Small Business Ideas Philippines For Students

Small Business Ideas Philippines For Students – The summer heat is here again. Humidity makes us want to swim or drink refreshing drinks. In fact, things like this make us feel better this season so why not sell the idea to other people?

Filipinos are now more open to new brands and businesses, especially this summer where the business industry can grow faster. Be your own boss and grow your money by starting your own business. Here are some small business ideas you can start this summer with less capital.

Small Business Ideas Philippines For Students

Small Business Ideas Philippines For Students

Here are some summer foods you can sell. If you plan to run this business for a short time, you can get an equipment loan to buy an ice cream machine and a blender.

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Fruit juice, and ice cream, choosing the best and cheapest ingredients on the market will help you make summer refreshment worth it.

Demand for ice is high in the summer. If you want to engage in this business, it is good to invest in a small refrigerator. But, if you have a refrigerator at home, you can collect purified water in plastic ice bags and sell it for P3-10 pesos every two weeks. Selling ice cream takes a little money and effort, but when you get regular customers, the profits are huge.

And barbecue business. All you need to use is a stainless grill. However, if you like yours

And to cook barbecue faster, buy a small electric fan. This saves the effort of manual interference.

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And barbecue, pay attention to cleanliness. Create delicious marinades and sauces that customers will love and keep coming back for more.

Filipinos, in their efforts to become health conscious, make it a point to include more fruits in their diet. Avocado, banana, coconut, jackfruit, watermelon, cantaloupe, papaya, pineapple and mango are abundant in summer. If you are planning to start a fruit market, find a supplier of these fruits. Order them in bulk and sell them at retail and lower prices.

Do you live near an outdoor recreation area? Consider renting your gear and equipment to tourists. Have gear for activities like hiking, camping, swimming or diving. This type of rental business requires minimal investment as you already have most of the equipment needed to get started. You can get ROI in no time.

Small Business Ideas Philippines For Students

It is no exaggeration to say that Filipinos cannot live without the Internet. According to the Digital in 2019 report, we spend 10 hours a day on the Internet. Business-minded people can take this as an opportunity to earn income by running a Piso Wi-Fi business, a business that provides cheap Internet connections. This low cost business is easier to set up than an internet cafe. Buy a coin-operated Internet vending machine that acts as a hotspot and pays per minute of Internet usage. You can set a rate of P1 per 5 minutes, P5 per 30 minutes or P10 per hour. Sales

Small Business Ideas In The Philippines Starting At Php 10,000

For this business, you need to buy an internet hotspot device and subscribe to an unlimited broadband plan.

Whatever business idea you have in mind, you should first check that you have enough money to start and support any business you want.

In making your idea a reality, a personal loan is beneficial if you know how to budget and allocate your income to your debt. Make the most of your summer experience this year!

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Small Business Ideas Philippines For Students

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Small Business Ideas Philippines For Students

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There is no universal recipe for business success. Every entrepreneur must choose his own path, there is a guide to success.…Now with the economic growth, now is the best time to invest in the Philippines and have options for ideas. about small businesses. There are many reasons why you hesitate, either because of limited capital or because of time constraints. Let us remind you that big companies like SM Supermalls, Maung Inasal, Alibaba and National Bookstore, to name a few, started from humble beginnings. So, let’s throw your doubts out the window and check out our amazing ideas on how you can start your entrepreneurial journey with minimal risk. These are perfect for students, working bees, or moms looking for some extra cash! The good thing about it is that for Php 5000 you can start something.

Herbal or organic products are becoming popular these days. Many people are beginning to realize what they are using on their skin or body. They are looking for natural products that do not use too many chemicals.

(scale, thermometer, stick blender, lye measuring and mixing container, soap batter mixing container, heavy plastic or silicone spoon and spatula, gloves and goggles, soap molds).

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First find out what type of soap or recipe to sell. Will you focus on a single recipe or multiple recipes? You can attend seminars and workshops to learn the basics of soap making and the best ways to make soap. Gather all the necessary tools and equipment. Create your first soap and sell your handmade soap to your target market.

For handmade soaps, you can earn Php 500 – Php 1,000 per batch (depending on how many soaps you get). This is where you can earn a lot of money when you understand your market well and are ready for a lot of orders.

Filipinos are among the top smartphone users in the world. It’s rare to see someone without a cell phone. And what’s the use of a cell phone without a charge, right? This is a great idea, especially if you work in an office – you might be the friendliest and most trusted reviewer in the group!

Small Business Ideas Philippines For Students

Get a retail SIM card (Globe, Smart or Sun Cellular) from a third party retailer in your area. You can also use All-in-One SIM, which means that you can resell the goods on all networks using one SIM.

Most Profitable Small Business Ideas

Who doesn’t want a small grocery store near their home, right? Like a cheaper and cheaper option than 7-11 where they can buy items/necessities like coffee, shampoo, rice and some soda? It is interesting that when

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