Ideas To Celebrate Graduation During Pandemic

Ideas To Celebrate Graduation During Pandemic – It’s a strange time for everyone, but it must be especially strange for graduates waiting to hear how and when they will graduate this year. Even without a traditional graduation ceremony due to COVID-19, there are a million ways to celebrate our new graduates and all their academic accomplishments. Families can still throw a small graduation party and have a virtual graduation party with close family members (#quarantinegradparty!) so we’ve rounded up our favorite ways to help your graduate feel special during this strange time.

If there was a year you wanted to make your graduation feel special, this is it. You won’t have as many guests and a million finger foods as everyone expects, but you can still walk away with everything in mind.

Ideas To Celebrate Graduation During Pandemic

Ideas To Celebrate Graduation During Pandemic

Set up a table display of graduation photos, some favors, hang some balloons, streamers or a poster with their name on it. If you don’t have a vintage photo booth in your living room, print out your graduation Giant Photo Streamers and hang them up for all to see (indoors, Zoom or otherwise). Set up a simple photo display by hanging string or cotton string from a ceiling or wall vertically or horizontally to a wall, bulletin board, or two stands and hanging Classic Prints (4×4” or 4×6” are our favorites) from the string.

Asu Fall Graduates Celebrate Commencement At Sun Devil Stadium

Show your rank on the Grid Frame. Display it at the party and then hang it on your wall. You can also print large metal prints, give some metal scraps and write congratulatory messages to guests. (You can also request a message via email before the party and give it to your graduate as a gift!)

Giving gifts to guests is always fun. Since the graduation party will be quarantine style with only domestic guests, make it extra special by offering souvenirs to commemorate the event. Print out a variety of magnets and photo strips for easy decoration that’s a thoughtful party favor

The Photo Ribbon is small enough to fit inside a graduation announcement as an added way to share more photos of your graduate. Since many people won’t be attending graduation this year, photos are a great way to help family and friends get a feel for the next step your graduate will take. For friends and family who really want to be there for the big graduation day, stock up on small envelopes filled with graduation announcements, Photo Magnets, and Photo Strips of your graduate. They will almost feel like they are with you.

When it comes to graduation prizes, there are few clear winners. Create a Photo Book of their favorite moments from their year in high school (we have Paper Cover, Hard Cover, and Layflat Albums). This is the perfect time to display those surprising childhood photos. We also love Grid Poster. This is an easy way to print multiple images at once and can be used as party decorations and after party room decorations.

Gee Tells Newest Wvu Graduates Success Comes From Knowing Themselves

Or give them a gift card so they can order and print whatever they want to celebrate their senior year. You can purchase Gift Cards on our website and in our Print Studio App.

You’ll never regret celebrating life’s accomplishments⁠—even during difficult times like COVID-19. It’s a time of anxiety and fear, but also a time to come together, remember what’s really important, and connect in deeper ways. Let’s hear it for our 2020 Graduates who are going out into the world with new goals and a global awareness. Oh, the places you will visit!

How did you celebrate your diploma? Do you keep your graduation party and traditions up to date? Share with us @socialPS and on our Social Print Studio Facebook group. However, this graduation season is like no other for both high schools and colleges as they prepare to celebrate their accomplishments amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ideas To Celebrate Graduation During Pandemic

The NBC News Social Gathering Team spoke with 10 high school and 10 college graduates about what it’s like to graduate during the pandemic and how their celebrations were different from what they had originally planned.

Photos Show Creative Graduation Celebrations During Coronavirus Pandemic

Freja-Jane Kjeldseth is disappointed to learn that Yankton High School has canceled its in-person graduation ceremony and is holding a virtual one instead.

However, the virtual ceremony went better than expected, complete with a video message from Olivia Newton-John; the school was ready to perform the 1980 song “Xanadu” with ELO before the pandemic hit.

Kjeldseth said the in-person ceremony in July might not be the same because some of his classmates have moved on and joined the military in the next few weeks, so he can still find his bright side.

“Keep your head up, keep a positive mindset because it’s bad, but it’s a unique experience,” he said. “No one has ever experienced this…I’m old.”

Wsu Offers In Person Events For Graduating Students

Matthew Harrison celebrated his graduation from Tufts University via Zoom, including student names read aloud and any awards they received.

“It wasn’t as bad as I expected,” Harrison said. “Loved celebrating with my parents, that part felt special.”

Still, he’s disappointed he won’t be able to celebrate with friends this spring, but hopes to do so later when Tufts reschedules its in-person opening ceremony.

Ideas To Celebrate Graduation During Pandemic

Matthew Harrison graduated from Tufts University via Zoom, but still wears a hat and gown at home. Courtesy of Matthew Harrison

Coping With The Loss Of In Person Spring Commencement Ceremony

Odessa High School seniors are participating in a virtual graduation ceremony this weekend. The school received photos and quotes from each student and plans to stream the ceremony online so students can watch at home with their families.

“I could watch it on TV, but I wanted to have some sort of graduation ceremony,” said Polk.

“I plan to video chat so my family members can see me with my diploma and everything. They can send me their wishes. Later, when I get out of quarantine, I plan to have a party,” he told NBC News.

Christopher Hastings is grateful his entire family was able to share their experiences with graduates from all over the country.

Class Of 2020 Returns To Campus For An In Person Commencement Celebration

“Interesting, I am the first person in my family to get a bachelor’s degree,” he said. “I’m so happy they celebrated with me. It’s about having family around you to celebrate your accomplishments, because you wouldn’t be where you are today without your family.”

Hastings’ nephews and nieces are even planning to fly home from Alaska, where he is celebrating with his parents and girlfriend.

Mychaela Wagner prepares to graduate her class of more than 300 students on June 6. Instead, the school moved the ceremony to May 27, where small groups would graduate simultaneously throughout the day; the school also plans to hold a march on June 6 to “recognize and celebrate all the seniors in our high school,” Wagner said.

Ideas To Celebrate Graduation During Pandemic

“My mom put on a Facebook event and she said that everyone, all friends and family, could send something to show appreciation for everything that had happened,” she said.

Quarantine Celebrations — Kid Birthdays And Graduations

“It’s not the end of the world and there are ways we can make it better.” Wagner added. “Everyone will step up and get past it.”

Kendall Kahn acknowledged the fact that she and her friends started working virtually this year because they had to hear each other’s ceremonies, which they wouldn’t be able to do if they had some free time in person.

Kahn graduated from college of education, but he had friends in college of health sciences.

“It was very special,” he said. “I think they did a really good job celebrating us and making it a special moment.”

Harvard Chan School Class Of 2022 Convocation

Even though Kendall Kahn couldn’t celebrate her graduation in person with her friends, she still had to take her hat off following her virtual graduation from Appalachian State University. Thank you Kendall Kahn

Hammond High School Magnet Senior did graduate on May 12, though it was not the ceremony Malakai Mills envisioned.

“It doesn’t feel right,” he said. “I worked 4 years to get to this point, taking tests, writing essays, studying late into the night, and I was fired up, ready for my chance to walk across the stage and receive my diploma. and for my family to be there. This is something special. I worked hard at it and it didn’t turn out the way I expected or expected.”

Ideas To Celebrate Graduation During Pandemic

Mills and her family watched the ceremony together, and she even had her picture taken in her hat and gown.

How To Hold An At Home Kindergarten Graduation For Your Child

His family “had spoken to our family who live in the area about having a small party in our backyard.”

Cornell senior Amanda Madenberg will be celebrating her graduation with her family via Zoom this year after her graduation ceremony was postponed.

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