Small Business Ideas Products

Small Business Ideas Products – Small Business Holiday Gift Guide – Support small shops and small businesses this holiday season with ideas for everyone on your list!

Hooray for the first gift guide of the season! I plan on posting a few articles over the next few weeks to help with holiday shopping, but I’m excited about today’s guide: The Small Business Holiday Gift Guide!

Small Business Ideas Products

Small Business Ideas Products

It’s been a year (at least), so small businesses need our help and support more than ever. I like to invest my money to help families or organizations with businesses that they are passionate about. You often get special items that often use little touches like custom packaging, small or extra charms thrown in, etc. that just add that special touch.

Product Listings That Sell

So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite small businesses to support this holiday season. (None of this is paid for or endorsed in any way.)

Storytelling has become one of our favorite gifts to give to the adults in our lives this year. My sisters and I gave my parents a subscription this year for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and it was so much fun getting my parents’ weekly report. You can choose from the suggested questions or create your own, and your parents will receive their weekly report as an email. At the end of the subscription, all their stories will be included in one book! This is a great gift for parents, grandparents or in-laws!

We love Raddish kids. You can check out the details of our experience here, but in short, this is a monthly meal plan for kids. Each month, you will receive 3 guides that cover a theme (it can be seasonal, different cultures, etc.), financial services or interesting events, games and collectibles, and food products. Each recipe teaches your child a new cooking skill that can be easily adapted to their age. They even have rooms for common allergies and dietary restrictions!

(TRUTH: I usually take photos to use on my site. Milo + Sophie do almost all the hand gestures you’ll see them regularly uploading on Raddish Media!)

Things To Do For Your Creative Small Business — Society For Creative Founders

Not sure if you want a full subscription? You can buy an app (from previous months) to see what you think first!

The world’s best family owned Queen Creek Olive Mill. (The best!) I went to the olive grove and in the oiling room, and it is a well-rehearsed process that is done with care and quality. The award-winning olive oil is my everyday favorite, but they also sell flavored olive oils and wines that can enhance any dish. Class makes a great gift or husband! A few favorites:

Olive + June is my go-to for all things nail related. They have quality nail polish (made without most of the harshest chemicals/additives) as well as nail kits that can help you achieve perfect nails at home or at a pedicure.

Small Business Ideas Products

I often wear CV colors in my cooking videos and love their recipe for a fun pedicure game. Their No. 7 shirt is especially amazing. I feel like it really protects my manicures and makes them last longer (which is great considering how much I do with my hands!).

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I met Lynsey (celebrity makeup artist and creator of Flekk Cosmetics) at an event a few years ago and she was as nice as can be. When she launched her makeup line I knew I had to try it and I was not disappointed!

Her Flekk eyeshadow palettes are a range of basic eyeshadow colors – perfect for beginners and makeup professionals alike! I love my lack of color

Use, and a set of brushes easy to use. I wear a nice palette and apply it every day with a brush, even if I don’t do full eyeliner. (The palette + brush set is the best deal!)

Not sure which color to buy? You can use their questions or even email them with a photo and they will give you a personal consultation for free!

Product Ideas For 2023 Small Business Ideas Best Selling

I love that Safe + Fair was started by a father of two with food allergies. They never fail to taste good and the popcorn and granola are our favorites. I recommend the Honeycrisp Apple Pie Granola and any flavored popcorn.

Some delicious popcorn can be a great gift with movie tickets or movie rental gift cards, or combined with cute cards or gift cards for neighbors or teachers.

The best clothes you can find. Alice and Ames have a lovely family of fun and quirky outfits that your daughter will love. We’ve been using these for years and many are still in perfect condition to pass on to cousins!

Small Business Ideas Products

Beddys is a great mom company! Their company makes our favorite beds for kids – we have several in Milo’s room and Sophie’s room. It’s easy for 2- and 3-year-olds to make their own bed and keep it nice and cozy all the time. It’s great for cribs, campers + RVs too!

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I absolutely love Courage Magazine and I’ve read a ton about them over the years. This quarterly magazine features history’s amazing heroes and includes their biographies and articles along with art, sports, careers, tutorials, STEM ideas, visual arts, trivia challenges, and more. Both kids love getting new words in the mail. Sign up for a subscription or order a back issue here.

(PS – the subscription comes with digital downloads and PDF copies of each worksheet/activity so multiple kids can work on them!)

If you’re looking for other children’s magazines, you might like Mighty Kind Kids, Good History, or Ditto Magazine. Each one has a different story and events that we love!

If you have a little walker or runner in your life, London Littles makes cute shoes inspired by children. Milo wore two pairs for several miles and loved them so much we ordered again.

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Sarah Jane (author/illustrator of the Lola Holland books) started daily activities for children as part of her business Raising Wonder in March this year, expanding the art and learning activities into lessons, kits and books. We love coloring each other at Nature Park, and Creative Core is a great choice for enhancing learning at home and finding new ways to explore and create at home. Shop all her gifts here.

Growing Grass and Friedman saved our day at the start of our month-long journey home. The play dough set was amazing with its sensory properties and kept my kids busy for hours and hours. We have reviewed many tools used for other effects. Interesting stuff! We had a lot of fun with the little 4 pack, but the full set is just as much fun! If you really like it, it also has a monthly subscription!

What are some of your favorite small businesses for the holidays? I would like to discover some new people! As an Amazon affiliate, I receive a small commission from these links at no additional cost to you.

Small Business Ideas Products

If you want to take your love of art and turn it into a small business, here are 10 useful business ideas to start you on the road to success. These handmade business ideas are products that can be made with a laser such as xTool, a cutting machine such as Cricut or Silhouette, or Sublimation using a printer and heater.

Give Fabulous Handmade Gifts And Support Small Businesses

Below you will find a small business product for a skill based home business. You can create them as your basic business plan or for some budget for a vacation or home improvement project. You can expect many product ideas under each business idea!

Wood chips are a great handmade item to sell. They can be customized with last names, have funny sayings, are perfect for charter boards, can be used and displayed as home and kitchen decor.

I used this SVG pack to design these cutting and engraving boards with the xTool M1 Laser & Blade Hybrid machine.

Today I’m going to teach you how to engrave a cutting board with the xTool M1 hybrid laser! There are so many ways to customize a carving cutting board and they make great gifts and are perfect for sales!

Small Business Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Name signs for baby and children’s rooms and welcome signs for the front door are great ideas for home businesses. You can customize them with not only a name, but custom colors to match your customers’ decor or preferences!

You can find many ideas and SVG files for commercial use on Etsy,, Creative Market, and Creative Fabrica.

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Small Business Ideas Products

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t love a good tumbler? Neither do I! These can be customized with names, monograms, logos and more! They come in different styles that appeal to these people

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