Small Business Ideas Kolkata

Small Business Ideas Kolkata – Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, is not only famous for its delicious cuisine and vibrant culture, but also the financial and commercial center of eastern and northeastern India. Most of us are unaware of the number of startups coming out of Kolkata.In fact, it is a busy place of business. Many successful businesses have been started in the “City of Joy”. As a result, it is our job to feature some of the best startups in Kolkata and give them the limelight they deserve.

We also covered startups from Vizag, Gurgaon, Lucknow, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Guwahati, Jaipur and Hyderabad. Without further ado, here is a list of Kolkata’s top startups.

Small Business Ideas Kolkata

Small Business Ideas Kolkata

It’s where founders, entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses live and look for inspiration. If you have a way, we have a way too! We are looking for founders and startups building sustainable solutions from scratch! The world knows that startups run the show!

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Taxmantra is a Kolkata fintech start-up that helps clients with financing, legal services, and cross-border tax and compliance. Founder and CEO of Taxmantra, his Alok Patnia is a Chartered Accountant by profession and with two years of work experience he founded Taxmantra. He is a graduate of St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta and aims to make Taxmantra a global authority on tax and legal affairs. The company has offices in India, the United States and Singapore. It also helps Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to resolve their tax and legal issues.

Labkafe is considered one of the first startups in Kolkata. Labkafe offers laboratory equipment and consumables at affordable prices. There are many products such as glassware, chemistry, laboratory equipment, and equipment needed for biology lab, physics lab, chemistry lab, medicine, etc. Average order package costs about INR 1 lakh. Aniket Thakur and Hitesh Kumar started his Labkafe in 2015. Sunil Panda and Amrit Raj then joined the duo as co-founders. The company has Indian customers such as Baidyanath Pharma, NIT Rourkela, NIT Allahabad and ONGC. We also export equipment to countries such as Canada, Nigeria and Bhutan.

Oh! Momo was founded in 2008 as a fast food retail chain and has grown tremendously since then. As the name suggests, oh! Momos was established as a chain of food manufacturers and supplies he specializes in the world famous Nepalese/Tibetan specialty, Momos, in a unique and patented style.

The school’s vision is to provide every child with access to a quality education. It seeks to establish a benchmark for the quality of educational programs in Indian schools. Notebook is a subscription service that works on a freemium model. Notebook runs on Google Cloud and delivers videos in a way similar to YouTube. It implements his best-in-class DRM to protect yourself from piracy. The notebook proves an audiovisual production that students find interesting and informative. The courses available in Notebook are English for classes 8, 9 and 10 at CBSE schools. Courses include learning materials and solved problems.

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CBNITS specializes in Software, IT, ERP, Cloud, Blockchain and Cybersecurity. To work with a certified company of over 300 professional-level software developers, cloud developers, automation engineers, security specialists, blockchain developers, general engineers, data scientists, and UX/UI designers. Perfect place. Our expertise in solving mission-critical tasks and delivering results that exceed expectations sets us apart in the world of IT and software. To see how they impact their clients and community, visit

PolicyBazaar Success Story |Business Model |Creator |Competition Recommended insurance for accidents and emergencies. The whole idea behind insurance policies is to provide financial compensation for unexpected illness. Insurance helps manage risks and cash flow uncertainties. It was also considered an excellent investment channel. But the customer is… Shubham Kumar

SleepyCat is India’s first ‘bed in a box’ brand. Refrigerators are made using special technology designed to fit in a small box. His USP for SleepyCat box mattresses is that these mattresses are compressed using automatic mechanical technology. After compression, the mattress fits easily into a small box, eliminating transportation issues. SleepyCat will deliver your package to your doorstep. We pack the memory foam mattress in a box (direct from the factory) and ship it to you with free shipping.

Small Business Ideas Kolkata

In a year and a half, the company has sold over 10,000 of his mattresses. SleepyCat is the highest rated bed on the internet on Amazon, Google and Facebook.

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Karma Kettle is one of India’s finest artisan tea blenders with over 60 different types of tea. Founded in 2015, Karma Kettle has established itself as a specialty tea brand with a wide range of teas to choose from.Indians enjoy authentic Moroccan mint tea, brown rice tea and Japanese matcha at affordable prices. It started as an online platform, acquired customers online, and now sells products through websites and other e-commerce portals. The company now operates several five-star hotel chains in various countries. Karma Kettle Tea is now available at Novotel Hotels, Le Meridien Hotel, CGH Earth Hotel and other popular hotels.

Sasta Sundar is a West Bengal based online pharmacy with headquarters in Kolkata. Founded in 2013 by BL Mittal and Ravi Kant Sharma, offers high quality pharmaceutical, health and beauty products. In addition, Sasta Sundar provides his educational-based webpages that provide information on various medicines, allowing users to learn more about medicines before choosing the one they need. The platform also offers a wide range of Ayurvedic and herbal remedies, orthopedic and care products for various ailments faced by consumers.

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Swagamender is an e-commerce website that makes it easy to find the perfect item for your special item. They also offer clothing and accessories to help you stand out in the crowd.The company strongly believes in the importance of gifts, especially relationships. Swagamender was founded in April 2018 by Raj, who is 17 years old, and Suv.

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Be Awara is a fast growing e-commerce startup in Kolkata. Numerous listings of quirky clothes, coffee mugs, coasters, and similar products can be found on his website for the startup. The company name is derived from the Hindi word “awara”. Not settled by travelers or residents.

IKure Techsoft is a leading healthcare technology company in Kolkata. Founded in October 2010, iKure Techsoft is a unique social enterprise working to make healthcare accessible and affordable for people in rural India. iKure focuses on the health of women and children in villages and small towns. He opened a rural clinic and so far he has provided excellent medical facilities to 3.5 million people.

Kolkata is known for its delicacies, especially sandalwood and rosogora. However, the city has a wide variety of flavors and Sweetandi showcases only this spectrum. This Kolkata start-up is an e-commerce setup that sells Bengali cuisine across the country, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Customers can order online. The order can be customized according to geographic location. Sweethandi partners with all sweets retailers in India. So making Bengali cuisine available across India as easily as ABC.

Small Business Ideas Kolkata

This startup from Kolkata has created some of the biggest brands.The company has leveraged the growing use of social media in India to make its presence known. Meraqi Digital focuses on Digital Marketing, Content and Marketing Strategy, Brand Strategy, Design and Communication and in a short time WOW! Momo, MP Birla Group, Emami Group, PC Chandra Jewelers, Sreeleathers, Jindal India, Himalaya Opticals , The GRID, Chai Break, Rush Fitness and more. The company assists clients in everything from strategy and brand creation to day-to-day operations, thereby increasing their market share and ensuring business profitability.

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Vacations are worth remembering if they are fun, memorable and exciting. Tripmamu helps people find the right travel agent for their vacation at a budget-friendly price. It is also a marketplace where customers can connect with each other. Travel agents who have signed up with Tripmamu offer great deals.

Pickji is a home delivery service. People have to leave their comfortable homes to buy their daily necessities. We all remember our moms sometimes sending us bags of milk or bread when we were busy watching our favorite TV show…if people could take the food home! Pickji makes this dream a reality. The company has created a simple, fast and economical online shipping method. Pick up from your local grocery store or Kirana with the Pickji app and order

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