Small Business Ideas Below 1 Lakh

Small Business Ideas Below 1 Lakh – Aiming to be an unbeatable businessman is not to have ideas that no one else has, but to make them happen in a way that no one else does. There is no shortage of ideas, but you have to identify the right one.

Many people’s access to the internet along with the increasing demand for services as well as manufactured goods have brought about new changes in the type of business ventures being run today. You no longer need a large amount of capital or a tangible product to start a business.

Small Business Ideas Below 1 Lakh

Small Business Ideas Below 1 Lakh

All this, along with the increased support given to startups by angel investors and venture capitalists, has made starting a new business easier.

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Millions of people may have started their entrepreneurial story with as little as Rs. 10 lakhs or even less. Some of them may have been fragmented, but many of them have gone on to become predictable success stories. By learning from their tricks, and following the right path, you can also create a completely different story of your own, which is better than all the others.

The first step in that direction is to decide what business you want to start. We present some profitable business ideas for less than Rs 10 lakh to start.

There are brands on the market today that are already established. In addition to the pre-sales customer base, franchisees provide ongoing support from the initial phase of opening to operations, training and management support required for the smooth operation of the store.

At 10 lakhs and below one can easily get a license to open a business shop for many products.

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Start by doing a good research on possible options like healthcare, restaurant, shop, department store, salon, daycare centers, play areas, fitness centers, coaching centers, vocational training institutes etc. on websites like

PRO TIP: Be careful when exploring your options. Evaluate them on the basis of factors such as brand reputation, sponsor’s experience, your own capabilities and business skills, store location, potential, market demand, competitors, future prospects, etc.

This is the age of the internet. No individual or place is without at least a couple of phones and a laptop or PC. Included in the group are headphones, speakers, home cinema systems, game consoles, VR systems, fitness trackers, cameras, etc.

Small Business Ideas Below 1 Lakh

Due to the increasing demand for these electronic devices, a store with a good selection of store devices and well-informed salespeople can find its place in the market as a customer who comes to the store will always appreciate good and useful advice about them. buy.

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The store can also be taken to an e-commerce site for increased benefits for the users and profit for the owner.

PRO TIP: The service and repair center can be set up separately, or you can cooperate with a good service center nearby. Services like free home delivery, on-demand gift options, etc. will increase customer loyalty.

Cleaning is a necessary task, but not everyone enjoys it. With the right kind of approach, this seemingly boring task can be taken to the next level and turned into a profitable business idea. The idea may sound strange at first, but some businesses in India like Keentoclean and Broomberg have done it.

There are still many opportunities for financing. Start with a few areas; you can take cleaning of houses, commercial buildings, water tanks etc. Create an automated system for each process and train your employees well. As there is always a demand for such jobs especially in urban homes and offices, so if you do well, you will definitely get more offers.

New Small Business Ideas In India [2023]

You can also vote for places like hospitals, temples and shrines, apartment buildings, hotels, museums and galleries, educational institutions, restaurants, etc., that offer employment contracts to professional cleaners.

PRO TIP: While time is of the essence when working on each area, it will be important to follow the “wash as if it were your own” rule. Any damage or poor work will only lead to bad customer relations which will ultimately affect the business.

In India, whatever the occasion, the food should be amazing. An event with good food and good service will always be remembered with pleasure, but bad catering can ruin even the biggest events. In this business, you can start a small industry with equipment rental and cooking on site.

Small Business Ideas Below 1 Lakh

This will keep the investment down and within a few steps you will have enough income to expand slowly and settle down.

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Also, although the passion for cooking is important, it is important to have a proper plan to develop this business.

PRO TIP: Train your staff well, especially when it comes to interacting with guests and providing service. A negative review from a visitor can hinder potential opportunities.

When you think of delivery, food delivery usually comes to mind. But one can start this service by delivering absolutely anything to the customers, be it food from a restaurant, products from a supermarket, flowers and gifts from a store, pick up and deliver their cleaning products, etc.

FedEx, a popular logistics provider, has already offered express delivery services across India, which is on a large scale. Your investment will go deeper into supply chain planning.

Small Business Ideas In Hindi

And since there is no production on your end, you just need to connect with local stores and make sure to plan your delivery system well. Of course, some areas may already have their own delivery systems.

But if you have a wider delivery area, more customers through you can reach those areas, which may have a shorter delivery area.

PRO TIP: Instant wish fulfillment is hard to ignore. Although you may charge slightly higher prices than other delivery services, plan your business as one that can help you

Small Business Ideas Below 1 Lakh

People today are willing to spend more and more on traveling and the travel business is definitely booming. As a holiday planner, you will find, plan and book trips according to the customer’s needs.

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You can create good standard itineraries, but sometimes the itinerary needs to be adapted to meet the customer’s needs. Thinking outside the box and thorough research can help you plan an amazing journey for your customer.

Basically, you can start from home, work over the phone and the internet and create a travel plan for your client. You can also take on planning trips for organizations and educational offices, as bulk booking will help you get the best deals and can also help. increase profit margins

PRO TIP: There are great opportunities even within the vacation planning industry, from vacations focused only on children, weekend getaways, family vacations, for newlyweds, for students, for those seeking adventure and discovery, educational or cultural tours, religious tours, for the elderly, etc. You can specialize you on a certain type of holiday and succeed at it.

Create your physical and/or electronic store and sell whatever you want! From beautiful art, handmade gifts for various occasions, interior items, clothing, jewelry, to homemade cookies, chocolates, pickles and sauces, you can sell them all.

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All you need to do is open your own website or register through an e-commerce site and set up your store.

And you are ready to start selling whatever you want (of course it must be legal!). You can also receive requests and sell special products to your customers.

Handmade products are valuable because they are often unique. Create and promote your products in innovative ways.

Small Business Ideas Below 1 Lakh

PRO TIP: When shipping your products, make sure the packaging and branding of your product is taken into account. Another great way to attract attention to the portal is to upload beautiful product images with detailed descriptions. Use everything from word of mouth to social media to spread your name.

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When people constantly struggle with stress and fatigue in everyday life, a place where they can find mental and physical relaxation becomes very important. This is where places like spas and related natural medicine centers come in.

In India, the spa culture is on the rise. Common spa treatments include body treatments, facials, massages, aromatherapy, hair removal, hydrotherapy, manicures and pedicures, etc. Various massages from Ayurvedic to exotic massages done with herbal and aromatic oils.

Your investment will depend on the services you provide, the quality and price of the products and equipment, staff employed, etc.

Create a service and product brochure so that each service can be easily understood and selected by the customer.

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When you invest in services, it is also important to ensure that the spa has a good and peaceful environment.

PRO TIP:  In the beginning, attract customers by offering discounted package deals or a free selection of oils or other spa products. There are various spa designs ranging from destination spas to day spas and medi spas (medical spas); You can also establish your expertise within

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