Small Business Ideas Electrical Engineer

Small Business Ideas Electrical Engineer – Developing a new electronic product absolutely requires hiring the right electrical engineer. Like medicine, electrical engineering is a broad field of study with countless specializations.

All engineers are not created equal. If you hire the wrong designer, your project will take twice as long, cost twice as much, and not even work.

Small Business Ideas Electrical Engineer

Small Business Ideas Electrical Engineer

Regardless of whether you hire an engineer, one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and reduce your risk is to hire a second independent engineer to review the initial designer’s work.

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This strategy can save you money by allowing you to hire a cheaper engineer with less experience. Normally, hiring a low-cost engineer is a recipe for disaster, but it can be a smart move as long as you have more experienced engineers reviewing their work.

Many electrical engineers leave school with very little experience in circuit design. While at university, engineering students spend most of their time analyzing existing circuits, but not designing new circuits.

However, becoming a good designer requires years of actual design experience and is not something that can generally be learned from a textbook. Of course, engineers need a lot of “book skills,” but being good at designing requires real-world experience.

When I was hired by Texas Instruments as a microchip designer after my master’s, my new boss told me that it takes about 4-5 years for a new engineer to become really useful designing microchips!

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It’s true that designing integrated circuits (eg microchips) has an exceptionally steep learning curve, but his point applies to some degree to all areas of electrical engineering.

Electrical engineering can be divided into many specializations. It is important that you choose an engineer who has experience in the areas required for your project.

You wouldn’t ask your family doctor to perform brain surgery, so don’t expect all electrical engineers to have the skills needed to design your product.

Small Business Ideas Electrical Engineer

The type of electrical engineer you hire depends on whether you need to design an analog or digital circuit.

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An analog signal is a signal that can take an infinite number of values, while a digital signal has only 1’s and 0’s. We live in an analog world. Only computers (and their associated circuitry) operate in the digital domain.

In general, analog circuit design is considered more complex than digital circuit design. That’s why there are many other electrical engineers who do digital but not analog circuit design.

Whereas analog circuit design is too complex to automate and must be custom designed. If your product is analog (almost all engineering projects have some analog), be sure to hire an analog circuit designer.

Designing a high-performance electronic transmission system for use requires a completely different set of skills than designing a small mobile device. Most electrical engineers can only specialize in one of these two areas.

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For example, I did high power design work early in my career, but overall my specialty is low power systems and I by no means consider myself an expert in high power transmission systems.

This hierarchy is similar to software where the lowest level is 1 and 0 and the highest level is the graphical programming environment.

Low-level circuit design usually requires a great understanding of physics, while high-level design is more about systems.

Small Business Ideas Electrical Engineer

Development Kits – A high level of electronic design is the use of development kits such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Development kits are for very early prototyping and proof of concept purposes only.

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Electronic Modules – Another high level of design is the use of electronic modules. Electronic modules are fully tested and certified solutions that can be integrated into other products.

Modules allow hybrid designs that use custom circuits with modules for some more complex tasks. For example, many products are starting to use modules for wireless functions.

Chip Level – Represents an open high level of design using existing microchips. All other basic issues have already been taken care of by someone else who designed the chips.

For almost all products, the chip-level design is the level at which your product will need to be mass-produced.

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Device Level Design – A small percentage of products may require some separate level design. This level of design uses more basic components such as transistors instead of integrated circuits (microchips).

Integrated Circuits – This is probably one of the lowest levels of circuit design. When designing an integrated circuit (eg a microchip), the designer uses very basic devices such as transistors and resistors, while dealing with the physics of semiconductors.

Your product should not require any IC design. If so, find a new product! IC design is very expensive and not for people on tight budget.

Small Business Ideas Electrical Engineer

If your product design includes wireless components, be sure to hire an electrical engineer with experience in RF (radio frequency) circuit design.

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In a non-RF circuit, electrical signals often follow wires (or PCB traces), which allows for some simplifying assumptions.

But RF systems propagate outside the wires, which makes the design more complicated. The vast majority of electrical engineers have very little experience or knowledge of RF design.

Many, if not most, modern electronic products require some sort of “brain”. For example, a microwave oven has a microcontroller chip in it that recognizes which buttons you press and performs a specific function based on those presses.

These are some of the more common specializations in electrical engineering, but there are many more. This includes some power electronics (regulators, battery chargers, etc.), control systems (which generally require system design), sensor design, GPS system design, PCB design, etc. .

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Most of the projects I work on involve microcontrollers with analog circuits. Many projects require an electrical engineer with experience in embedded systems as well as analog circuit design.

By no means are all engineers the same. There are great engineers, good engineers, and some very bad ones. When hiring an engineer, it’s usually best to do so based on feedback from other engineers. It takes an engineer to make really good engineer judgment.

Finally, regardless of the engineer you hire, always remember to get independent reviews from other engineers about the work they do for you.

Small Business Ideas Electrical Engineer

At Hardware Academy, you have access to a group of experts, including myself, who can review your design and make recommendations to senior engineers.

Electrical Proposal Templates

If you’re looking for more details on designing a new electronic product, be sure to check out my latest guide on how to create a new electronic product.

Hi, I’m John Thiel, the founder of Predictive Design. My microchip design is used by millions of products, including Apple products. I also marketed my product.

Now my goal is to help entrepreneurs, startups, makers, inventors and small companies create and sell new electronic products.

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Small Business Ideas Electrical Engineer

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