Famous Artists And Their Work

Famous Artists And Their Work – What makes some artists famous and others fade into obscurity? The most famous artists are those who capture a time, place, idea or head of a new art movement.

Their art has withstood the test of time and beautiful galleries around the world with their works fetch hundreds of millions of dollars on the rare occasion of being auctioned.

Famous Artists And Their Work

Famous Artists And Their Work

The name of few artists is better known than that of da Vinci, he outshines all other artists with almost infinite talent.

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Leonardo da Vinci, whose interests included everything from painting to architecture, anatomy, and engineering represented a man of enlightenment.

Because of his many efforts and despite his fame, da Vinci did not produce many works in his life, there are less than twenty paintings that have survived over the centuries, but his love of science spread to his works of art (e. g.

Born in 1452 in Tuscany, Italy, da Vinci showed early artistic talent despite a brief formal education.

Around the age of fourteen, he studied under Andrea del Verrocchio in Florence where he studied various subjects such as carpentry and painting.

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At the age of twenty, he graduated as a senior artist at the Florence Society of St. Luke where he established his own workshop but continued his apprenticeship with del Verrocchio for many years.

After a successful painting career and the paralysis of his left hand, da Vinci devoted the following years to He studied science until his death in 1519.

Michelangelo Buonarotti is considered one of the greatest artists of all time even when he was alive.

Famous Artists And Their Work

Although he considers himself a sculptor, his artistic talents also include painting, architecture Poetry, and even poetry, but carving is a form that remains throughout his career.

Famous Artists And Their Studios

Born in 1475, Michelangelo was less interested in school studies and more interested in painting churches from an early age. When he was thirteen years old, he began studying with Domenico Ghirlandaio.

Although it was supposed to be three times, it ended after only one year because he learned all he could from Ghirlandaio, and joined the humanist institute in Florence.

In 1501, he established himself as a respected artist and gained fame, leading to a successful career. At the end of his life, he abandoned his art production to Patta until he died in 1564.

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, or Rembrandt, was born in 1606 in modern Holland. As a master of visual arts, he is well known as Artist and print.

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Although he painted many subjects, he preferred to paint self-portraits and biblical scenes. He is considered one of the greatest artists of all time.

At the age of fourteen, Rembrandt studied with Pieter Lastman in Amsterdam for six months. Later, he opened his own studio in Leiden where he took many students.

Although he earned more than his normal income, he spent his money recklessly, leaving himself completely exhausted throughout his life.

Famous Artists And Their Work

Fortunately, he spent his money on art that appreciated at great value, allowing him to avoid bankruptcy by selling the art he had acquired over the years. He finally died in poverty in 1669.

How To Identify Famous Artists By Their Paintings

Johannes Vermeer, born in 1632 in Holland, was a Baroque artist known for his mastery of color and light.

Although he preferred biblical and mythological paintings, he specialized in painting the interior of middle-class life, often depicting similar scenes and individuals in multiple paintings.

One of the aspects of his paintings that set him apart from his contemporaries was his extravagant use of colors combined with the lack of preparation for each of his paintings.

Most of Vermeer’s life is uncertain, including those who studied under him. In addition, there are only thirty-four pictures associated with him today.

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However, it is known that in 1653 Vermeer became a master, although he did not achieve great success until his death in 1675 where he became known as one of the most famous painters of the Dutch Golden Age.

Pablo Picasso, born in 1881 in Malaga, Spain, is one of the most revered artists, printmakers, poets, and writers in history.

Throughout his career, he changed techniques several times, making it difficult to identify what his trademark style was.

Famous Artists And Their Work

In his early years, his paintings depicted blue landscapes, while later he switched to blue-greens that often depicted poor people.

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Born the son of an artist, Picasso’s father taught him what he knew until Picasso grew up. At the age of fourteen, his family moved to Barcelona and he was accepted into the local art school despite his age.

After becoming politically active during World War II, he eventually had a highly successful career, which he enjoyed internationally until he died of a heart attack in 1973.

Claude Monet is one of the founders of the Impressionist movement, he coined the term from his painting Impression, Sunrise.

His subjects are always based on land and landscape while his favorite subject is France.

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Often, he would paint the same scene several times to capture the changing seasons. However, he also painted people, especially his wife Camille Doncieux in

Born in 1840 in Paris, France, he began drawing with charcoal in his youth. He later learned painting and painting styles outdoors from his teacher Eugene Boudin.

While traveling as a child, he met Edouard Manet, another impressionist. After returning from the army as an adult, he struggled for many years until he finally succeeded in his work and mental activity.

Famous Artists And Their Work

He eventually died of lung cancer in 1926 at the age of eighty-six. Monet was one of the few painters who achieved commercial success while still alive.

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Vincent van Gogh, born in 1853 in the Netherlands, is the most famous artist in history. Multitasking, he creates everything from landscapes, still lifes, portraits, and self portraits.

Born into a wealthy family, he spent his childhood as a missionary until he pursued painting when he was almost thirty years old.

In his life, he suffered from mental health problems, in and out of mental hospitals, one incident occurred after he cut off his ear which is now famous. Eventually his mental health problems caught up with him and he committed suicide in 1890.

Ironically, Van Gogh became famous after his suicide, becoming a legendary figure considered a tragic figure. His work is characterized mainly by neo-impressionism and the extensive use of bright colors.

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Edvard Munch was born in 1863 in Norway, the son of a priest. After registering as an engineer in 1879, he learned to add symbols and drawing methods until illness interrupted his studies and he dropped out, later taking up painting instead.

After a few years, he moved to Paris, where he studied impressionism and learned how to use their brilliant painting techniques. Trying to find his own unique style, he continues to struggle between originality and emotion throughout his adulthood.

In the end, his paintings became more realistic figures, depicting the essence. of feelings instead of people expressing their own feelings. The last two decades of his life Munch lived alone until his death in 1944.

Famous Artists And Their Work

, one of the most valuable images of all time represents the concerns of modern men. This work has four versions: two in pastel and two in color.

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Salvador Dali, born in 1904 in Spain, is a surrealist artist with exciting and dramatic images, often sexual and Freudian as well as mathematical and scientific elements. In addition to painting, he also pursued film, poetry, sculpture, and art. Graphics.

At the age of fourteen, Dali entered the municipal painting school in Figueres where he studied painting and later moved to Madrid to continue his studies.

In the beginning, his art was in line with cubist and avant-garde styles but later moved to realism for which he is famous. After traveling around Spain and France, they finally moved to the United States. America where his work was out.

In 1980, Dali began to show symptoms of Parkinson’s, and the death of his wife Gala shortly after, it caused his artistic activity to stop and decline rapidly until his death in 1989.

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Andy Warhol, born in Pennsylvania in 1928, is a controversial pop artist. The use of ironic and popular elements in his art, combined with the world of art, advertising, and celebrities, has been criticized as a business move to make money rather than an artistic choice.

As a sick child, Warhol spent a lot of time in bed, which he admits was an important period in the formation of his artistic skills and expression.

Unlike other famous artists, Warhol studied commercial art in high school, then moved to New York City, where he worked in newspapers and advertising engraving and became known for his shoe designs.

Famous Artists And Their Work

More controversial were his studios, which housed drag queens and other celebrities, and his private life, which he lived openly in the pre-Stonewall era.

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Henri Matisse was born in 1869 in the north of France and is known as one of them

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