life coaching is a transformative experience. And as we all know, big changes can be a little scary. So, when thinking about hiring a life coach, we often have a few questions. Let’s see if we can answer these questions to determine if life coaching is right for you!

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In addition to being a Certified Life Coach and Certified Career Coach, I am also a licensed professional counselor and have provided counseling services for many years. Today, he no longer offers advice and offers life coaching and career coaching. You might be wondering –

Counseling (also called therapy) helps diagnose psychological disorders and help clients manage deep-seated clinical and personal disorders. Counselors often delve into a client’s past and use the insights gained to heal psychological and emotional trauma. Knowledge acquisition is often the focus of counseling.

Life coaching is about helping clients who feel stuck in achieving their goals break free. Life coaching is present and future oriented and does not question the client’s past except to identify and change old limiting patterns.

As your life coach, I focus on exploring your goals in all areas of your life and identifying the obstacles that prevent you from achieving those goals. I guide you in creating a road map to get what you want. I work with you to develop and implement goal-achieving measures, benchmarks, and strategies to motivate and inspire you along the way, tracking, and personal accountability.

These Life Coaching Niches Can’t Fail In 2023 (+ Free Quiz)

Life coaching is very action-oriented. I’ll also help you celebrate and savor your success! Self-talk is at the heart of my RESCRIPT framework, so as we work on your specific goals, we simultaneously work to eliminate negative patterns about yourself and develop positive self-talk. Learning and maintaining self-talk strategies can be the most important fuel for achieving what you want. Through our Life Coaching Partnership, we help you RE-WRITE your story and write an unlimited life!

As a life coach, I help my clients achieve their goals in many areas of their lives. Below are some examples.

As a Life Coach, I have developed my own framework to help my clients calmly talk through their negative self-talk and become their best advocate.

Small Business Coach Near Me

There are two very different psychic narrators that talk to us in our minds – the Internal Antagonist and the Internal Advocate.

Leslie Cervantes,

Your inner antagonist is the inner antagonist of your story. It means that you are surrounded by chaos, conflict, weakness, and lack, and you don’t have what it takes to solve something. Your inner antagonist can push you to act against your ultimate values ​​and aspirations.

Your inner advisor has your back. It is your inner ally, supporter, supporter, and co-solver. It shows that you are strong and capable. It reminds you of all the resources around you. It reminds you of the wisdom gained from life experience. It means that you can overcome everything. In order to increase our in-house advisor, we must RE-ORDER the following:

If you want to read a little about my RESCRIPT Framework, I wrote a Huffington Post article about it:

Helping others has been my calling since childhood. My first job at 14 was a camp counselor, so it was fate! I really love people and want to see others live happy and fulfilled lives. Here are some of my experiences and experiences:

What Is A Life Coach?

Of course! Many of my clients have been kind enough to provide reviews and advice for you to read below.

I will do it! In 2016, I was blessed to give a TEDx talk titled “Rewriting the Stories We Tell” and was also fortunate enough to do several television and podcast interviews that you can watch and listen to on my Media Interviews page.

You can learn more about my various life coaching packages and pricing on my Career Coaching and Life Coaching pages.

Small Business Coach Near Me

Yes! In addition to life coaching and career coaching, I provide resume writing, speaking, training, online courses, and masterclasses.

Transformational Life Coach For Midlife Women 40+

Of course we can! In fact, I offer a FREE 20-minute introductory session where we can get to know each other, discuss your coaching needs, and answer any questions you may have. Fill out the form below to help us get started! Hello! You’ve come to the Forward Counseling Blog, where we openly and honestly address mental health topics in the hope that our stories will inspire you. Read, comment and connect with us!

If you’re unhappy with your life, it’s time to contact a professional to find a solution. Coaches teach you the tools you need to recognize harmful patterns in your life and help you identify ways to make changes. For entrepreneurs, small business owners, or dreamers looking for the skills they need to start their business from scratch, consulting with a coach who specializes in business and career coaching is key to a startup that stands out from the competition. Wondering how to find your passion in life and pursue a career? Look no further than Angelique Sims, an experienced personal success coach. Read more to learn a little more about him and his coaching style.

Answer: To inspire, challenge and hold people accountable for their desire to perform at a higher level in life. Investing in life coaching can help you achieve professional, personal, spiritual and financial success. Your specific needs/desires will be addressed and a Plan of Action (PFA) will be implemented to help you achieve these goals.

A: I became a life coach after seeing the results in my personal life from investing in a life coach. Actually, I wasn’t a fan of the title “life coach” because I feel that no one lives a perfect life and can’t master life.

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And the word alone was a little frightening. After I fully hired my personal life coach, I began to realize that most of my challenges were a reflection of the people around me. Having a service that provides that level of support, encouragement and accountability can really be a game changer. Sometimes all we need is encouragement, positive partners and support.

A: The quality of a great life coach consists of being a good listener. A person with a deep level of knowledge

Transparency and open-mindedness. Additionally, someone who learns and adapts to their needs, has a knack for seeing deeper opportunities in clients, and is willing and confident to challenge them and take them to the next level of greatness and peace.

Small Business Coach Near Me

A: My goal in life is to bring the “inner you out of you”. Although I have been gifted with many gifts, one of the areas I work in is building self-confidence and enjoying helping those around me see their true selves. well, learn to use them and see their flaws for real, but learn to grow for them.

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A: A short term goal would be to become a life coach, but long term I am working towards becoming a licensed psychologist.

A: I have completed a variety of courses including personal life coaching certification, goal mastery, extraordinary lifestyle design, and depression and anxiety coaching. Through extensive training in private practice, I have conducted marriage sessions with couples and worked with teenagers and adults with depression and suicidal thoughts. In addition, he counseled victims of emotional and sexual abuse.

A: In my personal life, I do various Zoom calls throughout the day and run various businesses. Before working as a life coach, I spent more time than usual listening to the people I interact with throughout the day. The more I work with clients, the easier it becomes to hear more about their personal lives.

A: To maintain a healthy and balanced life, I invest my TIME. I love using natural remedies to take care of my skin. I eat a lot of nutritious food and fruits and vegetables. I also exercise at least 3-4 times a week, if not more. All of the above really allows me to breathe outside of my everyday life and contribute to a balanced lifestyle.

How To Become A Life Coach: 7 Steps For Success

Answer: It’s time to reassess your life or work life. Life is all about evolution and ups and downs. Nothing will stop

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