Top Us Companies By Market Cap

Top Us Companies By Market Cap – Technology and consumer decision-making are the largest contributors by the stock market, which together represent 52% of the top 100 companies.

When it comes to splitting the world’s top 100 companies, the United States is still ordering the largest slices of this cake.

Top Us Companies By Market Cap

Top Us Companies By Market Cap

Throughout the 20th century and before globalization reached its peak today, American companies made the country a source of economic power and global market value.

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But even as countries like Chinahave move forward with their own multibillion-dollar companies and key market segments have shifted, the United States dominates.

How do the world’s top 100 companies come together? This view draws from the PwC annual ranking of the world’s largest companies using market capitalization data from May 2021.

The world’s top 100 companies have a huge market of $ 31.7 trillion, but that wealth is not evenly distributed.

Between companies there is a wide market. For example, the difference between the world’s largest company (Apple) and the 100th largest company (Anheuser-Busch) is $ 1.9 trillion.

The Top 10 Us Companies By Market Capitalization

And between countries, that division is clearer. Of the 16 countries with the top 100 companies, the United States accounts for 65% of total market value. Account.

Compared to the United States, other major markets such as Japan, France and the United Kingdom have lost their share of the world’s top 100 companies over the years. In fact, all of Europe has only $ 3.46 trillion, or 11% of the total market value.

United States in market value. The main reason for prominence is change in large industries and contributors. Of the world’s top 100 companies, 52% are based on technology or consumer decisions, and the biggest players today are Apple, Alphabet, Tesla and Walmart, all based in the US.

Top Us Companies By Market Cap

With 14 private companies in the top 100 in the world, China is worth $ 4.19 trillion, or 13% of the total market value of the top 100. That includes two of the top 10 companies by Tencent and Alibaba.

Us Top 10 Companies By Market Cap (stocks Listed On Nasdaq)

Interestingly, China’s rising market value is not limited to well-known tech companies and consumers. The nation’s second-largest contribution industry to the top 100 companies is finance, once the most valuable sector in the United States (currently fourth behind technology, consumer decision-making and healthcare).

Other notable countries on the list include Saudi Arabia and Saudi Aramco, the world’s third-largest oil and gas company. Although there is only one company in the top 100, Saudi Arabia has the third largest share of the total market value of the top 100.

As Europe loses ground year after year and the rest of Asia struggles to keep the top 100 companies more concentrated in the United States and China alone. The question is, will the global market price imbalance start to correct or get bigger? Market capitalization is a great way to easily measure a company’s value. First, find out how many shares the company has in the stock market. Then multiply by the stock price. As stock prices rise and fall throughout the year, the company’s total value also fluctuates. And as our latest vision makes clear, the world’s 100 most valuable companies are not all high-tech companies.

We have been in the top 100 companies with market capitalization from Forbes as of September 25, 2020. We have defined each bubble size according to its USD market and added a color to illustrate the underlying industry, creating a better picture of the global economy by 2020.

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The clearest understanding of our view is how influential the US economy is in producing large corporations with huge market capitalization. The United States has three companies valued at $ 1T, including Apple ($ 1.9T), Microsoft ($ 1.5T) and Amazon ($ 1.5T). There are also well-known companies worth hundreds of billions of dollars, such as Alphabet, which owns Google ($ 969B) and Facebook ($ 711B). In fact, only two companies from China in the top 10 are Alibaba ($ 729B) and Tencent Holdings ($ 637B). That said, Asia has more of a collective market than Europe among the world’s top 100 companies, largely thanks to Saudi Aramco ($ 1.8T). We should also note how both South America and Africa completely disappeared because neither continent has a company with a market in the top 100.

Another way to look at our landscape is to cut it industrially. There is a lot of diversity across North America with big tech companies balanced by different industries. Johnson & Johnson ($ 392B) is a major player in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Walmart ($ 387B) and Home Depot ($ 299B) are retail giants. It also has a collection of Bank of America, financial services, healthcare and restaurant chains. Compare that to the lack of diversity across Asia, where one oil company dominates, then a bank and one or two companies from some other industry. Clearly, the entire U.S. economy creates many winners, but size and scope are spreading across the industry.

There are two main limitations regarding our vision. First, not all companies have a lot of shares to sell on public exchanges. Saudi Aramco, for example, first listed its shares in December 2019. However, the company made up 1.5% of its stake for the public, which means most of the company is still under the control of the Saudi government. Those shareholders can always sell their shares later. And secondly, the stock market is in a volatile state today. Market volatility is high at the moment due to uncertainty surrounding the presidential election and fears of a virus. Apple recently surpassed the $ 2T valuation before withdrawing, and the six largest tech stocks lost more than $ 1T in just three days. All in all, at the end of the year, our landscape may look different from today.

Top Us Companies By Market Cap

Which company do you think will be more valuable after the end of the Kovid 19 pandemic? Let us know in the comments.

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If you want to use our insights in books, magazines, reports, educational materials and so on. We may grant documents, non-exclusive rights to reproduce, store, print and distribute. The stock market is in an extreme state. The S&P 500 SPX, + 1.29% and Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, + 0.78% have been hitting record-highs in 2017. But despite rising valuations and stock trading at an all-time high, things rarely change at the top.

The 2016 map of the largest companies in each state by market from Broadview Networks looks similar to the 2015 version. Apple Inc. AAPL, + 1.92%, remains the largest cheese in California, and ExxonMobil Corp. While XOM, + 2.86% is king of Texas J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. JPM, + 1.22% Top management in New York City.

Ford Motor Co. F, + 2.36% shares its title with Dow Chemical Co. DOW, + 0.70% abandoned in Michigan and Kraft Heinz Co. KHC, -0.98% McDonald’s Corp. MCD, -0.22% starting from its perch in Illinois. Guards have been transferred to Alabama, Mississippi, South Dakota and West Virginia.

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Overall, the 2016 map looks similar to the 2015 version, with a few exceptions. With President Donald Trump expected to advocate for growth-promoting policies through increased spending and large-scale infrastructure projects, it will be interesting to see how the map looks at the end of 2017.

Earlier versions of the 2016 map provided by Broadview had incorrect information for Colorado and Wisconsin. Updated report with revised map.

The promise of a further slowdown in U.S. inflation this year is giving way to the risk that any improvement in price increases will soon turn around.

Top Us Companies By Market Cap

Sue Chang is a San Francisco-based marketing reporter. He previously worked for Dow Jones Newswires in Asia and was the agency’s chief of staff in Seoul, South Korea. Follow Sue on Twitter: @SueChangMW.

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‘I’m looking at my legacy’: My brothers and sisters always beat our parents for money. What can I do to stop this? Rising stock prices are pushing Visa and MasterCard higher on the market, which currently ranks seventh and 11th among companies on the S&P 500. Visa and MasterCard shares rose about 50% last year.

Although stocks do not keep pace, Visa and MasterCard will be worth more than $ 1 trillion by 2023, surpassing Facebook and Berkshire Hathaway if their average annual gains in the last three years. This continues. His last speed.

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Their boost is a shift towards cashless financial transactions.

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