Small Business Consultant Salary In Canada

Small Business Consultant Salary In Canada – Good news: digital marketing salaries in Canada are still competitive in 2022! Read on to find out how much digital marketers make, how it compares to other specializations, and what you can do to move to the next income bracket.

Take a look at the typical digital marketing salary in 2022 and you might find that the field is competitive. But how competitive are they on average and for novice marketers in Canada? Do you have development opportunities after the first two years?

Small Business Consultant Salary In Canada

Small Business Consultant Salary In Canada

Fortunately, this article contains the latest Canadian digital marketing salaries you need to start designing your career! You can find the rates for digital marketing roles, broken down by category and with cited sources here:

Data/ai Salary Survey

As you read this list, you might think: how do senior digital marketers earn significantly more than the average Canadian weekly wage? This is partly due to their practical skills, which they improve in their daily work. But how can you develop these skills if you have no work experience?

Internships are one of the ways to improve skills in practical work situations. This is because internships give you the experience of working under a mentor who will give you practical points to improve. With this in mind, internships offer upskilling, whether or not you have prior marketing experience.

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To begin with, let’s take the average digital marketing salary in Canada. Next, we’ll look at the numbers for each experience level and determine which province has the highest digital marketing salary.

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Your average Canadian digital marketing salary as of February 23, 2022 is $55,460. Talent calculated this median based on 1,055 salaries uploaded to its site by digital marketers. Their average is comparable to the $59,240 estimated by Glassdoor from 146 companies. There is also an Indeed listing of $48,646 out of 1,466 salaries, slightly lower than Talent.

Compare that to the median income in Canada. As seen on StatCan, the average weekly earnings in the country in November 2021 were $1,130.81. According to a Statistica report – published in the same month and year – Canada’s median income in 2019 was $37,710.

Compare that to digital marketing salaries in 2021. The average was CA$56,550, with entry-level salaries starting at CA$43,934 and experienced positions serving CA$78,427. Your hourly rate was then CA$29.

Small Business Consultant Salary In Canada

In 2021, Quebec had the highest spending on digital marketing at CA$70,000 per year while Saskatchewan had the lowest at CA$47,000.

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In 2022, Quebec still has the highest average digital marketing salary in the Canadian provinces at $65,000, although this figure is based on the 67 salaries reported in Talent.

British Columbia is next, with an average of $58,500 on 197 salaries. Ontario then ranks third with $58,237, based on 430 salaries.

The same report noted that the median in Alberta is $57,500 out of 75 salaries. After that is Saskatchewan with $50,000 at 27 salaries. Finally, with 10 reported salaries, Nova Scotia averages $42,700.

As you can see, digital marketing pays off well for salaried employees. Data is limited for freelancers, but the average range is $39,000 to $87,750 from two data points.

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You already know what the average salary in digital marketing is and what salary you can expect in each province. So now it’s time to dig deeper and find individual figures for majors in digital marketing. To narrow it down, we’ll focus on six subsections.

Marketing analysts use data collected from content and marketing campaigns to improve current and future marketing strategies. As you can see, this requires using data tools like Google Analytics and Google Data Studio to discover what works and how this aspect can be improved and replicated.

According to, your average annual salary as a marketing analyst in Canada is CA$61,816. As of January 27, 2022, the range is typically CA$54,535 to CA$68,850.

Small Business Consultant Salary In Canada

Another estimate, based on 199 Payscale data points, is CA$51,430. Beginner marketing analysts with less than a year of experience typically earn CA$47,847, while analysts with 5 to 9 years of experience earn CA on average. $58,006.

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Your responsibilities as a content marketer include creating blogs, videos, graphics, and other forms of content to promote your brand. Everything you create as a content marketer needs to engage your target audience, generate leads, and convert leads into customers.

The average base salary for content marketers is a bit more difficult to determine. It actually records $56,914 based on 106 reported salaries, while Glassdoor estimates $60,398 based on 26 data points. Payscale lists a base salary of $48,845 from 49 salary profiles.

Payscale calculates a salary of C$44,505 for those with less than a year of experience and CA$54,369 for content sellers with 5 to 9 years of experience.

SEO is an essential part of digital marketing! This ensures a steady flow of organic or unpaid traffic, reducing your company’s reliance on paid ads. Organic traffic has the added benefit of attracting an audience that is more likely to convert with the solutions your content offers.

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Your typical salary, based on 156 Indeed data points, is $50,759. In another report by Glassdoor, the average base salary of 114 SEO professionals was $53,048. At Payscale, the average of 136 profiles is $49. , 247.

Meanwhile, Jobillico estimates an average of $52,500 per SEO consultant. Nunavut has the highest median at $72,280 while Yukon is at $37,440.

Social media and email marketing are active and passive marketing tactics. UX design helps make marketing easier with user responsive design.

Small Business Consultant Salary In Canada

To enter this niche, you need to know how marketing works on various social media platforms. Each social platform has a unique audience composition, and social media marketers must determine how best to tailor content to these demographics.

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Social media marketing managers earn $51,827 a year, according to 259 salaries on Glassdoor. Meanwhile, Payscale’s figure of CA$48,329 reduces 79 profiles. The talent estimate on 217 data points for social media managers is comparable at $48,080.

Old but good email marketing is still a powerful marketing tool. Email marketers are key to building a loyal audience with up-to-date newsletters, promotional offers, and transactional emails, among other things.

Email marketers, across 63 payscale data points, averaging CA$55,928 per year. At Talent, the annual salary averages $57,500 out of 53 reported salaries. On the other hand, the average base salary of at least 54 email marketing managers at Glassdoor is $73,121.

You may be wondering what User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) have to do with digital marketing. UX and UI are essential for customers to interact with your product. In other words, if your website has bad UX design, customers tend to click through or not interact with your website at all.

Digital Marketing Salaries In Canada: Entry Level To Six Figure Jobs

Based on 860 salary profiles, Payscale provides an average base salary of CAD$61,668 for UX designers in Canada. Glassdoor reports an average annual salary of $77,090 for 109 salaries. This compares to Payscale estimates for senior UX designers – CAD 70,697 for mid-aged designers and CA$78,056 for designers with at least 10 years of experience.

Of course, there are positions that pay the highest rate for experience and knowledge. Here are some notable roles, split between management and senior levels to provide a wide range of positions where aspiring marketers can advance their careers.

As you can see, the salary for any executive function far exceeds the cost of living as estimated by the National Bank of Canada. Most of the data also comes from workplaces.

Small Business Consultant Salary In Canada

For example, the number in the infographic for market research directors is an estimate based on Indeed job postings. Payscale then notes that half or 43 of the marketing executive salaries reported to them came from people with 10-19 years of experience.

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Additionally, Talent and Payscale only have 26 and 38 data points for the average salary of digital marketing executives. So the midpoint of C$116,790 — quoted from a 22 salary payscale — is placed in the infographic.

And finally, we quoted Glassdoor’s $132,974 figure because it had more data points (95) than Payscale (15).

However, keep in mind that senior positions are usually filled internally, and a casual search for salary for these positions may bring up US data first.

This list of senior roles has been chosen because they are commonly found in digital marketing departments, ad agencies, and marketing firms. While we have quoted data with most data as of February 23, 2022, you can check any discrepancies with our sources here:

How Much Do Data Analysts Make? [data Analyst Salary Guide]

Your digital marketing salary – just like any other job – is influenced by several factors. Keep these factors in mind as they can help you apply for a job or create a career opportunity in marketing.

Yes, years of experience can affect your salary! In addition to showing that you have been working for a long time

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