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Not only will you be confident and passionate about creating a business strategy, but it will also be magnetic and memorable to the people you most want to serve.

Small Business Strategist

Small Business Strategist

Whether you’re an experienced business owner or a new entrepreneur, I’m here to help you figure out what your business does and how it does it.

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“The ability to have someone look at your business first-hand, give strategic feedback and help you solve your problems is priceless…truly worth $8000.”

Take a 7-week concerted effort to build or refine your business strategy around the things that make you tick—so you can attract the customers and clients you want by doing what you love.

“Without working with you, there is no way my business would be juicy and unforgiving!”

Pre-planned work + 2-hour session + 15-minute follow-up to find a specific topic and create a plan for it – so you can grow your business and focus on what you do best.

Monday Motivation For Small Business Owners

Ask me to send you information about your business, and I’ll dive in and share my recommendations, answer your questions, and help you create an action plan before meeting for a 90-minute session. I will

This 5-week self-guided course + group coaching program will guide and support you step-by-step to explore all aspects of your business strategy so you can start or accelerate your growth.

“She has an incredible understanding of how ‘the business’ works and is able to cut through the noise and focus on what’s really important.”

Small Business Strategist

I am committed to creating a world where we can all impact society in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

Nonprofit Strategist — Allison Quast Consulting

I’m on a mission to help you women entrepreneurs as you build businesses to make their happy dance and leave their mark on the world.

I am jumping for joy to see you here. If you’ve come here, it means you’re more than ready to get the life you want. You’re ready to feel confident about your presentation, sort out your confusing thoughts, and grow your small business into something you can be proud of.

But maybe you’ve tried other things – you’ve hired a coach, joined a mastermind, invested in a course, or used every free ‘stuff’ you could get your hands on. All of them promise that you will walk away with some incredible solutions. And yet, you’re still here. Not where you want to be. And it won’t have the effect you want.

You probably wasted a ton of money. But most of all, you have wasted a ton of time and energy! You know you want more and you know you can do it. But you’re sick of wasting time and money on things that don’t work.

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Find and create a plan for a specific topic, thoughtful pre-work + 2-hour session + 15-minute follow-up – so you can grow your business and focus on what you do best.

“A badass businesswoman who helps you be clear and confident about what you do and how you do it.”

Working with you has allowed me to take the chaotic mess in my head and filter it so that everything becomes clear.

Small Business Strategist

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Small Business Sentiment Plunges To 48 Year Low As Inflation Worries Mount

In my own simple words, a business strategy defines someone who helps answer the big questions of who your business is, what it does, how and why. They offer expert eyes to help you complete each one with a clear plan. All Articles Working with Clients Market Research Money Goals Objectives Vision Values ​​Branding Marketing Sales Attitudes Rhythm Support Business Tools and Resources What Kind of Business to Start

If you are an entrepreneur trying to create, develop or expand your business, it can be a little confusing where to turn for help. We’ve all been told that the most successful business owners don’t just run the business, but who is the best resource to help you achieve your goals?

Finding it can feel like a confusing and daunting task, so some of us give up on getting help altogether.

I hired someone only to realize it wasn’t what I needed. It is absorbed at several levels:

Award Winning Public Relations Strategist Aiding Small Businesses

When I first started this job, I struggled with what to call myself for a long time. I would say that I am a coach, a kind of consultant. These are terms that people are familiar with, but I don’t feel like they capture the essence of what they’re really doing.

A strategy, on the other hand, is something that people are not familiar with, but once I put the term down, my clients and I felt that it was a perfect description of who I was.

Confused by the differences, I can only imagine how worried people are trying to hire us! So, in the table below, I have explained how I define the difference between a strategist, consultant and coach.

Small Business Strategist

Note that because these terms are confusing, some providers of these services may use them differently or as a hybrid. For example, since starting my business I have expanded beyond strategy services and now also consult on branding, website and operations. A good friend of mine who is a certified coach says that I incorporate a lot of coaching methods into helping my clients develop strategies.

Ideas For Small Businesses That Make Money

But I’ve found that most professionals generally fit into one of these three categories, making it a good starting point to find what you need most (or even talk about your services). If that doesn’t work, pay attention to the details to make sure you get the help you need most.

Strategists, consultants, and coaches all have unique and important skills and ways to help people with different things at different times. That’s why hiring the right person is so important (and why when I don’t, I’m not happy with the results).

Strategy generally involves setting goals, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to implement the actions.

How do we compete in this business? In other words, business strategies help you answer the big questions of what your business does, for whom, how, and why, and help you make plans to do those things.

Habits Of Highly Successful Small Business Owners

Be an expert or experienced expert in a particular field and have extensive knowledge of the subject.

An experienced person called a coach is a form of learning or development that helps the client

For me, the biggest confusion exists between business strategies and business practices. The most useful article I’ve found to briefly break down the differences are the definitions of She Hustles:

Small Business Strategist

You (but they can guide you) or your therapist (but they can help you think things through and figure things out).

Meet Angel Radcliffe

Don’t hire a consultant to teach you how to do something or help guide you unless you are already 100% clear on what your strategy is.

Don’t hire a coach and expect them to tell you what to do or work hand-in-hand with you to figure out all the strategic details of your business.

What Happens When You Get the Wrong Kind of Help What Happens When You Hire a Business Coach You Don’t Need

When I was trying to build and grow my first business, I knew I needed help. Something is not working, but I don’t know why. I was going back and forth on things and wanted an expert to help me.

Organizational Chart For Small Business

I tried a business coach for the first time. Everyone always says you need a business coach. It could be (he could be a great trainer), but I didn’t need it at the time.

Want or what to do with it. Because of this, I didn’t know what questions to ask this coach to get the help I needed. I could tell he wasn’t used to helping people figure things out (because coaches usually don’t) and in our sessions I often felt like I was checking a box. And actually making progress. I still felt like I was going in circles.

Eventually, I started trying different ways to understand these kinds of things myself. I would show him my work (or sometimes try an action in front of him) and watch him to make sure my thinking made sense. He always is

Small Business Strategist

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