Small Business Ideas In Africa

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Having trouble identifying that unique ‘gap’ in the market? You can start your own unique South African business using these 11 unique South African business ideas

Small Business Ideas In Africa

Small Business Ideas In Africa

South Africa’s landscape is one of the world’s The Cape flower kingdom is one of only six flower kingdoms in the world The country’s ecosystem supports 9,600 recorded plant species 70% of these plants are found nowhere else on earth

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This wonderfully diverse and unique environment brings with it the opportunity to develop and create products from South African sources, such as our rooibos plant, unique African spices, African malt, or distinctive SA wheat and hops.

Paul Simon, the successful founder of YDE, sold his business when it had an annual turnover of R160 million at the time of the sale, to start his own home-grown Robos iced tea brand; Uber flavor Simon discovered a South African product made in Stuttgart, Germany and felt he had to right this “injustice”.

The Uber flavor sold out in the first six weeks of production, and within eight months it was in 150 locations in Cape Town and Johannesburg; From restaurants to grocery chains

Mickey Monoketti is obsessed with healthy living and realized how many people in the township were aware of herbs and spices and their health benefits. So he decided to conquer the township market with a unique blend of healthy spices from his business Mama Masala; And it was an incredible success

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Now, to keep up with demand, he produces about 1.2 tons of spices a month for Mama Spices and Herbs.

Central Connecticut State University’s latest study on illiteracy in 60 countries. South Africa also ranks 56 out of 60 for computer illiteracy, another challenge for SA people.

Silulu Ulutho Technology has turned SA’s lack of education into an opportunity by providing access to computers as well as training sessions for those who do not know how to use computers. Now the business has branches all over the country and continues to grow

Small Business Ideas In Africa

Another example of a business that involves itself in the education industry is Sports for All Marina de Lange works in the Geluksdal area and offers training sessions for children for a small membership fee. The franchise continues to grow and students compete in official sports leagues.

Killer Small Business Ideas For Africa

Go in with both eyes open Here’s what you need to consider when setting up to make it happen:

South Africa is popular with international visitors because of its rich natural resources and cultural heritage, a positive business environment and low red tape. With good infrastructure

There are many tourism-related businesses in the country, such as beachside restaurants, activities offered at popular tourist destinations and informative tours.

An app was created by Kruger National Park enthusiasts to help nature lovers get the most out of their game drive experiences.

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The app is a platform used by travelers to post animal sightings, post sighting videos and chat with other nature enthusiasts. It helps tourists and regular visitors to navigate the Kruger National Park as well as to spot its many animals.

Another application developed to enhance the tourist experience of a specific place VoiceMap is an informative guide application that allows tourists to be guided by best-selling authors, expert journalists, veteran broadcasters or passionate locals.

The application records in real time when the person walks around specific destinations, helping its users to really experience South Africa and not just see it. This enables tourists and visitors to South Africa to discover its true hidden gems

Small Business Ideas In Africa

With 37% smartphone penetration, South Africa ranks 24th out of 40 countries, which means that South Africa has more people using the internet. You can develop an app that can be successful

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Trevor McKendrick made a name for himself by upgrading an existing app. He found that although there was a high demand for Bibles in Spanish, the available apps were not of good quality He managed to improve the app and achieved success by upgrading other people’s ideas

To take advantage of this gap in the market, you can start selling luxury food, toys and clothes for children Parents in South Africa do not worry about their children when they do this and you can contact them through the Internet make

An online store does not require retail staff and if you follow the right strategy, you may not even need storage space for inventory.

Vueyo is a mobile sales event, selling Borware reels and growing from strength to strength. It became such a success that it also developed into a franchise opportunity

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Major grocery chains such as Pick “n Pay, Woolworths and Spar are also making an effort to capitalize on traditional South African foods, including milk tarts and cake esters.

Another possible idea is to open a food truck, as this is growing in popularity You can serve traditional South African food to locals and visitors outside of the tourist spots and local hotspots.

If you are a creative DIY type of person and enjoy making things as gifts for yourself and your friends, this could be the business opportunity for you.

Small Business Ideas In Africa

Domestic industries are very cautious all over the world Online platforms like ET and South Africa’s Hello Beauty make it possible to sell your goods at a much better margin.

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As an example, Molemo Kgomo had trouble finding an African doll for her daughter, so she made one. There was a specific target market for his African dolls

Her company, Ntombentle Dolls, went online and orders came in. A success because he catered to his own needs.

Many large organizations have targeted the low-income market within South Africa, but have not successfully penetrated

The business Repurpose School Bags was created by two high school students, Thato Kgatlhane and Ray Ngwane, who turned discarded plastic into school bags.

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These school bags also come with a solar panel and a light so when the kids get home they have a light to do their homework. This business is a sustainable social enterprise that benefits children, employs people in the community and makes a profit

South Africa’s unique Shweshwe fabrics are turning heads around the world, but are not making enough inroads into overseas markets. is part of the Eco Smart Group, an organization that focuses on using waste for job creation and resource generation. They collect beautiful, and practical, hand printed South African inspired items They have international stockists and have grown since their inception in 2014.

Small Business Ideas In Africa

South Africa has a large part of its population that does not have access to fresh food and must grow it themselves. These communities are often poor and do not have access to many basic necessities of life.

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You can now create a business for them that will be profitable Fresh fish and vegetables can be grown in the area using existing franchises

The Real Garden was founded by Claire Reid, who at the age of 16 created a seed strip that would help reduce water use and increase germination.

Reid went on to win local and international awards for his invention, and his company now sells the product worldwide.

Aquaponics offers rural people an opportunity to grow and maintain their own fish stocks. The entire system is closed and requires water and electricity, but can be moved anywhere

Profitable Small Business Ideas To Start In South Africa

This business option can be beneficial for everyone involved as the fish reproduce naturally, the supply never runs out and you don’t need to buy any additional fish after the first batch.

Transport is always a challenge in South Africa, millions of people travel by public transport every day You can help them travel or transport their belongings; While you deserve your own slice of the pie

By operating 55 tuk-tuks that are fully compliant in public transport services, Shesha offers a convenient, eco-friendly and low-cost alternative for short distance commuters in both Johannesburg and Pretoria. The business grew out of the Sandton Eco-Mobility Festival and is now going from strength to strength.

Small Business Ideas In Africa

You can create a business that meets these South African needs Whether it’s informing local people about medical services or providing medical services for you, whether it’s a large area with very few subscribers.

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Lecture Books has created several books with audio buttons, which teach the user how to complete simple medical tasks.

The company currently offers 48 products in 24 languages ​​in 20 African countries, with plans to expand to China, India and South America.

These books are successful because they do not rely on the user being literate, instead they explain with pictures to help the user through audio.

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