Small Business For Earrings

Small Business For Earrings – I can’t believe it’s the end of 2019 already! This year has gone by so fast and so many exciting things have come to life…like this blog! There will be lots of new and exciting things coming in the new year and my site will be updated with lots of deals to come and increase emails to all your customers! So be sure to add your name to the list!

Now, for the last post of 2019, bringing business anthropy into a new decade, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dana from Business, The Endearing.

Small Business For Earrings

Small Business For Earrings

Endearing is a small business based in Melbourne that sells handmade and personalized earrings for all your needs. Owner and creator Dana started the business in September 2019 and has been going strong ever since. Since I am still a small business that has only recently started, there is still a lot to learn, but in the time that The Endearing has been, it has been a great success. Dana targets their products at the 15 to 20+ age group, but it’s really someone who likes bold earrings, has pierced ears and loves what Dana produces.

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The name L’Affare was not always associated with the earring. Initially, the Instagram account that Dana now uses for her business was first a creative outlet where she posted photography photos and RT photos. When she decided to start a business, which is now making and designing earrings, the affectionate name almost has the word earring in it, so Dana decided to leave it.

After finishing high school and going to college, Dana found that she had a lot of free time that she wanted to fill. His main goal when he started the business was to just do something he liked and do something with his time that he would never tire of. Being able to find a passion for making earrings, through resin as her medium, Dana is able to share some fun with people around Australia by providing earrings that are different from her usual. And from a young age, Dana has always sold bracelets in school and now it has become a big thing where he is able to make a profit.

The main starting point of his mind to say, yes, this is what I want to do, was really to buy a pair of earrings, resin earrings, as a gift for his mother. Dana thought it was a really cool idea and concept and it might be something she could take on board in her spare time. In a way, this inspired her to really start designing, researching and making earrings and building the business that allowed her to grow, reach an audience in Australia and share her unique creations with the world.

All earrings created by Dana are fully customizable to suit individual preferences and personalities. Sometimes he is asked to redo some designs or messages that require specific articles cast in resin. Dana has always been an artistic and creative person when it comes to sports or anything like that, so allowing this flexibility for both her and the client allows for this creative expression that really shows through her designs. Turkey Faux Leather Earrings, Lightweight Embroidered Earrings, Thanksgiving Fishhook Back

Before starting the business, a lot of research was done on Dana’s end, especially on the materials and techniques she would or should use for the resin earrings. This included things like how to actually make the earrings yourself, the quality and where to get the resin and how to use the molds. Dana’s designs also have a lot of floral work with floral designs being her most famous, saying that she has also explored that side of things. The flowers she learned, through research, could be bought ready and sealed in resin, but if Dana was to get something from her garden, she would have to do the process herself to avoid spoilage. Through extensive trial and error processes that also served as valuable research, Dana chose resin over anything else because it worked for him, as opposed to mediums like polymer clay, which require a lot of concentration. As for the business side of things, Dana is still learning as she, with no background in business, learns what she needs, so most of her research is of high quality. .

“I believe in plan, prepare and experiment. You have to plan what you want to do, like the things you are interested in and all that. Be prepared, so research, buy all the ingredients and then definitely experiment to get exactly what you want want. Because I know for myself, I had a box with all the bad earrings and designs, that didn’t work or I didn’t like how they turned out, so definitely experiment.

When customers receive the earrings, and even through the ordering process, Dana wants them to feel good and confident and knowing that they were a part of the creation. It’s important to Dana because it’s the experience he wants customers to get when they wear them, knowing what they’re getting and knowing they’ll love it and make a statement big or small. Sometimes it can be difficult for Dana to match the opinions of people due to the fact that he is not able to do so or what they ask is not in stock, rather than what he really has. With this in mind, the customer always comes first with an elaborate personalized experience where Dana even goes so far as to place the customer’s order for their earrings if they don’t have them yet. By giving customers a sense of personalization with their shopping experience at The Endearing, it makes the business stand out and unique from all others. This allows Endearing to be known to the public for what they stand for.

Small Business For Earrings

Hopefully, in the future, Dana will be able to expand what she values ​​and what she has with the customer experience by expanding her product line to include items such as bracelets, key chains and key rings. Although the business is still very young and has only been around for a few months, tomorrow marks the beginning of a new decade, I can’t wait to see what it holds.

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Thanks everyone for reading my last post of 2019…tomorrow marks the start of a new decade 2020 and I can’t wait to see what it brings.

Be sure to check out Endearing on Instagram here and check out all of her amazing designs and earrings.

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U.S. small business optimism jumped to its highest level in more than eight years in December, underscoring the economy’s strong fundamentals despite slowing global growth.

The National Federation of Independent Business said Tuesday that its small business optimism index rose 2.3 points last month to 100.4, the highest reading since October 2006.

The index, which crossed the 100 mark for the first time in eight years, has now returned to its precondition average. This was fueled by growth in hiring, capital expenditures and business expansion plans along with sales expectations.

Small Business For Earrings

“Perhaps the reason the gross domestic product numbers look better is because the small business sector has really started to contribute to growth,” William Dunkelberg, NFIB’s chief economist, told Reuters.

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The small business sector, which is estimated to account for half of the country’s total GDP, added to upbeat employment data in painting a bullish picture of the economy even as dark clouds loomed over the global economy.

The economy grew at an annual rate of 5.0 percent in the third quarter, the fastest in 11 years, and is expected to maintain solid growth momentum in the October-December quarter.

According to the NFIB survey, more small business owners perceive their current inventory as insufficient to meet expected sales growth.

It is consistent with recent government data showing an increase in wholesalers’ stocks, prompting economists to accelerate last week.

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