Small Business Ideas Europe

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Are you good with your hands? Do you prefer to make things rather than buy them? Manufacturing ideas may be an opportunity for you.

Small Business Ideas Europe

Small Business Ideas Europe

There are many small scale manufacturing business ideas that you can turn into a sustainable and profitable business. There is a market for you whether you are starting a manufacturing company that makes shoes, wigs or cosmetics.

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Here are 10 examples of manufacturing business ideas that can give you insight into starting your own manufacturing business:

If you love to bake and create new and exciting edible treats, this might be the manufacturing company for you. If you still can’t afford to open a permanent location, you can start your business online and start shipping to your customers.

The Gingerbread Lady Bakery focuses on making cookies that have a nostalgic homemade flavor, with a modern twist on each flavor and design

In addition, they are sought after for their gourmet cupcakes, and they also specialize in beautiful wedding candy tables. By focusing and specializing in niche options, they ensure their offerings are backed by more experience and technology than their competitors.

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There is always a demand for shoes, but everyone has their own taste and you need to make shoes that appeal to a large market. Here are examples of shoe manufacturing companies that you can gain insight into to ensure your business remains profitable and sustainable:

Bolton Footwear in the 1990s focused its business on footwear to concentrate and grow that part of the business. They are now one of the leading footwear companies in South Africa, focusing on a defined market niche, competitively priced and made from high quality materials.

In addition, Bolton Footwear is committed to the environment and the surrounding communities where it operates. It also supports several local non-profit organizations and community activities.

Small Business Ideas Europe

Do you have land available to you? Are you in the right area to grow grapes? You can start your own wine label. Before you start growing your new crop, here are manufacturing companies you can learn from to ensure the profitability of your new business:

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Namaqua Wines aims to preserve and extract only the best from its vineyards. They make each wine with the same attention to detail, and each result gives a unique expression of its environmental conditions.

Since 1992, Namaqua Wines has been exporting its wines overseas to increase its customer base and reach a larger target market.

Soybeans can be one of the most profitable food processing businesses you can start with a modest capital investment. If this sounds like a manufacturing business idea to you, you need to research your competition before launching.

Irwing focuses on the production of a variety of wholesale soybeans, including soybean meal and soybean meal. Once produced, they are also widely available to high-end companies and those involved in the food manufacturing and agricultural industries.

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Irwing has expanded its range to also offer high quality soy feed for the livestock and poultry markets. This allows them to increase their customer base and ensure they have multiple revenue streams.

For many people in South Africa, candles are the only source of light in the evening, given the increase in load shedding and blackouts in recent years, candles will continue to be in high demand.

Here are examples of successful manufacturing companies that you can gain insight into before starting your business:

Small Business Ideas Europe

Soy Lites started in a small room and has grown into a manufacturing unit with 7 permanent employees. They continue to focus on educating consumers about the benefits of soy wax, which is part of their growth strategy.

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In addition to its wax products, Soy Lite also manufactures body and massage soy balms and packs various raw materials. They also offer a blend of African botanical oils, hydrosols and soy wax crayons.

Do you like makeup? Does starting your own cosmetics manufacturing company excite you? Then maybe this is the manufacturing company for you.

Before you start mixing colors and solutions, here are examples of manufacturing companies from which you can learn some strategies to ensure your business remains sustainable and growing:

Rabia Ghoor started SwiitchBeauty from a 4 square meter space in her bedroom at the age of 15. Since then, the SwiitchBeauty team has grown to 6 permanent employees and many products.

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A strategy that Rabia Ghoor attributes to their early and continued success is their social media presence. She started her marketing strategy by becoming a social media influencer in the South African beauty industry.

This positioned him as an industry expert, and when he was able to introduce more products, he already had fans to introduce them to.

If you have the passion, experience and skills to produce high-quality wigs, weaves and hair extensions, you can tap into a growing market. There is a constant demand for wigs, weaves and hair extensions, so if you can offer high quality products, you will have many customers.

Small Business Ideas Europe

Before starting your business, you must first know what your competitors are doing. Here are examples of manufacturing companies you can learn from:

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Erabella Hair Extensions focuses on having high quality hair extensions, made from 10A grade, 100% human hair, allowing their customers to use heat tools as if it were their own hair. They offer convenient and free shipping depending on the customer’s location.

They offer a variety of hair extensions from clip ins, to weaves and false eyelashes. They also offer reseller options for salons, as well as training for those who want to learn how to insert hair extensions.

There will always be a demand for towels because people use them constantly. You can produce plain, beautiful and custom towels in large quantities, for minimal investment.

Before you start your manufacturing business, here are examples of successful towel manufacturers that you can gain insight from:

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Gudang Tuala started as a factory shop that sold other types of towels. It has now grown to become a leading supplier of towels to SMEs in the hair, beauty and hospitality industries.

The Towel Warehouse focuses on small and medium businesses that use towels and linen as part of their offering. Their stock availability means that even their competitors have to buy from them to meet demand.

There is an ongoing high demand for homemade and custom items. If you have carpentry skills, you can start your own manufacturing company making everything from furniture, decorations and containers. Before you start your business, here are manufacturing companies you can get insights from:

Small Business Ideas Europe

Durban Joinery has built its name in the construction industry as a manufacturer of high quality timber architectural details. They pride themselves on using a “no shortcuts” approach to manufacturing their products.

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To ensure their quality customers, they are invited to their workshops so that new and returning customers can see for themselves their quality and service.

Customers are looking for unique and one-of-a-kind items and jewelry is no exception. You can start a profitable business by making jewelry.

Over three decades of operation, Eternity Manufacturing Jewelers has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise by training and developing a group of expert artisans. Their team consists of expert goldsmiths, silversmiths and diamond setters.

To ensure that they handle all aspects of their client’s parts, they have all their own staff, equipment and materials, meaning that clients do not have to wait for a third party to complete their part of the project, and the item never leaves their premises at all steps during the production process.

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Small Business Ideas Europe

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