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As busyness becomes more normal, more and more people are adding their businesses to the existing 32.5 million small businesses. For some would-be entrepreneurs, that means opening a brick and mortar store. In recent years, the restrictions of COVID-19 and rapidly improving e-commerce options have prompted many aspiring entrepreneurs to move their businesses online.

Small Business For Clothing

Small Business For Clothing

But what if you dreamed of starting a small clothing business? Although selling tangible goods such as clothing often works better face-to-face, you can start a clothing business from home. Read on for our quick guide to starting a home clothing business.

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Before you start investing in inventory or even building a website, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what niche your clothing brand will occupy. Adopting a niche can reduce your overall market. Niches, on the other hand, make it easier for customers to find you and market to you.

For example, some clothing businesses sell on specific needs, such as wedding or business wear. Others focus on the general tone, such as humor.

There are several possible business structures you can adopt for your small clothing business. Some options you can consider include:

You will need to research the options to find the one that best meets your financial constraints, creative vision, and even space constraints. Handmade clothing allows you to express your creativity, but dropshipping may be the most economical.

Getting Your Small Business Into

If you run your business entirely online from your home, you can keep it as a sole proprietorship. This may simplify your taxes, but it puts your personal property at risk in the event of a lawsuit.

Your other main option is the limited liability company, which separates your business finances and estate from your personal finances and estate. If you go that route, you must be registered with the state, and you may need a license or business permit.

No matter which model you choose, you will need a supplier. If you make your own clothes, this probably means a fabric supplier. That could mean print-on-demand services.

Small Business For Clothing

You need a website with a solid eCommerce configuration to start your business. A good eCommerce setup includes an online storefront, a checkout system, and easy integration with payment gateways.

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You should also consider your marketing options. You may use some paid advertising, but don’t overlook organic methods like blogs, videos, and email distribution lists. Email lists are a great way to announce sales and new products.

If you have a creative flair when it comes to clothes, a small clothing business can be a side hustle or even a second career for you. Make planning your first step.

Figure out your niche market, business model, and legal structure of your business ahead of time. Lock suppliers of fabric or pre-made garments. Build your website with eCommerce in mind. Small businesses are run by moms, dads and families, and when you buy from them, you’re helping to send their kids to school, feed them, and make their dreams come true. 95% of my son’s wardrobe comes from small businesses like these because I believe in buying from small businesses whenever possible. So here are 15 great shops for you to browse – only the best 🙂

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Killer Tips For Being More Productive As A Small Business Owner

My first choice is Geo Fox Apparel. That’s why it’s my top choice. If you’re having a boy, stop what you’re doing now and check this place out. I know first hand how hard it is to shop for boys and this store makes it so easy. Don’t worry, they have something for your girls too!

Their prices are very good, definitely cheaper than the competition, and their products are designed from start to finish in the USA by a beautiful mother of two boys who knows herself very well in terms of trends and fashion doing what. They have trendy tees, cool pants, and more coming soon. Geo Fox, I was very impressed.

Looking for the perfect pair of shoes for your little one? Check out the newly selected moccasins. You have featured Susan, the smart and intelligent businesswoman behind this company. These little gems slide on your child’s feet easily, will last forever, and come in a variety of fun colors in the sun, making them the perfect everyday shoe. Recently Susan took part in the Shark Tank competition and the sharks were impressed by her and her amazing product. You will too!

Small Business For Clothing

Sugar Plum Lane offers leggings, t-shirts, bows, bibs and more. It’s a one stop shop for everything your child needs in fashion! Everything in this store is made in the USA by a talented woman named Kelly who takes great pride in her work! Her items are of high quality and durable.

Celebrating Women Owned Small Businesses

Indie Nook merchandise has a fun, independent feel. Their prices are high, and their stores have a wide variety. T-shirts, leggings, harem pants and more. Andy the owner is very flexible and can do almost anything! So if you want to tweak something or are looking for something specific, send her an email and she’d love to work with you! They are constantly introducing stylish new styles.

The store is trendy, cool and affordable. Their designs will make you smile and your children will love wearing them. One of my favorite things is being able to match my son sometimes, this store has amazing designs for adults and kids alike! Great customer service and fast shipping from sunny California!

Quinn and Fox was founded and founded by a husband and wife duo. They use only the best organic materials and collaborate with artists from all over the world to design their products! Every piece in their shop is literally a walking piece of art. They choose their artists carefully, and as each item is made from scratch, there are slight differences in each item, which makes them completely unique. This store is unlike any I’ve seen before, making it an easy choice for this list!

Weestructed aims to provide you with amazing products with your personal touch. You can get quality moccasins, t-shirts, headbands, and more from this store with the best customer service of any big chain. This shop often collaborates amazingly, and now they’re teaming up for a highly commendable anti-bullying campaign and well worth checking out!

Small Business Highlight: Antlers & Astronauts

So Little So Hip is a great company that makes the coolest overalls for your little one. They have basic overalls as well as colorful ones and some are like nothing you’ve seen before. This is what I really like about this store. The owner, Ann, has partnered with many very popular bloggers to make their overalls and when you buy a pair, a portion of the price will be donated to a charity of the blogger’s choice! How amazing is this? Give back and support small businesses. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Why are basic models often the hardest to find? Carly Megan’s unisex pieces are perfect. Seriously, this girl knows what she’s doing. Available in stripes, black, white and grey, the simple piece is perfect for your child. She uses only the best materials so your items are sure to stand the test of time.

Great store full of leggings, headbands, blankets, basically everything you need for your newborn, baby or toddler. With so many options, it can be difficult to know where to buy. Miss J Handmade products are handmade in the USA by a lovely mother who takes pride in her creations! This is a store you can order from for years!

Small Business For Clothing

The husband and wife duo behind this company know what kids want to wear and what parents want them to wear! Their designs are works of art: smart, cool, modern. They are affordable, come in a wide variety, are unisex, and are made in California. This company knows what’s happening in the fashion world, and they go where it counts!

Small Business Highlight

Sly Fox Threads has designed some of the coolest t-shirts ever, I prefer the unisex so I can keep it for my kids in the future! Check out this store and thank or curse me because your wallet will definitely be thinner after you put every item in your cart. Very good.

Having trouble pronouncing the name of the shop? As long as you tell the phenomenon, you will understand! Why are they called that? Because they make kids feel and look amazing day in and day out! Great t-shirt, best material and great customer service.

Last but not least, Hello Apparel. They have great kids clothes, and if you’re browsing and wish you could wear these too, you can! Fortunately, they also do adult clothing! As well as cushions, totes and more. Hello Apparel is a great company run by equals

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