Small Business Ideas Netherlands

Small Business Ideas Netherlands – We knew it would be different. We knew they would be small, with small houses called “mindas” and neighbors nearby. From the United States to the Netherlands, we are still trying to meet each other. But we didn’t know the half of it. Dutch houses are different!*

In Europe’s most populous country, space is always an advantage. Therefore, detached houses are rare. For many Dutch people, a walled house is the norm. These residential buildings are built continuously so that the buildings share exterior walls. Two houses can be called town houses. Long blocks and crooked buildings.

Small Business Ideas Netherlands

Small Business Ideas Netherlands

Townhouses were not the norm in rural America, where Brandon and I grew up and raised our family. Many Americans appreciate the privacy that distance creates and hate neighbors hearing through thin walls.

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In the Netherlands, buildings built in the middle of the 20th century are mostly made of concrete. Instead of wood, they have concrete floors and exterior walls. This makes a huge difference in privacy as concrete creates a sound barrier. We never heard our neighbors through the walls of our rental house in the Netherlands. Hopefully we won’t hear a long arm working in our future attic because of the concrete floor!

As for townhouses, all houses have several rooms. Time Building just makes sense! Every house we have seen has three rooms: ground floor, first floor and upper floor. In contrast, single-family homes are common in the United States. Our farmhouse in South Carolina was one.

But the surprise is: the stairs are steep and narrow! God, the stairs surprised me. The first building we saw had a circular staircase with small steps. I told Brandon that we couldn’t buy the house, because of the dangers of the Elora stairs. I had no idea that any house that wasn’t built recently would be the same.

Stairs are one thing. Narrow paths are also difficult. Add spirals to reduce, slope the stairs and create a free landing area near the center of the stairs. I don’t know when Elora will be ready to climb the stairs by herself. Unfortunately, Dutch steps to save space are in our future.

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Houses in the United States come in many different types. It’s not uncommon to see more than 10 homes a day with a real estate agent, looking for layouts that suit your family. The master bedroom can be downstairs or upstairs. You can have a utility room on any floor. Is there a separate dining room or mud room? And further.

Not so in the Netherlands. They seem to be focused on great planning and space saving and are happy to stick around. Maybe that’s why the Dutch don’t seem to need to look at a lot of houses before they give.

3 bedrooms and a full bath. One bedroom is large, the master. A bedroom is often so small that it is often used as a closet!

Small Business Ideas Netherlands

Washer/dryers are usually installed on a sloped floor. The rest of the space can be open or divided into 1-2 living spaces. If you are lucky, install bay windows for light and air.

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“Let up” means account, and it is in many Dutch symbols. I think they should tell Americans to “let it work” in the kitchen when they buy a house. Of course, many Dutch kitchens are well suited for clean, modern lines. But take a closer look: is everything you expect?

First, is there an oven? Of course, there would be no oven. Just ask me and Svetlana, who are currently living in a rented apartment without an oven. Who would have thought? And no, a microwave oven is not the same as an oven, Dutch friends.

So, how small is this oven? Another house we liked had a very small oven Brandon said it could only bake 6 cupcakes at once haha! I accidentally left all my cookbooks and pizzas in South Carolina. No matter – I have to buy a new one to fit my little dutch oven.

What about the refrigerator It will be smaller than an American refrigerator, that’s for sure. Shop around, as refrigerator sizes vary greatly from home to home. They are built in cabinets, so you can’t grow. Additionally, the kitchen may or may not have a refrigerator. Our future home is not. The seller keeps a refrigerator in a cupboard under the stairs…

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I love Sarah Golden’s new collection of quilting weights at Andover fabrics. Winter Creek carries the complete Home collection, which is available at eight gas stations, gas stations and yards. Also, great quilt kits!

While you’re at it, make sure your kitchen is stocked, if you like. Also, is the sink too small to wash pots and pans? Kitchen sinks are usually single, not double, and can be very shallow.

I’m not much of a cook, so cooking wasn’t a priority when we started shopping. I quickly learned that it could make or break my opinion of a Dutch house. You need a really good oven! I like cooking.

Small Business Ideas Netherlands

Here they call the bathrooms “toilet” and I can understand why. After all, there probably isn’t a real bathroom, right? It wasn’t long before we started seeing homes that we realized the difference in Dutch bathrooms!

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Well, I think I could go on and on, but you get the idea. It’s a far cry from “no clothes.” Making the mental transition from an American home to a Dutch home means letting go of some ideas about what’s normal and being open-minded about what you can get used to in the name of saving space.

I have a feeling we will continue to be surprised. For example, I have painted the attic of our new house that will be my future sewing studio. There is a washer/dryer upstairs, but I didn’t leave the laundry room. The Dutch seem to dry their clothes indoors most of the time. I don’t see how we can save space for that. Well, I’m glad we finally have an agreement to buy a house. If all goes well, we should be moving on August 30th.

International houses come in many shapes and sizes. What makes it “home” is your people and the care you take to make you feel welcome. I am sure we will love our new home in the Netherlands. One day when we visit the States, it will be

That he feels eccentric. I’m grateful for the opportunity to find family life in a new culture, especially if it means we all learn that living less doesn’t mean living less.

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*These screens can work for families across Europe. Also, I’m sure that housing laws differ between the Netherlands. I’m contrasting my experiences in Enschede, the Netherlands, with homes in California and South Carolina, to be exact. Enschede is a Dutch city on the eastern border of Germany. Copyright © 2022 Media, Inc. All rights reserved. ® are trademarks and registered trademarks of Media Inc.

Do you want to have a business idea that changes the world? Step one, think locally. What does your community really need?

It is one thing to be able to identify industries and companies that are poised to succeed in the market. But the ship wants more than just finding an idea that will make a lot of money. In order to harness the power of motivation that leads to lasting success, the ideas they envision must be powerful enough to change the world through economic, social or environmental challenges.

Small Business Ideas Netherlands

If your idea meets these criteria, simply put, you will be more motivated to overcome the initial challenges that may follow if your products or services are good. The reason is that it will be something that you can have in mind. The challenge, of course, is realizing those business ideas in the first place.

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Although cultures and languages ​​differ, many of the problems we face in the world are common in many countries. As such, one of the best ways to discover ideas that change the world is to start locally: look at what affects your community.

To understand how to look for opportunities locally, I reached out to Geoffrey Leslie, CEO and President of Screems, via email. This company from the Netherlands plans to make a difference locally and globally through MAPS (Major Appliance Power Station), a clean energy-generating device that can be installed in a home or business. It is a device that can transform communities around the world because of the low-cost and self-generated electricity it provides.

“Many of the best ideas come from what we’ve seen,” Leslie wrote to me, echoing my thoughts about looking locally. “But to get these ideas,

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