Small Business Ideas For Kids

Small Business Ideas For Kids – We all know the classic lemonade stand concept. But if you want to take it a step further, there are tons of great business ideas for kids. Children usually think of summer as the time of year when they can play all day. As they say, if it was all work and no play, Jack would be a boring boy.

But I would argue that the opposite is also true. Teaching kids how to create value and getting rewarded for it is so rewarding!

Small Business Ideas For Kids

Small Business Ideas For Kids

To be clear, play is also very important for children, especially unstructured play. This is how they learn about the world around them! But I’m all about balance.

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And there are tons of great business ideas for kids! Want to help get started this summer? This list focuses primarily on businesses that allow (or require) children to be outside (if you didn’t know, that’s because 😀).

Another great thing is that these ideas are so versatile that they can literally be applied to kids ages 3 to teens. And even if you toy with the idea of ​​trading with young children, the seeds are still planted. Here are 10 business ideas for kids to get you started.

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The idea is pretty broad and admittedly a bit extreme, but it’s one that people keep buying anyway. It is also quite easy to make and leaves a lot of room for creativity. Here are some unique natural necklace ideas that your kids can make and sell. This wire wrapped lock necklace is another clean and simple idea for slightly older kids.

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As I said earlier, this is the root of all business ideas for kids. But that doesn’t mean you should throw it away! Lemon water is a very simple product that you just have to cut it and put it in a pot. Here’s an easy DIY lemonade stand idea made from a wooden box.

Here is one of the business ideas for kids using the idea of ​​a stand. If you have a garden this may be for you. Most people I know who garden often have more produce than their own family. Why don’t you let your kids sell the extra?

This is one of my favorite business ideas for kids. Flowers are something that people buy all the time, and many are willing to pay a lot of money for them. If you really want to, make room in your garden next spring and plant a small cut flower garden.

Small Business Ideas For Kids

Or, if you already have enough flower samples, let the kids pick and arrange their own bouquets – wildflower bouquets are also an option! Build a stand and give out samples.

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This is one of the kid business ideas that is especially suitable for teenagers. This can actually be a very lucrative business! First, reach out to your friends, family and neighbors. You can also use this app to find customers in your area.

This is one of those business ideas for kids, and it might sound a little silly, but it was chosen by a 3-year-old. Although most of the work was obviously done by us, he was more than happy to help us measure, screw, sand and paint everything.

However, when your child gets a little older, this is a very valuable skill. Needless to say, furniture is a product that can potentially sell for a significant amount of money. Start easily with some very basic furniture like this side table or these ideas you can make with a crate.

Alternatively, consider more simple home decor such as hanging racks and rope baskets. I could go on but you get the idea. The possibilities are endless!

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Summer is a great opportunity when it comes to business ideas for kids. Cars are always dirty. All you need is a bucket, soap and a sponge.

This is another great business idea for kids. Kids love dogs, right? And how many people do you already know who have dogs and would pay someone to walk or fetch them? There is only one leash, but most dog owners can probably provide one already.

Try birdhouses, wind chimes, suncatchers, garden paving stones and more (yes, we all choose outdoor crafts, but you can easily go anywhere with this one).

Small Business Ideas For Kids

Ask your kids to go around the neighborhood and offer people bag sticks, pine cones, and other yard debris. Offer to water someone’s plants while they’re on vacation. This is one of the best business ideas for kids because they can rake leaves and shovel snow in the fall and winter.

Great Business Ideas For Kids!

Sit down with your kids and see what ideas they come up with! My little boy became crazy about starting his own furniture business one day. (I think he got the idea from Papa Bear of Berenstein Bears 😀 ) He also has a fascinating book about Bulldog Build Your Own Fruit Stand, so he is already familiar with the business concept.

Make sure you see the concept of coming up with products and services that you know people want or need, rather than selling what you want (demand perception). Filter based on the access you have. Also consider the time, effort and cost of each idea. Then choose the one that makes the most sense!

Once you’ve made your selection, the first step is to gather the ingredients. This is when we want to consider the concept of profit margin. Explain that you need to calculate the cost of materials and the time it takes to make the product. You should use that information to price your products so you can actually make money.

Marketing is an essential concept when experimenting with business ideas with kids! It depends on what you actually sell. You may be able to bring your product to a physical location for sale. But the most effective marketing is now done online.

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Want to create a small product flyer in Canva, or snap a photo of a product you’re selling (and your kid’s smiling face) to post on Facebook? Be clear about what you’re selling, how people can get it, and include a call to action.

This is a very simple ad that we helped our little guy create in Canva! He chose a name, color and took a picture of the product!

If you’re actually building a physical product, now’s the time to start building it! The best way is to just make small samples and promote your product to get people to order. That way we fulfill people’s orders and don’t waste time making things that won’t be bought.

Small Business Ideas For Kids

If you offer services like dog walking or lawn mowing, now is the time to gather all the supplies you need.

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Once your kids have actually made some products, it’s time to start selling your little mogul! You can also put it on your page or text people – see if you can secure a line-up of people coming down. Nothing kills a child’s spirit like sitting on the street all day without customers. It goes without saying that the sales method is dead anyway.

We hope you find inspiration in all these kids business ideas. Now get out there and see what your little entrepreneur can come up with!

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On a recent trip to South Dakota, my parents brought home a book for my son called Who Pooped In… Encouraging kids to pursue business ideas and solutions is not about the financial stuff. Important life skills, including those that affect children’s emotional, physical and mental health, are well supported as they start their own businesses and get on with changing their lives.

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