Small Business Ideas Girly

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New small businesses are popping up every day across the country, and the vast majority of those new businesses are started by women. Women started businesses doing everything from accounting and bookkeeping to dog walking and freelancing graphic design.

Small Business Ideas Girly

Small Business Ideas Girly

The choices may be endless and deciding which small business idea you find most interesting or want to start your own can be difficult. The good news is, if you’re thinking about starting a business, you’re not alone. From 2017 to 2018, 1,800 new businesses were started by women every day, according to American Express’ 2018 “State-Owned Businesses” report.

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Some people start their business to earn extra money on top of their regular income while others start it with the intention of making business their full time job and sole source of income. Before starting your own business there are many things to consider such as what you want and what skills you have. Here’s what to consider before deciding to start your own business and how to choose the right one for you.

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The first step in the process of starting your own business is getting a complete business idea. Picking something that interests you, and considering the skills and resources you already have can help.

There are a number of businesses you can consider such as personal service providers, pet care, educational services, marketing and freelancing, technology services, travel services and many more.

Best Small Business Ideas For Women To Start In 2022

A number of businesses fall into this category and you may be familiar with some of them. If you have experience, it can work for you and make you the most in-demand freelancer in that field.

Most of the jobs listed below can be done independently which gives you more flexibility. You can split up your clients if you like, or work as much or as little as you like, on your own time. Businesses that run multiple of these services are perfect for working from home or on your own schedule.

There are several types of work that all fall into the personal service category. There’s a need for just about every job out there that people have to do, whether it’s helping their kids prepare for the SAT or looking after dogs. That means there are lots of business opportunities and needs to be filled.

Small Business Ideas Girly

Some of the businesses below are seasonal, which makes them perfect if you’re looking for a little extra income but not a full time job.

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Businesses can always use a little extra help and it will be your business’ job to help them out. Bookkeeping and accounting are just two of the tough tasks that other companies need help with and you can provide that extra support.

But there are many other tasks your business can help with. Business support services are something that businesses need and benefit from.

If you’re crafty or creative, there’s a good chance you’ve figured out how to turn those skills into extra money, or maybe a whole business. There are several ways to go about it, starting an online store or opening your own brick and mortar store are just two of many.

Online stores like Etsy allow you to easily turn your art into an additional stream of income. Other hobbies such as baking can also be turned into a business, maybe starting with making birthday cakes or birthday parties but the business can grow quickly. Some creative resources and assets that can be turned into a business are listed below.

Free Custom Printable Cute Business Card Templates

Online e-commerce platforms are designed to help you register your business and products online. Some of the more popular ones include Shopify and Squarespace. If you want something easy and you can try selling on Facebook use a Facebook business page as your online store.

Like marketing and freelancing and consulting, the world of technology has many opportunities for people who want to freelance and do contract work. There are opportunities to work on short-term and long-term projects in technology and – like marketing – work your schedule.

Even if you think you’re ready to move on and start your own business, there are still many things to consider when choosing the type of small business you want to start. You may not be sure where to start, so here are some key things to consider before making a decision on the one business you are looking for.

Small Business Ideas Girly

Once you’ve thought about what you want from your new business, you can start considering the type of work you want your business to do. Remember that your small business can be a sole proprietorship, you don’t need to have more than one person working there.

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Whatever you choose as your business, you can exercise the discretion of others who have traveled the same path as you in the past with their businesses. Advice from other businesswomen can help you avoid the same mistakes others before you have made.

Some entrepreneurs stress the importance of giving yourself time to rest and relax, learn from your mistakes, find your confidence and so on. Articles about women entrepreneurs and women in business can help, but there are other business resources specifically for women.

Developmental programs, forums, social networking sites and more are all available to women online and in communities. Online women’s business groups on LinkedIn and Facebook can help women who want to do business. Search specific groups related to women in business or the type of business you’d like to enter to find forums that can help you.

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I’m SO excited to share my gift guide for the first small business woman of the year! So many talented women are in this guide — I’m impressed and excited to be shopping myself this season (and beyond!).

While you know I love great Amazon finds, I also love being able to uplift other small business owners — especially women.

Small Business Ideas Girly

Here’s a group of small women-owned businesses that can make AMAZING gifts for everyone on your list!

Bourina Throw Blanket 50 X60 … Curated On Ltk

Ashley + Ashley are my 2 moms and friends from St. Louis makes the yummiest party favors to make it easy for moms to celebrate with our staff!

I discovered Rachel’s shop last year and bought myself some bracelets – the quality is AMAZING and Rachel is so sweet!

LOVE my Stella & Haas bracelet (I have Vivian) – it is excellent quality and strong and beautiful.

This first hat is a lovely gift for any little guy or girl + you can match it too!

How To Create Custom Wrapping Paper For Your Business

I stumbled upon this shop earlier this year and – small world – Allison is from St. Louis! I have a banner for each of my kids – the ‘font’ (actually hand-cut) can be text or blocks and there are lots of color combos!

I recently ordered a mask chain from this shop and they sent me the wrong one but they quickly fixed it and sent me the right one! The shop is great and you can add eyeglass clips to your mask chain for free!

Savor storage boxes are AMAZING and can be found at places like Nordstrom + Amazon. It’s fully customizable and great for storing all the things you remember – options for kids, pets, important papers, etc.

Small Business Ideas Girly

My friend Rachel is an EXCELLENT artist and has some very unique pieces + which you can find here on Minted as well.

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This cookbook from Polly and Rachel is amazing – I had to get mine out and turn on the slow cooker!

LOVE Ashley’s design – all supersoft + sublimation so no splinters or skin. I have several of her sweaters and I love them!

My friend Lisa created this beautiful brand – and the products Lark sells – from the ground up

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