Small Business Taxes For Beginners

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As a small business owner, you have more than enough on your plate. You can manage the day-to-day operations of your business, manage both customers and employees, and focus your efforts on growing your business and its services. With all these responsibilities, it can be difficult to find time for accounting and tax preparation.

Small Business Taxes For Beginners

Small Business Taxes For Beginners

Like many small business owners, do you want to outsource your small business taxes to a professional? If you are planning to use an accountant or tax service for small businesses, we are here with everything you need to prepare.

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You may be wondering if small business tax outsourcing is the right choice for you and your business needs. While it depends on your specific situation, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you decide:

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, tax preparation services could be a responsible choice for you and your small business. Tax preparation services can help you stay in good standing with the IRS and ensure that your tax return is filed in compliance with federal and state tax laws.

You decide that the help of a tax professional is a good way to start this journey, but you may not know where to go next. There are several factors to consider when choosing a tax advisor:

When choosing a tax service for your small business, your budget may be a top priority. Of course, how much your preparation services will cost depends on your specific needs. It’s also important to consider the option of e-filing with tax software and how that plays into your budget.

Small Business Tax Accounting Services Online

On average, the cost of hiring a tax professional can range from $100 to $400 per hour. While this may sound like a big expense, it can save you time—according to a 2015 survey, 1 in 3 small business owners said they spend more than 80 hours a year working on filing their tax returns.

If you want to get the most out of your money and time when preparing your small business taxes, consider using Liveas’ accounting solution for one year to keep your books up to date. Keeping your books up-to-date throughout the year can help give you some peace of mind, especially at tax time, and increase the sustainability of your overall tax bill.

There are various professionals who can help you prepare your taxes depending on the complexity of your situation. Of course, the more difficult the situation, the more experience is needed, and therefore the higher the price. For example, an Enrolled Agent (EA) is a tax advisor who can help you with tax consultations. EAs are a solid and inexpensive option for a simple filing process.

Small Business Taxes For Beginners

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are licensed professionals who can perform accounting procedures and prepare tax returns, among other things. A smaller CPA firm is usually the most cost-effective route—ideal for small businesses.

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For small businesses with larger tax-related needs, such as requiring legal representation in court or fighting tax disputes, a tax attorney may be necessary. While tax attorneys can also help with tax filing, this can be quite expensive due to the complexity of the circumstances they deal with and are often considered a last resort.

Of course, you may have questions about the tax preparation process before meeting with a tax professional. Read on for answers to some common questions about small business tax planning.

You may be wondering if you even need to pay taxes as a small business. While most businesses will have to pay taxes regardless of how much they make during the year, anything that makes more than $400 is considered taxable income and therefore must be filed. Remember that the income you report must match the amount shown on the 1099 form you receive.

As a small business owner, you may not know what you are responsible for. In addition to federal and state taxes, there are several types of taxes that small businesses may need to file. While you may not need to complete all of these points, it is useful to know that the following may apply:

Small Business Taxes For Dummies

Although this may seem overwhelming, remember that your tax professional will be able to guide you through exactly what needs to be done to ensure proper tax compliance.

A tax credit is an expense that you can deduct (or claim) against your taxable income. It helps with possible tax refunds, which is very beneficial for you as a small business owner. While there are several things that can be considered a small business tax deduction, the most common are:

If you decide to work with a tax preparer for your small business, there are a few factors to keep in mind before you get started.

Small Business Taxes For Beginners

If you are working with a tax preparer for the first time, remember that the process is not completely out of the question. You will need to provide the processor with the information they need to file your small business tax return.

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This includes information that you would normally provide on your income tax return, such as, but not limited to, your name, address and social security number. If you filed a self-employed tax return last year, simply bring your old tax forms with you as they should contain all of the information above. Your small business tax return will also give your tax preparer a high-level view of your business needs and deductions from previous tax years.

In addition to your personal information, you will also need to provide information about your small business. This includes your Employer Identification Number (EIN), if you have one, as well as the legal name of your business. This will also be listed on last year’s income tax return, if you have one.

Most of the information your tax preparer will need is included in your financial statements. This includes things like:

These documents will provide your tax professional with information about your company’s financial situation. This financial information includes business income, business expenses, and the origin and recipient of these payments.

Everything A Student Has To Know About Small Business Taxes

It is important to bring your tax form to the meeting. Do you have employees or suppliers? If so, you’ll need to provide payroll information to your tax preparer. You will also need to issue a W-2 for each employee. Finally, you’ll need a 1099-MISC for each supplier you paid $600 or more to during the year.

And if you provide health insurance to your employees, be sure to collect that information as well—it can be used as a tax deduction for your business.

Make sure you gather all the information about any expenses related to your business that are to be considered for tax deduction. This is also a good time to gather complete business records. The list of relevant expenses is long, but includes things like:

Small Business Taxes For Beginners

If you have any questions about the information you need, it’s best to check with your tax advisor before your small business tax return meeting.

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Getting small business tax help can seem like a big project, but there are steps you can take throughout the year to make the process an easy part of your business plan.

Why should you hold a book in your hand in the “there’s an app for that” age? Your accounting software can save you a significant amount of time throughout the year. It will also be a great helper when preparing for tax return services.

Accounting and bookkeeping software can track and account for all of your finances, including your business expenses, payroll information, and more. In addition, you can give your tax experts direct access to your accounting software so they can easily get the information they need.

Offers small business owners the tools they need to record and organize important business finances. With simplified reporting, you can help your tax preparer navigate any tax situation they may encounter when preparing their small business tax return. If you need help with your books, you can work with a certified public accountant on Live to make sure you have clean books and accurate reports.

Fear, Loathing, And Small Business Taxes (infographic)

Don’t wait until April to start tax preparation. Not only will your tax professional be short on time, but chances are they will be booked by then.

Find a tax professional now, whether it’s January or August. Get into the books sooner rather than later. By having an expert on hand, you’ll be able to ask tax questions as they arise. This can save time, stress and confusion come tax season.

When you’re running a business, no matter what you buy, keep your receipts. Whether it’s a bill for a lunch meeting, a tank of gas from a business trip, or a new pack of pencils, it can be deductible come tax season, so be sure to save it!

Small Business Taxes For Beginners

Organize your receipts by type. travel expenses, office expenses,

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