Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas – Are you looking to start a small manufacturing business in India? Here are the top 10 best small manufacturing business ideas of 2019 in India. Small manufacturing business is a type of business idea where the product requires a small cost in manufacturing. Small scale production has a big impact on business.

Small scale manufacturing also controls the profits of the business. If you want to start business in 2019 but your investment size is not complete yet. This article is the perfect solution for you. In this article, I am going to share with you 10 small manufacturing business ideas in India for 2019.

Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

Here all the business ideas are provided as per the habitual needs of the Indians. This requires small manufacturing business ideas that anyone can think of starting. These thoughts are also going well.

Small Scale Manufacturing Business

In India, incense sticks are a very common and important element in everyday life. Indians cannot imagine normal days or prayers without Akbat. The production of incense sticks is also not expensive. With a small production scale you can come up with a new idea to start your agarbatti manufacturing business.

Bakery is a wonderful business idea with small scale production. Baking is fun for many people. If you have a passion for baking and want to earn money from it. You can do bakery business. Also Read – Best Business Ideas in India 2019

In starting the business for the first time, all you have to do is invest in the raw products. You have the opportunity to do well in this field. The idea of ​​making roti or cake can change your life. Good food, good demand as always.

Bindi is an Indian lady’s helper. Hindu Indian women especially love to wear it every day. It’s so easy to make bindi making a loving and fun event. Women from uneducated to highly educated prefer to wear jute clothes, though the types vary.

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You can build this small construction business with your creativity. Nowadays handicraft business and fashion houses are also dotting. You can do freelance work or work with a fashion house.

Candles are a basic necessity in India. They use candles for various purposes. If you want a very small manufacturing business you can do this. And you can also make fancy candles. These still require small scale production.

Coconuts are sold haphazardly in India. And we all know about the need of coconut oil. Nowadays people rely on virgin coconut oil for their works. It requires very little production. You can do this business as an organic product.

Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

Cotton buds are essential in people’s daily life. The cost of doing this is almost minimal. Choose this idea if you know how to make cotton buds. Very few materials are required to make cotton buds. And not much material.

Steps To Start Your Own Small Business

Pom pom lace is a trend that’s all the rage when it comes to running. This trend continues to be very popular throughout 2019. Pom poms are made only from cotton. All kinds of Indian girls yearn for it. It gives an authentic Indian look. So this is a passive business idea for 2019 with small production.

Indians like other developed countries are highly dependent on processed foods these days. Running a food processing business requires low production cost. All you need is some basic equipment. You can get home delivery at your home or any super store.

Most dairy products are made from milk. People require dairy products for various purposes. And they depend on their dairy products.

Therefore, this need has given rise to a business approach that requires small production costs. This is a very good business and it is very easy to do. Opportunity to earn better profits in less time as compared to other businesses

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Popcorn making is one of the most popular ideas to do business with low production cost. All you need is corn, oil, salt and starter wrap. When the time comes, or if you have more money, pop the popcorn flavors.

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like popcorn. Indians love food and this business idea would definitely go well in front of a movie theater or local gathering. All these ideas can help you figure out the right way to do business with low production cost. The popularity of noodles is very high. Not in India but all over the world. If you decide to start noodle production business. We will try our best to provide you accurate information through this article.

Noodle production is a small business idea which is highly demanded in India. You can start this business without any prior experience. No special skill or qualification is required to start this business. 1) Market potential and demand.

Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

The demand for noodles (chowmein) in India is very high in almost every city. People who are always busy and do not have much time to cook are the main consumers of noodles. From 2016 to 2017, the demand for noodles increased by almost 200%. 2) Why the business of making noodles?

Small Business Idea मात्र 50 हजार में शुरू करें आटा चक्की का यह बिजनेस

There are many reasons why noodles have become the second most consumed food after bread. The noodles are easy to mix and ready to cook. The demand for new generation of noodle is increasing rapidly. Besides, the profit in this business is more than 50% from production. 3) About noodle making machine.

There are many types of machines in the market. Selecting the best machine for your business is very important. You should check the capacity before choosing the machine. Space requirements and electricity bills have always been semi-automatic and fully-automatic machines in the market. You can decide which package is best for your business and budget. Machine Required:-

All machines are available online and offline. If you want to check the current prices of these machines. You can check on

You can set up a noodle making machine in an area of ​​240-300 square meters with a minimum of 2 to 3 workers to start your noodle production business.

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The process of making noodles is quite simple. First of all, you have to put the ingredients in the kneader to prepare the base of the noodles. After that, the dough would be transferred to a roller machine that would roll the dough into plain sheets.

Then go into the machine to get the noodles using the dice which can be adjusted as per the need.

Once done, move to the steamer, which takes about 35-40 minutes to steam the noodles. Finally it is ready for packaging.

Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

Any business requires proper planning. Noodle production business is very lucrative as compared to other food related businesses. The initial cost of noodle production is about 4 to 5 million baht, but the profit is huge. If you are bored with work and want to do something exciting. You can consider small manufacturing business ideas which can be started with low investment. There are many manufacturing business ideas. But all may not be suitable for all. One should be able to get small investment business ideas before jumping into the business. What are the top 50 small manufacturing business ideas with low investment? What Type of Small Business Is Right for You?

Small Scale Industries In India: List Of Top Small Scale Industries

Here are some small investment business ideas in the manufacturing segment. No need to worry whether these are suitable for educated or illiterate. Or do you know English or Hindi? Just choose one of the construction business ideas and start working.

1) Textile Manufacturers: Textiles are one of the most important manufacturing businesses with small to large investments. Business requires space and machinery. If you have starting capital you can opt for bank loan and start your business.

2) Making Joss Sticks Limited space, limited capital and opportunities for growth Nowadays agarbatti (incense sticks) are being exported in large numbers all over the world which helps to grow your market.

3) Making Pickles: Indian cuisine is incomplete without pickles. So find and make healthy traditional pickles to create your own brand and grow in the market. Capital, space and time are limited to make the same. If you have the right group of employees to work for you.

Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas With Low Investment

4) Cashew Processing: India is an agricultural country and cashews grow in abundance. Indian cashews are also well known in many countries. Processing of cashews involves removing the cap and making them more marketable by salting or adding spices. This is one of the best small manufacturing business ideas. As there is a great demand for cashew processing in India and across the world.

5) Cotton Bud Making: This is a short and labor intensive method.

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