Top 10 Beaches In Australia

Top 10 Beaches In Australia – With over 50,000 kilometers of coastline, Australia has an amazing 12,000 long sandy beaches to choose from.

Needless to say, choosing the stops is no easy task, but we happily did the research to uncover the best beaches.

Top 10 Beaches In Australia

Top 10 Beaches In Australia

From the hugely popular Bondi to the remote Cossies, here’s your guide to the 10 best beaches in Australia when you’re traveling here.

Best Beaches In South Australia, From Glenelg To Goolwa To Gunyah Beach

“I’ve seen a lot of crazy things,” said lifeguard Andrew Reid, who appeared on the reality TV show “Bondi Rescue.”

As well as its stunning amalgamation of white sand, rolling waves and sandstone cliffs, Bondi offers plenty of diversions: painfully cool cafes and bars, a large rock-hewn pool, weekend markets and an annual outdoor gaming festival that seem too big. – world installations set up in the park area.

It also has an important history, as the Surf Life Saving Club was born here – it was the first in the world to be established here in 1907, and in the same year Bondi swimwear paved the way for bikinis to become popular beach wear.

Located seven kilometers from Whitehaven Island in the Great Barrier Reef, this sand is 98% pure sand – basically, it’s so incredibly white and powdery soft that it literally squeaks when you walk on it.

Jaw Dropping Beaches To Visit In Australia — Walk My World

It also means no heat, which is a good thing because the sun can be harsh in this pocket of Queensland.

You can go to the island by boat or plane and spend the day sightseeing, diving in the dazzling turquoise sea at bathwater temperature, or sipping champagne under the casuarina trees.

Australia’s southernmost state, Tasmania isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of beautiful beaches.

Top 10 Beaches In Australia

But this tiny island, about 250 kilometers from the Australian mainland, is home to some of the country’s most stunning beaches.

The 50 Best Beaches In The World

In the middle of Freycinet National Park, three hours’ drive north of Hobart, in the picture-perfect harbor of Wineglass Bay, pink granite mountains meet a shimmering powdery sand beach that plunges into a beautiful turquoise sea. -sparkling – – but still cold (Antarctica is the next port of call south of here).

Despite its rather tragic past, it was rightfully chosen as one of the best coastal bays in the world, not to mention Australia: The bay got its name from the country’s home whaling days, when the waters here were dyed blood red.

While the seemingly endless beaches of Queensland’s Fraser Island are a sight to behold, they are not the place to visit for sunbathing and swimming.

A landing pad for light aircraft and a designated road, the long stretch of sand is often used by four-wheel drive vehicles that circle this pinnacle of land – the world’s largest sand island and the only place in the world where a large forest grows out of sand.

Best Beaches Near Brisbane

As well as being able to drive along, the beach is also known for the extremely photogenic Maheno boat, not to mention the amazing volcanic rock formations of India Head.

For a dip, park your rig at the Champagne Pools, a series of sandy, shallow pools protected from the stingrays and tiger sharks that patrol the open ocean.

Just outside the town of Broome, on the west coast, you’ll find Indian Beach, which many say is home to some of Australia’s warmest sunsets.

Top 10 Beaches In Australia

Cable Beach, which is twenty-two kilometers long with pure white sand and azure water, is bordered by dunes on one side and ocher-red rocks on the other. Its location on the country’s west coast means it’s a popular spot for the last sight of the sun, with many choosing to watch the sunset from the back of a camel – sunsets here are a regular occurrence.

Australia’s Best Swimming Beaches

Time your visit to witness the monthly “Moonrise” event, during which the light of the full moon becomes so intense that it ripples across the ocean like a glowing staircase.

As its name suggests, Sandy Cove in Far North Queensland has long been a popular spot for those who like to snorkel and sunbathe without a swimsuit.

Although it’s the only state in Australia without a legal nudist beach, clothing is optional here, so ditch the camera. Located north of Cairns on Fitzroy Island in the Great Barrier Reef, Nudey’s combination of sand and bleached coral makes it a little heavier on the feet than most, but any distractions from walking – just put on your beach shoes – are weightless.

This is where the jungle meets the sea, then washes into the artist’s palette of blues, from ice mint to azure and aquamarine. The good news is you don’t have to leave – check into the luxury Fitzroy Island resort and stay at Nudey for as long as you like.

Best Beaches In Queensland, From Surfers Paradise To Cape Tribulation

Never heard of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands? You might want to get to know yourself, because these remote Australian waterfalls are home to one of the country’s most scenic beach destinations.

Located in the Indian Ocean (closer in area to Indonesia than Australia), the archipelago’s 27 small islands and coral atolls are dazzling with their white sandy beaches, palm trees and deep blue lagoons.

You can circumnavigate the entire island in less than an hour, leaving plenty of time to hang out on the sand – which you should probably leave alone – or cruise the teal waters aboard the German cruise ship SMS Emden, which sank. here during the coconut war during the first world war.

Top 10 Beaches In Australia

Many people touch the small island of Lord Howe and do not want to leave, which explains why the locals do not allow outsiders to buy property on the island.

Australia’s Best Beach: Wa’s Misery Beach Beats Qld Contenders

Lord Howe Beach is a stunning volcanic island in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand, with black basalt cliffs plunging into the sea, fringed with Kentia palms and rainforest, home to an incredible variety of flora and fauna.

There’s always a deserted beach with a “truth box” on the northeast coast, where you can borrow snorkels, masks and fins for a few dollars – once you dive in, you’ll find your way through a kaleidoscope of mullet, rose and gargoyles. , silver-drummer and green turtle.

As well as being home to some of eastern Australia’s quietest fish and coral-rich waters, the Neds are also home to several colonies of seabirds, including masked terns and terns.

Australia’s largest city, the Gold Coast has 57 kilometers of coastline on its doorstep, much of which is linked by beautiful, rugged countryside, including Burleigh Heads, home to one of Queensland’s largest stretches of sand.

Top 10 South Australian Beaches

What makes this spot stand out are the big waves on one corner – for all visitors – and the distribution of calm on the other side, for SUP enthusiasts, surfers and beginner surfers.

It is also home to the Burleigh Boardriders, the longest running such club on the coast, where the legendary ‘Old Burleigh’ logo was created in the 1970s.

If you need another reason to visit, the front is lined with fragrant pine trees, home to weekend craft markets and cool cafes selling artisan coffee and brunch.

Top 10 Beaches In Australia

About 100 kilometers southwest of Melbourne, along the Great Ocean Road, Bells Beach is a pilgrimage site for surfers from all over the world.

Best Beaches In The World To Visit

1991’s “Point Break” would have you believe that the final scene of the movie was filmed here (it wasn’t).

But that doesn’t mean the swells – which slow and steepen in the reef-covered shallows – are any less rough than what we saw in that monumental battle; The rather extreme breaking point means that only EXPERIENCES can jump in the water here.

For everyone else, the bay’s red clay cliffs form a natural amphitheater and it’s the perfect place to watch annual competitions like the Rip Curl Pro Surf and Music Festival.

The year of the world’s best beaches There is a perfect beach for every week of the year. Join us on a twelve-month journey to see them all. Go to the best beaches. With more than 10,000 beaches on Australia’s shores, it leads the pack when it comes to amazing sand and wonder. Some beaches are playgrounds for marine life and other animals, and the most beautiful beaches are so wide or remote that you don’t have to fight for a towel. Here’s a visual—but by no means limited—list of some of Australia’s most popular beaches known for their surfing, swimming, wildlife and beauty.

The 12 Best Beaches In Australia For Summer 2022

Cable Beach is world famous for its long stretch of sand (14 miles in total) and its warm body of water. Pure happiness.

The beaches are also synonymous with camels (the animals were first introduced to Australia by European settlers) and sunset tours are a highlight for many visitors.

Especially in Sydney, Bondi is one of the biggest beaches in the world. It is the closest beach to the city center (5 miles / 8 km), generally has good (albeit many) waves and is great for swimming (average water temperature is 70℉/21℃). ). If that

Top 10 Beaches In Australia

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