Small Business Ideas On Etsy

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Small Business Ideas On Etsy

Small Business Ideas On Etsy

Making a living doing what you love is a dream. And Etsy is a great place to start selling your handmade products.

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Due to the pandemic, we are staying at home more than ever. Products that help you keep your living space neat and tidy are in high demand. Get into this niche by offering handmade drawer organizers, kitchen labels, and shelves like these:

Self care will be a trend in 2022. Let your potential customer pamper themselves with body care products like bath salts, massage oil.

Encourage clients to fully embrace who they are. These can be clothing, accessories, stickers or pins like this:

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More people started keeping a diary. Instead of a general themed magazine, try selling niche magazines like wellness, fitness, affirmations, etc.

One of the evergreen categories on Etsy. Personalized jewelry is perfect for gifts. One thing to consider is having a gift ready to wrap, which you can learn about in this jewelry wrapping guide.

A growing number of Etsy shoppers care about the environment and fast fashion issues. Solve both of these problems with handmade clothing using sustainable materials like bamboo and linen.

Small Business Ideas On Etsy

One of the starting points on Etsy if you are good with technology. Personalize digital products like wall art and prints like this popular couple’s name print on Etsy. See more ideas for digital products here.

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Make your customers feel good with self-care products like candles, skin care and floral tea. Such a choice box is an excellent gift for the customers themselves.

In recent years, more and more people are working from home. Let them make their workspace more efficient and personal.

Retro is making a comeback, especially among the younger generation. Create home decor and accessories with a retro vibe.

Veganism is becoming increasingly popular for ethical and environmental reasons. Take advantage of this vegan accessories market with vegan materials like this wallet:

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People love their pets and treat them like family. Offer them gifts for their pets like accessories and food.

Bringing nature indoors with nature-themed home decor. It’s not just limited to real plants, but also plant-related decor like this one for low maintenance.

Create something special and personalized for couples. Jewelry and digital art are two of the most popular items here.

Small Business Ideas On Etsy

Similar to nature-themed home decor, furniture that uses natural materials is also becoming increasingly popular. Materials like wood, rattan and bamboo are great for handmade furniture.

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Instead of buying ready-made products, people today like to learn how to make and create their own. Sell ​​DIY craft kits for them with raw materials and instructions.

Similarly, people are looking for craft supplies like fabric and yarn. If you are close to the source of any processing materials, it might be a good idea to brand and sell them.

The face mask is here to stay. Demand has been very high since the start of the pandemic. Try to offer printed masks that are unique and cannot be found in other markets.

Make something personal so people can shop for their friends or family’s wedding. One way is to learn how to use Photoshop actions to create unique digital art like this:

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Parents love to dress up their children. Create cute baby accessories to capture a piece of this popular market.

Digital wall art and prints are a popular spot on Etsy. Think about how you can enter a place and create something with your own unique style.

Buying printed invitations can be expensive. Make such designs so customers can edit and print themselves to save costs.

Small Business Ideas On Etsy

Lightroom is a popular photo editing application. Presets are a one-click solution with multiple settings so customers can quickly get the look they want. The app is free to download and start using.

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One of the most popular niches on Etsy. The market may be a little saturated, but you can serve a specific submarket better than your existing competition.

Almost everyone uses at least one social media platform. Create templates that clients can quickly edit and use to improve their social media presence.

More time at home means more time for cooking and baking. Baking supplies, especially those that are personalized, are becoming more and more in demand.

Gift wrapping paper is a great way for customers to express themselves. Create designs that are hard to find elsewhere to stand out on Etsy.

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Evergreen category on Etsy. Customers love the natural beauty of crystals and are fascinated by their metaphysical properties. Take advantage of this by looking for an underserved location.

The vintage revival is real. Put your own modern spin on that niche and create clothing and accessories that appeal to Etsy shoppers.

Weddings are expensive, including accessories for the bride and groom. Many people come to Etsy looking for cheaper alternatives that don’t compromise on style.

Small Business Ideas On Etsy

Seasonal and holiday gifts are a great way to further increase sales in your store, but it is not recommended to build your entire store solely on these items as the demand is not steady.

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Companies like Printful and Printify allow you to upload your design and help you print it onto products and ship directly to customers. This greatly reduces the cost of purchasing equipment, but the downside is that the profit margin is lower.

People stay fit and healthy by exercising, both at the gym and at home. Fitness items like gym wear, yoga mats and gym towels are a good way to enter the market.

Yoga is a huge industry and many Etsy users practice yoga. Apart from the yoga mat and yoga pants, this print is also popular.

Popularized by brands like Lush, bath bombs or bath conditioners are a great product to create and sell if you create unique flavors or shapes.

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Staying motivated is a struggle for most people. Some of them are looking for a simple print that can decorate the space and give them some encouragement.

Upcycled jewelry and accessories aren’t just home projects anymore. If they are set up like this, it can be a great conversation starter for customers.

Vegan and cruelty-free makeup is more natural and better for the environment. Pinterest is a great source for recipes on how to make them.

Small Business Ideas On Etsy

Budgeting and tracking finances is difficult. Solve this problem by creating planners and worksheets that can help clients.

Small Business Ideas To Start In 2022

Tableware can allow people to express their personality at the dining table. Make something that can’t be found in the big box stores like this set of rustic bowls and plates.

Suncatchers ‘catch’ sunlight and reflect it, creating colorful iridescent lights in the room. It is becoming more and more popular and making your own can be a good business idea.

Craft projects can keep kids busy at home while encouraging their creativity. Something colorful and easy to follow would be best.

A unique wreath like this succulent can really stand out on Etsy. Consider different materials, shapes and colors for your wreath design.

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Small Business Ideas On Etsy

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