Small Business Ideas Diy

Small Business Ideas Diy – Last year I sold my first handmade product. It turned out well, but I knew I could do better with the packaging. Is there no magic to opening something sent with love? When packaging is done creatively, professionally and reflects quality, it adds value to the product. It’s also a great way to keep customers happy. Here are some great packaging ideas for small businesses.

Here are the products I used to help create a memorable unboxing for my community. My goal is to show my quality, while at the same time increasing my time. I felt these were easy and quick to use.

Small Business Ideas Diy

Small Business Ideas Diy

My product is a DIY kit for a mini macrame rainbow wall hanging. Therefore, there are many craft pieces. I thought I could do better by naming each item so it would be nice and easy to put together.

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In the thread, I actually covered the right amount. Then I used a Cricut Review 3, a black pen, and smart paper sticker white cardstock to make a tag to tie the different colors of yarn together.

I created the custom tag in Cricut’s design space. I used the font “DTC fluffy socks”. After typing the font, make sure to change the operation from “cut” to “draw” and select “pen”. This allows the pen to draw the label. So good, right?!

To choose a shape, I choose a square shape and then resize it to the perfect size for my project (click the lock button to adjust the height and width).

After creating the font and style, I confirmed everything and chose “connect”. This causes the words to be written and then the name is cut around it.

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The cardboard sticker is a new product for me. I have to tell you, it was super fast to write the label on the Cricut, cut the label, then fold it and put it on the wire. It’s sticky so it stays put, looks good, and writes each color with the appropriate level. I am amazed at how well the process went!

Next, I used Blush Cardstock on a Standard Grip Machine Mat 12×12 to cut out the chain colors. I wanted to hang these loose, so obviously card stock was a better choice. Pink is my style, so the packaging is the perfect way to reflect my vision.

To create this, I clicked on “images” on the right hand side and searched for tags. There were many good options and I chose one that was easy and worked with my vision. Then I used the same font as the text for the words in each label.

Small Business Ideas Diy

After the letters were made and cut out, they quickly came out of the carpet attaching them to the yarn and cotton! Now it will be easier for my customers to get the right rope and thread to get the job done.

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I also made a tag for the felt balls using a card stock sticker and using the same steps as these tags.

Sticker card is so easy to use! With the backing attached, it works like tape to keep the felt balls in the bag as you ship them. And it’s very good.

The last label I made was for the outside of the package. I love creating excitement when the package arrives!

Tip, when making multiple items, change the Cricut Design Area color to the color of the item being used for each piece. This makes it easy to use the right piece of cardboard or vinyl for each item when cutting.

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So there you have it, my best packaging ideas for small businesses. It was great to use the Cricut to cut everything out and draw the characters. I’ve printed and cut out a lot of everything so the next time I need to carry craft kits, I’ll have everything ready.

Thanks to Cricut for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. So you’ve decided to start your own business? Starting a small business is a great way to use your creative talents and hobbies to earn money as a side or full-time job.

And with the right type of packaging, it can encourage people to return to your small business for more of your products.

Small Business Ideas Diy

If you’re starting your own business and need some packaging inspiration for your products, I’ve put together 20 small business packaging ideas that might help.

Packaging Hacks For Your Small Business

If you sell fabric, your food safe bag options tend to be simple designs or don’t match your brand identity. A simple solution is to dress up your bags clearly by attaching tags with your brand. Love the use of a clothespin here!

Maybe you want to change your packaging on a regular basis – every month if you have a small subscription style business where you need to target your packaging every month.

On, they have a monthly t-shirt subscription where the theme of the packaging matches that month’s t-shirt. The packaging serves as a nice little teaser about the theme of the product!

Here is a simple solution like paper bags for food products. Try storing your products in canvas bags.

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To make your packaging stand out, you can stamp your brand logo on the bag using a custom stamp. It’s great that your customers can reuse the bags!

A simple packaging solution does not have to harm the environment. In fact, most consumers would prefer their packaging to be eco-friendly more than anything else.

Small businesses like have switched from plastic packing tape to specially designed waterproof tape. Very creative and great for the floor!

Small Business Ideas Diy

You can never go wrong with simple craft paper and yarn! As a small detail, you can add small dried flowers to the package.

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Add fun little extras to make your product stand out! Small business owner @craftijaci adds custom thank you cards, stickers and confetti!

A unique packaging strategy is to have colors that match the design of the product. To facilitate this idea, this small t-shirt company prints its design in black and white to make it less visible.

Thin strips of tissue paper can be used as soft protective containers for products. It’s an easy way to protect your product from damage during shipping.

If you sell products throughout the year, you can adjust your packaging to suit the occasion. At @mai_accents, the design is made of paper packaging with soft winter images that give the product a winter/Christmas feel.

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If your art of choice is jewelry, check out this clever packaging idea! As part of their branding, @helloashto uses simple images and sets them wearing rings! So fun and different!

The packaging does not have to cover the entire product. Belly bands like these are used to highlight these beautiful handmade soaps by @cranniesofescalante. They can be customized to fit your brand, using minimal packaging.

If you have an art and/or writing business, display a simplified version of your art instead of traditional letters! Your customers will be very happy when they receive their order in the mail.

Small Business Ideas Diy

If you have a business that sells vintage style products, give your packaging a vintage look.

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@little_bird_vintage uses things like old fabric looms and ribbons to assemble her stuff. And as an accessory, a vintage photo, print or ephemera can be included!

Do you have a Polaroid camera handy? A free treat you can add with your products is a simple Polaroid photo. It’s a unique gift for each of your customers!

If vintage stationery is your aesthetic, collect products on different papers. Old pieces of book pages can be used to make belly bands to hold the product. It adds a vintage feel and is a great recycling solution!

Here are some containers that can test your folding skills. If you are folding paper, you can pack your products so that the pockets are folded right into the packaging.

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Fancy having custom packaging for your small business but still don’t have the budget? The easy answer is to do it yourself! At @dorothy.arts, she creates her own wraps with paint strokes and splashes!

Does your product make a good gift? Some small businesses offer personalized wrapping where the customer can write a special message for their loved one.

Why wrap your products in paper when you can wrap them in special fabric? Wrapping your products in a beautiful fabric gives them a unique and soft look.

Small Business Ideas Diy

Care instructions can be minimal, or go the extra mile by matching the design to the entire container. Small details add to your packaging and show that you care about your products.

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