Small Business Ideas Quiz

Small Business Ideas Quiz – It’s easy when you own your own business to have a very narrow view of what you do. If things are going well and you’re making money, you’re doing well, right? And if you’re in a tight spot and money is tight, then you need to do something better, right?

Judging the success or failure of your business based on a summary of what you did today, or this week, or even this month is not something that smart traders do. Do you think Tim Cook determines the performance of Apple based on the sales of one day, or one region, or one product? Of course not. More needs to be entered into the equation.

Small Business Ideas Quiz

Small Business Ideas Quiz

1. Marketing: Of course you have some marketing techniques, after all, otherwise you cannot stay in business. But having the old standby is not enough. When was the last time you created a new marketing campaign? Great businesses not only have a variety of marketing methods, but they are constantly innovating and trying new ones. No, they didn’t all succeed, but the thing is, by continuing to sell in different ways, they learn what works, and that’s the ticket.

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2. Social media: Hot on the tail of marketing in general is social media in particular. Social media is definitely the new standard when it comes to marketing, and therefore it’s something you should start getting to know now if you want to conclude that your business is on the right track.

3. Culture: All small businesses have culture; many by default and only a few by default. What you want is culture by design. The reason is because culture is the air your employees breathe. These are the values ​​they live by. It is your vision for your business that comes true every day. Is your workplace pleasant or not? Are people treated with respect, or not? These things are very different.

4. Brand: Think of your brand as your culture at bottom. If your culture is how your business is run internally, your brand is what outsiders see when they see your business. The best brands have synergy and integrity between their culture and brand. Each value must be equal.

4. Operations: How is your business run day to day? Is it effective and efficient? Do you treat customers well? Are emails returned quickly and professionally? How about going back?

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6. Innovation: It doesn’t matter if you work in a big or small business, big businesses innovate. Innovation can be a new product that conquers the world (a Xerox machine), or a new way to serve sushi at your sushi bar. Either way, new ideas are exciting, engaging, and lead to new opportunities.

7. Strategic planning: Finally, the best businesses continue to take their vision, brand, culture and more and put it on paper. They seek to apply their lofty rhetoric to the real world by setting goals and committing to numbers.

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Small Business Ideas Quiz

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Small Business Ideas Quiz

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SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS QUESTIONNAIRE We at Small Business Success Magazine surveyed over 100 California business owners. Their views on small business success led us to formulate the following questions. Choose the answer you think is best for each question. Use the sheet at the end to determine your total score and then see where you stand in the Achievement Score. There is no “wrong” answer. Each answer listed represents a portion of the answers we have to the questions in our survey — and the final rating is based on the importance of the owners who successfully provided different answers. 1. What is the key to business success: a. business knowledge. market awareness c. direct supervision d. adequate capital e. diligence 2. If a relative asks me for advice on starting a business, I will tell him: a. work for others in the field first b. write a business plan c. study markets d. stop thinking e. learn about budgeting 3. Which is the biggest possible problem: a. excessive growth b. growth is very limited c. grow too fast d. too slow growth e. sporadic growth 4. I believe: (prioritize) a. no one b. myself c. my partner d. some senior staff…

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Small Business Ideas Quiz

Project Workbook To complete this workbook, answer the questions on each worksheet. McCormick & Company is thinking about creating a new reality… Project Workbook To complete this workbook, answer the questions on each worksheet. McCormick & Company is considering building a new factory in Largo, Maryland. …

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