Small Business Ideas Bangalore

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Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India in the technology community. It is home to software and IT industries of all sizes. This high-tech city has a stable economic status and is an ideal place if you want to start your small business in Bangalore with small or medium investment.

Small Business Ideas Bangalore

Small Business Ideas Bangalore

According to a Forbes survey, Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cities and will become the economic hub of India in the next decade. This means that such growth will definitely encourage small businesses. If you are worried about ‘what business can I start in Bangalore’, read below to find a list of the best business ideas in Bangalore to start with an idea that is relevant and affordable at the same time.

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Starting a business idea in Bangalore has the best financial and infrastructure ecosystem, best place to work, high density of investors, a large young workforce, low cost of living, great environment, active media, and 1800 to 2300 Technical startup offers. .

Let’s look at some Bangalore business ideas that have the potential to be profitable in the city, whether it’s a small, work from home, or service-based business.

Bangalore is a foodie’s paradise and the perfect place to start your fast food outlet. You can consider starting or renting a small mobile canteen in a busy location, delivering food to homes/offices, etc.

This vibrant city is full of busy people who don’t have time to shop for groceries. You can start a small grocery store with home delivery option and in future you can successfully connect with big grocery stores in the area. You can definitely take advantage of this amazing business opportunity in Bangalore.

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A busy area with a working population means that coffee, tea, beverages, ice cream and snacks are in high demand in a café-like environment. You can explore low investment businesses in Bangalore, from chai kada to cozy cafes, depending on your investment capacity and experience.

Bangaloreans are health conscious and prefer to buy organic food. If you have a piece of land, consider starting an organic garden that provides customers with daily organic produce such as sprouts, leafy greens, home-grown tomatoes, and more. You can rent such garden spaces or have a central location for other organic growers. . This is a great business in Bangalore with low investment.

Bangalore is the place for those who want to eat homemade and freshly cooked food. Lunchtime is a peak business hour if you have a large working population. You can also deliver to homes, offices, factories, etc. Hence, it is one of the best businesses to start in Bangalore.

Small Business Ideas Bangalore

No matter where you want to start in Bangalore, a small joint that serves freshly baked bread, chapattis, cakes, chips and sweets is always worth it. Serve quality food with a twist on the USP like methi chapattis or designer cakes and you can easily outrun the competition. Accept multiple orders, connect with corporate canteens, provide home delivery and watch your profits grow in this unique business in Bangalore.

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Do you have extra space and rooms in your home? Focus on short-term visitors and paying guests. Then this is one of the best business ideas that Bangalore has to offer. You can also arrange travel, sightseeing tours and adventure tours to earn extra cash. Especially if you are close to an airport, a cultural center or a tourist destination, you can see significant growth in a short period of time.

Bangalore lacks professional PG services, working people and student hostels. Staying close to Bangalore traffic assurance workplaces and providing similar PG facilities can be a lucrative business. Rent a building, connect with offices, institutes, colleges, and start a professional PG or co-working space and services. If you are good at management and want to use space in an innovative way, you might be on your way to profiting with these top businesses in Bangalore.

Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and a tourist destination. It is common that small souvenirs of Bangalore are in high demand and offer great business opportunities in Bangalore. Start a small business with affordable gifts because gifts are available all year round at this tech hub.

Bangaloreans love to get away from the hectic city life and punishing work schedule. They will appreciate a break to refresh themselves, do something different and spend the day relaxing in the beauty of nature. A luxurious stay at a farm, a new experience like dirt track biking, paragliding, trail riding, racing and dinner by the pool are what many youngsters in Bangalore aspire to. Just set up for discounted deals and trips while your profits grow!

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People outside Bangalore need housing, many people buy and sell houses and farms, businesses need commercial space, residents need relocation for various reasons, many people need housing, and students or workers. People need places to work, PG. Residence, etc. Hiring a trusted consultant for such needs can be very beneficial in Bangalore.

Bangalore’s growth has also left many property owners struggling to manage their properties, protecting them from encroachers and legal trouble. You can serve clients where you manage properties, with property-related issues such as property maintenance, rent collection, and meeting tenant needs.

Homes need deep cleaning and working couples of Bangalore hardly have any time left to do it. Get into a business model where you can deep clean and disinfect homes commercially, provide certified maids for daily chores, clean carpets, curtains, sumps, and short term you can get your satisfied customers in Bangalore. List it. Especially near Bangalore Tech Parks, this business can definitely prove to be a hit.

Small Business Ideas Bangalore

Working parents of Bangalore need day care and childcare services where their babies and children are safe and secure while at work. If you own or rent a large house, this can prove to be a profitable business opportunity for you. Many stay-at-home mothers can also participate in this business depending on how many children they can accommodate.

Best Small Business Ideas In Bangalore India 2022

Often homes require a plumber, carpenter, electrician or handyman to perform minor repairs and household needs. Commercial buildings, glass-fronted towers, and institutions also frequently use such services. Meeting this huge demand can be a very successful project that requires only a few trained people and can be set up almost instantly.

Flowers are used in decoration, wedding venues, themed parties, birthday parties, hotels, villas, worship etc. Delivering cheap bouquets and flowers over a phone call or online can be a great idea with a small investment.

Be it a gift, a small household item, or a 100 rupee shop is a great idea. Bangaloreans love affordable gifts like flower pots, cheap handbags, wallets, ties, socks, pillows, curtain sets, housewares, water pots and more. Why not start a Rs 100 budget gift shop for all occasions that will allow you to profit all year round?

Every household needs laundry and dry cleaning services which are a waste of time that many working people skip. There are very few people who can be trusted with clean clothes, expensive sarees, carpets, rugs, towels for workers, and this creates a huge window for you to fulfill.

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Most people hate waiting in the salon. You can start a mobile salon and hair cutting business from a van in a busy shopping center. People can get cheap haircuts, haircuts, basic face/makeup routines, nail painting, etc. while working or interviewing. Targeting just one very basic need can be a profitable venture for you to successfully leverage.

All events hire professionals who can provide good quality videos and photos of their business meetings, birthdays, worships, weddings, exhibitions, product displays, etc. Getting the next order and growing quickly requires little effort, equipment and skill. It is a business venture based in Bangalore.

All events such as business meetings, religious gatherings, parties, day celebrations, and weddings require catering services that offer the best quality items at the best prices. Taking advantage of such small business ideas in Bangalore, you don’t need to be a cook and can hire them to cook on site or at your place and connect with suppliers of clothes, furniture, labor and utensils. Investments promise quick returns and can be easily scaled.

Small Business Ideas Bangalore

There is a huge demand for this type of investment in Bangalore as there is a huge market for insurance products, investment schemes, stock brokerage services, income tax and GST consultants.

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If you have gym equipment, free space in your home and love yoga, exercise, dance, kickboxing, etc., start your own home gym. A large number of people need such reasonably priced fast daily gym services and this can be your way of profiting in Bangalore.

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