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Small Business Ideas Etsy

Small Business Ideas Etsy

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There are many ways to start a business, some more daunting than others. When thinking about launching your e-commerce idea, you first need to decide where you want to both market and sell your products.

For many online business owners, creating an Etsy shop is a great place to test your ideas and ultimately scale your online business.

Etsy first started as a marketplace dedicated to makers, artists, and other creative people who wanted to sell their products. Now, brands of all kinds are starting to promote, expand into other Etsy options, and even launch their own website.

This article lists some great Etsy shop ideas to help you start your Etsy business and help you grow your Etsy business ideas.

How To Sell On Etsy: A Beginner’s Guide For 2023 Sellers

Stickers are a very popular item to sell and buy on Etsy. The term “Etsy stickers” alone sees over 4,000 average monthly searches, and a search for “stickers” on Etsy returns over two million results. There is a lot of competition, but also a lot of opportunities. Because selling stickers is so versatile, you can tap into any vertical market. You can also design the sticker yourself or hire a designer to bring your creative ideas to life for you, so no skills are required.

Like stickers, making enamel pins is a versatile idea for an Etsy shop, and a search of the marketplace only returns about 170,000 results – so there are plenty of places to go. You can make many different types of enamel, including textured soft enamel, durable hard enamel, 3D molding, epoxy and glue. You can create your own enamel pin designs using an editing program like Photoshop or hire a designer to help you.

Plord sells enamel pins on Etsy under the Etsy shop name Enamelpinsforever. Inspired by pop culture, the sticks have graphic designs with captions written underneath. They share a distinct design style, although each refers to a theme or joke.

Small Business Ideas Etsy

Etsy is the perfect marketplace to sell art because it’s specifically geared toward makers and creators. That’s why Etsy shoppers have come to expect art and other creative products when they visit the marketplace. According to the Google Ads Keyword Tool, “Etsy art” alone receives over 8,100 searches each month and “Etsy wall art” receives up to 10,000 searches each month.

How To Choose The Best Etsy Shop Name (+9 Inspiring Examples)

There are many ways to sell your art both on Etsy and on your website. You can offer your art as digital downloads—think phone wallpapers or desktop wallpapers—without having to worry about shipping and handling. You can also sell physical items with your art. Some artists go print-on-demand and offer many products, including t-shirts, mugs and phone cases. Others create unique items that cannot be duplicated or printed.

The candle market is expected to reach $545.2 million by 2025, and “Etsy Candles” averages over 4,000 searches per month. In addition, lights are useful in a variety of settings, even outside the home – think restaurants, spas and other commercial places with a good atmosphere.

Woodworking projects are great things to sell on Etsy because they fit the craft and maker theme. Infinite Abyss makes a variety of woodworking projects for sale online, including trays, wall shelves and other home goods. To add to the sale, it also has an Etsy shop where customers can browse the same items.

Jewelry is a popular item to buy and sell on Etsy. “Jewelry Etsy” averages 22,000 searches each month, and Jewelry & Accessories even has its own category on the marketplace—with over 16 million results. Starting a jewelry business is a great way to start selling on Etsy.

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Georgia-based handmade jewelry brand Virginia Wynne Designs sells its sterling silver designs on Etsy and in its store. The brand has the same main image on both sites for a consistent brand experience.

Clothing is another popular item sold on Etsy, with “Etsy Clothing” being searched about 3,200 times each month. Just like jewelry, you can get inspiration by drilling down into search data.

“Etsy Fabrics” also averages about 5,000 monthly inquiries – you can use Etsy as a sales channel to sell your surplus or custom fabrics.

Small Business Ideas Etsy

If you can make pottery, clay, pottery, or similar items, this skill is perfect for Etsy shop ideas. Lorena Haldeman launched her Etsy shop brand HaldeCraft on Etsy to sell her handmade clay products. Later, he opened another store where he could organize his products in a more user-friendly way through categories and sub-categories, making it easier for him and his customers. You can make all kinds of goods.

Etsy Banner Ideas And Tips

Curated boxes burst onto the scene with brands like Birchbox and have been popular ever since. These products are a way of packaging goods from the same or different suppliers into a “box” or product package.

For consumers, it’s a great way to learn about new brands and products, and it’s also a great gift option. In our research on consumer trends, we found that consumers are more likely to buy from companies that offer convenience. Pickup boxes are handy for gifts on Etsy and elsewhere. You can build boxes around any topic your target audience might be interested in – maybe it’s your local produce, vegan food products or yoga accessories. The possibilities are endless.

Personal items feel special because they are unique and customizable according to the customer’s wishes. Etsy is a great place to sell personalized items – there’s even a “personalized gift ideas” category.

Personalized doesn’t necessarily mean monogrammed towels or name tag necklaces. See Conquest Maps for example. The brand sells custom travel maps in its store and Etsy shop. The store allows for more flexibility, and the brand has created a “build-it-yourself” digital experience where shoppers can customize their map by region, style, format, size and more.

Selling Stickers On Etsy: A Simple Guide For 2023

Any crafts you already make at home can also make money on Etsy. Similarly, craft supplies are also great items to sell on Etsy – it’s a marketplace for makers who want to both buy and sell on the platform. Also, Craft Supplies has a dedicated category on Etsy.

Craft kits work similarly to kit boxes, except they’re less about product discovery and more about customer convenience—a one-stop shop for everything needed to complete a particular craft or project.

New to DIY crafts and not sure which category suits you best? Answer a few quick questions to get the right ideas for creating and selling crafts based on your personality, abilities and interests.

Small Business Ideas Etsy

“Etsy baby” is a popular search term with around 6,000 monthly queries. And according to our survey of consumer trends, baby products are the number one thing people want to buy after the pandemic. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs can get ahead of this trend by marketing and selling baby products before the “pandemic is over.” You can sell a variety of children’s products – clothing is a good option, as Etsy has a category dedicated to children’s and children’s clothing. Toys and entertainment is another category focused on children’s products.

Etsy Launch: How To Open An Etsy Shop Like A Professional Seller

Health and beauty is a growing industry to enter, and most entrepreneurs are excited to operate in the space. According to our survey, 55% of health and beauty founders reported being satisfied with business performance in the past year – compared to an industry average of 38%. And nearly 80% of health and beauty founders are optimistic about the future.

Also, more people are using video chat platforms because of the pandemic, so we see and pay more attention to our faces. Therefore, skin care is more important. People wash their faces and put on more make-up than usual. As such, skin care products are a valuable item to sell on Etsy—especially if you make them yourself.

An endless idea for an Etsy shop is to sell pet products and accessories. Etsy highlights pet items on its website and receives over 4,000 searches for “Etsy pet supplies” each month. Additionally, US pet owners will spend $103.6 billion on their companions in 2021 alone. When it comes to starting a pet business and selling items on Etsy, you can make and sell a variety of items, including gifts, necklaces, clothing, feeders, toys , beds and more.

Selling plants online is a viable idea and Etsy is the perfect place to sell your plants. “Etsy crafts” is a popular search term with 3,000 searches per month. And as more people spend more time indoors, houseplants are especially important. See how searches for “potted plants” have soared since the pandemic:

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