Small Business Ideas Cape Town

Small Business Ideas Cape Town – EDIT: This article is part of the South African SMEs Township Entrepreneurship series. This article was originally published in October 2018 and due to its popularity was updated with the latest business information in South Africa on 18 October 2021.

South African cities have always been hotbeds of business activity, but the overdevelopment of some sectors has affected the chances of success. These are usually areas with low barriers to entry and low capital requirements.

Small Business Ideas Cape Town

Small Business Ideas Cape Town

This is starting to change as more and more entrepreneurs want to start businesses in previously under-explored areas which could potentially lead to another million rand development.

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Kabelo Selebalo, founder of Menzion Digital, an Ekhurhulena-based design and development agency serving businesses in the city, said many of these trends are being driven by young black mobile professionals looking for the best convenience and service.

Starting a business is always a risk, but following one of these areas of success can greatly improve your chances.

The market situation is found in many cities across the country, and many entrepreneurs promote their own food market or cook food to buy that market.

These businesses cater to young and traditional audiences who are increasingly looking for authentic experiences – think food, fashion and music.

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The growth of this model has also meant that big brands are looking to partner with events like this.

The urban market is starting to see the emergence of new players in the towing industry. While it’s still in its infancy, if you have an eye for the opportunity, now is the perfect time to jump in before the market gets too expensive.

Apartments in the city are being developed to accommodate the young, working class looking for the privacy and amenities offered by urban complexes, without leaving the city.

Small Business Ideas Cape Town

These complexes usually take the form of a simple commuter or one-bedroom apartment (usually no more than 20 units) in a gated community, and some even come with Wi-Fi.

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Demand is driven by affordability (compared to urban areas) as well as convenience. It is likely that we will see a lot of growth in the Kasi mini complex mainly in towns not far from the area such as Soweto and Tembisa.

On-demand services continue to grow. The urban market is embracing this trend in terms of laundry services.

Like gas complexes, the laundry service is driven by the search for better use, but mainly in the millennium.

This market has grown a lot in the last few months and companies in this space are expanding their offerings and have started adding the option to buy and make cars.

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Josephine Mokgwasa, owner of Mokgwasa Creations, opened her bakery in January last year in Kagiso township in Krugersdorp after five weeks of cooking. In addition to baking cakes for her customers, Mokgwasa also organizes weekly cake tastings, not only to introduce a new product to her customers, but also to develop recipes.

Mokgwasa uses a Khubeka bike, which he got from the Khubeka Bike Project, a non-profit company, to deliver small cakes and Uber to make larger deliveries on time.

He said the customer base for his bakery includes individuals hosting events such as weddings, funerals, parties, dinners and office workers. Mokgwasa says the location is important to his business in the city. It also sells its products at gas stations in order to make the most of the traffic.

Small Business Ideas Cape Town

According to Mokgwasa, its estimated cost is R10,000. Includes appliances such as oven, mixer, fridge, scale, silver cutting board and cake stand.

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Mamovie guests get a sense of humble cinema when they attend Kutlvano Tlhapane’s movies and popcorn at Kagis.

To set up Mamovie, Tlhapane needed the following equipment: a computer with internet access, a 1080 HP video machine, a popcorn machine, a bicycle, a folding plastic table, ropes and plugs, an anti-theft bag and a white sheet. (a large white cloth is used).

Tlhapane said he uses Facebook and WhatsApp to buy his special items because they are cheaper. “Posters and brochures will be used exclusively to sell the pop-up film for a long time leading up to the day [of the event]. I also use community radio [for broadcasting].”

Currently, film rehearsals are done at home in the garage. “In the long term, I want to make films in Kagis primary schools, as a way for the schools to earn money and for me to have a sustainable business,” said Tlhapane.

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Bonny And Bike, a group of cycling organizations founded by Dr Mofokeng, offers cycling lessons and welcomes monthly tours for Kagiso villagers as well as tourists.

The organization has recently collaborated with enka: Make Your Mark, a youth development organization, Investec, an organization specializing in technology and asset management, and Kubeka, a bicycle project, to promote There is a small bicycle repair shop, located out of Mofokeng’s garage. “We received the necessary equipment and funds to start the school,” he said.

Mofokeng said they have two mountain bikes. “One of our biggest challenges is getting the bikes to properly carry out our efforts.” We have to rent bicycles from a supplier in Soweto.’

Small Business Ideas Cape Town

Some of the city’s entrepreneurs have spoken to South African SMEs in previous interviews about how they have worked with others to host events in their communities. These events help build brand awareness and generate additional revenue for your business.

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Cafe owner Sikemela Dibela of Siki’s Koffee Kafe in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, says he often organizes events in collaboration with other entrepreneurs in his village. “For example, I organized a ghetto session with a friend for an organization based on poetry – it’s about connecting people to each other.”

Lethabo Mokoena, founder of cleaning and shoe shine business, Walk Fresh, says they often organize events in traditional urban settings. “We also have our bi-monthly program, ‘Aua le Malaga Session’, which we hold in the store, which is a music session that focuses on exploring other sounds,” said Mokoena.

According to Mokoena, Walk Fresh has also been invited to business organizations and national football tournaments to showcase its services.

Founders of the most famous fashion brand, Thesis Lifestyle added events to their brand in 2009. They host events like Thesis Social Jam Session where they showcase local, unsigned artists and entertain the stage to showcase their talent.

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The owner of Blvck Lupe Arts and Couture, Sibongile Ntamane, is an artist specializing in wall art, wall painting, photography, photography, henna tattoos and custom clothing (hand painted).

“I started my business because many people like art, they like to make their own drawings, so I want to satisfy their needs and make a model. “Unlike other artists, you can do a lot with pictures,” Ntamane said.

Ntamane said he started his business with art supplies and a camera. His clients are studios, schools, hotels, clubs, parties and individuals. Ntamane said he is doing online marketing to promote his business.

Small Business Ideas Cape Town

Sifiso Mojo, founder and director of the retail outlet The Box Shop, says that the tourist services that are needed in cities are car service, tourists and of course accommodation. “I don’t think there are enough Airbnbs around here.”

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According to Mojo, there are locals studying outside their village, so there are opportunities for businessmen to create packages to help them travel outside the area.

Mojo also said they hope the Box Shop, which is located in the city, is known as a place to buy African clothing. “If you look at Dubai, people go there to shop.

Airbnb Experiences arrived in Cape Town in 2017 and rolled out in Johannesburg in 2018. Locals have the opportunity to become “experts” representing cultural activities, with experiences centered around food, signs or physical and cultural activities.

There are experiences from walking tours of the city in Cape Town and urban gardening in Johannesburg, to cooking classes in Durban and photography in the Bo-Kaap in Cape Town, as well as a party in the city in Khaielitsha in Cape Town and its sandbank. Port Elizabeth.

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Food delivery has become popular during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. This is because the lockdown, which took place in March 2020, encouraged many people to start shopping online. .

We have seen some entrepreneurs taking advantage of digital technology and starting to offer courier and delivery services. From groceries and takeaways to traditional medicine delivered on bicycles – new ideas are never finished. Other creative examples of this business model include mobile spaza stores, personal shoppers and app-based applications such as Zulzi On Demand or Bottle.

During the lockdown, photographers became innovative by photographing families at home. With more and more people looking at remotes and staying at home, new photographers are looking for unique ways to offer photography services. An example of this is the photographer Daniela Zondagh, who organizes photos via WhatsApp. Zondagh rings your doorbell and keeps him at a safe distance and takes pictures when you’re nearby.

Small Business Ideas Cape Town

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