Small Business Ideas Aesthetic

Small Business Ideas Aesthetic – In 2021, a website is essential for any business. No matter what industry you are in. And if you want to make a lasting impression You need to make sure you create a website that looks good.

In this article, we’ve selected 25 of the best small business website examples to help guide and inspire your endeavors.

Small Business Ideas Aesthetic

Small Business Ideas Aesthetic

Here are 25 of the best small business websites to help inspire your endeavours. It’s all built with Shopify.

Creating A Consistent Business Aesthetic

Velasca sells handmade Italian leather shoes and accessories. The website is clean and simple. and offers a unique Italian atmosphere. See carefully selected fonts and high-quality images. The list also includes thumbnails for each link. These images help to clarify the type of shoes or accessories the contact brings.

Milk is an Australian clothing brand for babies and children. Like the brand’s clothes, the website is light and colorful. There are also many product and design images. The menu is straightforward and easy to access from anywhere on the website. Additionally, this sample small business website uses a mobile responsive design.

Shwood Eyewear designs and sells sunglasses. The small business website design is designed to showcase the brand’s outdoor lifestyle. simple website But there are many high-quality videos and pictures of the product.

Newton Supply Co., Ltd. designs and crafts beautiful jewelry and bags in the United States. Small business website design is clean and straightforward. Also capitalizing on the company story, the visitor’s eye is drawn to the image of the unique product engraved in a simple serif font.

Aesthetic Business Names

Rhone produces high-tech sportswear and innovative apparel for men with active lifestyles. The website uses bold fonts and a single color to highlight the products. It includes high-quality images and many calls to action, such as “buy now” and “choose a size.”

Allbirds is a footwear company focused on sustainability and natural materials. This small business website template is simple and beautiful. and full of beautiful product images. Extensive drop-down menus make navigation easy. Additionally, product pages highlight the features and benefits of each product.

Madsen makes and sells “Bucket Bikes” for the whole family. This brand focuses on luxury and fun. And the website reflects these values. She uses bright and vibrant colors to create a sense of fun. The site also offers many educational videos to help customers get the most out of their purchase.

Small Business Ideas Aesthetic

Bluboho is an online jewelry store. This sample small business website pairs strong branding with practical functionality. The visuals are amazing and show off the beautiful design very well. When a visitor scrolls down to the homepage Subscribing to Bluboho’s newsletter is highly recommended. The product page has lots of images and details. In addition, the site is optimized for mobile devices.

Ways Small Businesses Benefit Their Local Communities

Super Team Deluxe sells pop culture-inspired stickers, pins, hats and accessories online. This sample small business website uses bold colors and fonts to highlight the brand. Plus, colorful animations appear each time you move your mouse. don’t forget to check You can check out the “Wall of Humility” at the bottom of the home page to see how this brand installs their products.

MFMG Cosmetics stands for Melanin Girls Cosmetics. The company seeks to make the makeup world more inclusive by creating a makeup line for dark skin tones. The website is simple and mobile optimized. She uses the colors of her products and matches them with minimal lettering. Notice the call to action banner offering a 10% discount code to visitors who sign up for their email list.

LEIF is a lifestyle brand that sells “Everyday Beauty” The brand is sold through its website and physical store in Brooklyn, New York. The website features a color scheme with dynamic product images. The store sells a wide range of products and has built in drop-down menus for ease of use.

La La Land is an online store with products created by a group of artists. The website reflects the brand personality with red and green accents, however, there is also a white background that showcases the colorful product design. The drop-down menu is clear. Use all capital letters in a sans-serif font.

New Social Media Apps & Platforms You Might Not Know About

Studio Neat designs simple, minimalist products to solve common problems. This small business website template is clean and easy to use. Keeping the product front and center, the website also showcases the founders and their stories at the bottom of the homepage.

Minaal created a new suitcase for travelers. The website is beautiful and accurate – just like the brand’s products, Minaal leverages social proof by highlighting popular websites that showcase her products. Plus, customers can shop from the site for big bucks. There are also member communities and blogs.

Modern Market sells a wide range of digital products and online courses. This includes legal forms, Lightroom templates, and online photography classes. Web design showcases style and elegance with high-quality images and soft beige tones.

Small Business Ideas Aesthetic

Wrightwood Furniture is a Chicago-based store that currently takes over 12% of their revenue from the Shopify website. The site’s homepage has beautiful pictures of the furniture store. The menu is simple and has graphics to help users navigate. The website also has a handy site filter.

Creative Small Business Ideas

Brosa sells furniture and home furnishings. The website colors are simple and muted. And websites make good use of high-quality images. The menu is comprehensive. And the top bar has essential links like “Contact & FAQs,” “Call Us,” and “COVID-19.”

Ivory & Deene is an Australian home furnishings store. This sample small business website promotes premium branding with an elegant color scheme and subtle dynamic elements. Plus, menus and search filters make navigation easy.

Ratio Coffee sells high-tech coffee machines in its Shopify store. The brand is well aware of the psychology of color. Tech companies often use black, white and gray to emphasize balance and precision. The website also features high definition videos of the company’s products.

I Love Mole sells delicious dishes that are often used in Mexican cuisine. The website uses a white background to draw visitors’ eyes to the colorful content. It also shows off the vibrancy of the product with bright orange and yellow accents.

Aesthetic Notion Templates For 2023 (a Live & Growing List)

Press London sells cold pressed juices, snacks and detox kits. The top bar has three top-level sections with detailed sub-menus to help users navigate the site. to maintain a minimal form The site uses important link tags such as shopping cart and search tags.

Tattly sells temporary tattoos created by a group of artists. The website has amazing product photos. Strong colors are also used to draw visitors’ attention to product promotions and calls to action.

Table Pop sells unique and creative posters. The navigation menu is very different from most websites and showcases complex branding. This sample small business website makes extensive use of bold fonts and colors.

Small Business Ideas Aesthetic

Zee.Dog manufactures and sells innovative and aesthetic products for cats and dogs. This sample small business website design has a futuristic design. ​​Matched with product images with striking colors. It also has beautiful text that enhances the voice of the brand.

Best Low Cost Small Business Ideas To Start On The Side

Silk and Willow is a wedding decoration store that creates sustainable and eco-friendly products. The entire website is gray and white, highlighting the color and variety of the brand’s products.

Thirty years ago Many people use directories such as yellow pages. to find businesses. However, people today use search engines.

Now you might be thinking that it is possible to get a Facebook business page and phone number. But in reality, this is a quick way to get behind the competition.

Although there is no set price But website design for small businesses typically costs between $500 and $10,000. However, you can create a professional website for as little as $29 per month using Shopify.

Small Business Marketing Ideas

The cost of a custom website often depends on the features the business needs. For example, most web designers charge extra to add features to sell online.

Plus, you can add all sorts of features and functionality to your website in just a few clicks using the Shopify app. Want to collect email addresses to build an email list? No problem. Want to add excitement to the checkout process? Your money? simple

In short, you can use Shopify to build a website that will help your business grow.

Small Business Ideas Aesthetic

In the beginning Check out this guide on how to start an online store with Shopify in less than 30 minutes.

Small Business Packaging Ideas

Do you have questions about the best way to create a small business website? Tell us in the comments below!

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Personal branding is about taking responsibility for how you represent yourself, if you try.

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