Top 10 Small Law Firms

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The risk-averse nature of lawyers frustrates business leaders who complain of over-legalization and resistance when they seek advice from their lawyers.

Top 10 Small Law Firms

Top 10 Small Law Firms

There are several reasons why lawyers do not feel this way. The US

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It may also be in the genes of the law. One study found that lawyers have the 90 percent of skeptics and the lowest resilience (the ability to bounce back) of any profession. While these features may be good for shredding documents, they are not very useful for supporting a fast-growing business.

However, recently, a strange phenomenon has occurred in this traditional profession. Lawyers leave the safe, high-paying world of law to start their fast-growing, technology-first companies. Driver: The need to fix the problems and profound inefficiencies of the legal profession. These lawyers are helping create so-called “legaltech” companies that use major technological advances, including artificial intelligence, to address outdated practices in the everyday practice of law that haven’t changed in decades. This growth has disrupted the way legal services are delivered, spawned many new companies and helped create a $16 billion legal technology market in the United States alone.

In my research for In-House Counsel’s LegalTech Buyers Guide, which took months to analyze over 100 important legal technology products, I saw the rise of the “legal entrepreneur.” The unique lawyers are among the construction companies that are revolutionizing the daily work of law, including contract review, intellectual property, due diligence, research and qualification automation.

Here are 10 lawyers who have made the journey from attorney to tech business leader, and their advice for others making the leap.

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Altman says the idea for an automated document and transaction management platform came to him at 1 a.m. while sitting surrounded by hundreds of manila folders as a law firm partner. Altman and his team searched through thousands of documents missing signature pages worth millions of dollars. Doxley was founded in 2016 and has since raised $2.75 million in equity funding. “Don’t dwell on what you can’t change. You should always move forward. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow,” Altman wrote on the Stanford Law Codex blog.

As an attorney at a top Israeli law firm, my boss Nuri Bakhor experienced firsthand the pain of manually drafting and reviewing contracts on a daily basis. Convinced that the process could be automated, he founded LawGeex, an AI contract review platform, in 2014. LawGeex has raised $9.5 million in funding and attracted prominent US investors. it. Clients from leading retail, finance and insurance industries. Bakhoor told me about the shift in lawyer thinking: “To give two examples, for lawyers, every risk must be minimized, because risk is second nature. Second, for lawyers, everything is confidential, but the more you share, the more . The more advice you get, the better off you’ll be.”

Ned Gannon graduated from Harvard Law School and worked at a law firm before co-founding eBrevia, a technology he co-developed with Columbia University. EBrevia provides contract verification and lease abstracts. Founded in 2014, the company has raised more than $4 million in funding and has seen speed increases from 30 to 90 percent compared to old-style manual controls. “Time allocation is one of the biggest challenges,” he told Whiteboard. “There’s a lot to do on a lot of different fronts, and it’s challenging, but it makes the process fun and interesting.”

Top 10 Small Law Firms

Michael attended the University of Chicago Law School and later clerked for a United States District Judge before becoming a partner at the global law firm Mayer Brown. Mills created Neota Logic, an AI-based, code-free platform for intelligent automation of knowledge, documents and processes. Neota has amassed major clients including Littler, the world’s largest employment and labor law practice. “Do what every startup should do, focus on product/market fit,” Mills told me. “Builders win, vision does not. Know that you will try, fail, pivot, try again. Consistency is key – legal technology serves a legal field that sometimes remembers the pre-11th century too well.”

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Former lawyer Chrissy Lightfoot is now a best-selling author, consultant, legal and business commentator. In 2016, he created the robot lawyer LISA (Legal Intelligence Support Assistant), the “world’s first independent artificial intelligence lawyer”. “These are evolutionary, revolutionary, transformative times,” he said. “You need to be on the ‘digital AI robot’ wave or you risk being left in the cool waters of your business or at your funeral.”

Nehal Madani, founder of Alt Legal, joined the prestigious law firm Kirkland & Ellis after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Inspired to make the practice of law more efficient, he left his high-paying salary, taught himself to code, and started Alt Legal, a cloud-based software application using technology to manage global IP filings. He told Early Growth Financial Services, “As a founder, it’s hard not to want all of our plans to happen at once, but I’ve (painfully) learned that getting just a few details right is a more effective approach.”

After nearly 20 years practicing law as a partner in two U.S. He told his high performance advisor to rely on investor experience. “My six investors in Legal Decoder are truly inspiring to me. They have started businesses themselves, understand the emotions of the ship very well, and provide invaluable support, guidance and encouragement.”

As a lawyer, Michael Sander found the legal research tools he used at his New York law firm to be expensive and ineffective. (He told, “We go to the court website twice a day, enter the case number, see if there’s anything new, and repeat nine times.”) In 2012, he launched Docket Alarm, a legal Search engine for the court system., analysis and filing of lawsuits. “Lawyers are detail-oriented, use that to your advantage,” he said. “The process of quitting your job to start a company can seem daunting, but if you break your end goal down into smaller steps, the endeavor becomes more manageable.”

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As a lawyer, Andrew Arruda often sees the scales of justice tilt in favor of the wealthy. He worked with a computer scientist to create ROSS, an artificial intelligence legal assistant and research tool using IBM Watson. In a recent interview, Arruda said, “If you’re interested in doing it, start doing what you’re interested in. Our legal background gives us a great base for hard work and self-actualization, and you can really use that to your advantage.” Advantage.”

Before founding Kira Systems, Noah worked at the New York law firm Weil, Gotshal & Manges. Kira Systems helps enterprises discover, extract and analyze business information from unstructured contracts. He says, “Don’t be afraid to take another job, you won’t know what to do next until you get away from it and have time to think about it. I quit when I had no work in hand. “If I wouldn’t take a break, I probably would have worked on a low impact, uninteresting problem for a long time. .”

Jonathan Marciano is the director of communications at LawGeex, which provides businesses with an AI contract review platform. He previously led communications at SimilarWeb and EY.

Top 10 Small Law Firms

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Top 10 Small Law Firms

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