Small Business Coach Ireland

Small Business Coach Ireland – Meet the Irish gurus who can change your life – from cleaning your house to building a career

Do you feel like you don’t know where you’re going with your career? Or are you struggling with parenting? Or even your own wardrobe amazes you? Would you ever want someone to come in, take over and help sort things out for you? Well, now they can, at least for a price.

Small Business Coach Ireland

Small Business Coach Ireland

Self-help may be a huge global industry, but it can be difficult to consciously engage in the pursuit of happiness when your home is a stressful mess, your personal or professional credibility is shattered, and you have a baby who screams all night. So why not get outside help?

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Personal effectiveness and problem solving are no longer about spiritual mastery. Today, many specialized professions have developed to help people cope with the personal crises that often accompany the demands of modern life. Career coaches, image consultants, childcare experts and more are ready to help you solve immediate and big problems, or even teach you more efficient and effective ways to manage everyday life. Here we meet four new gurus…

Expand Close Jane Downes of Clearview Coaching is pictured in her offices in Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin. Photo: Frank McGrath. / Facebook Twitter Email Whatsapp Jane Downes of Clearview Coaching is pictured at her offices in Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin. Photo: Frank McGrath.

Jane Downes (39) is one of Ireland’s best-known career coaches and author of The Career Book – Help for the Anxious Realist. He is the owner of Clearview Coaching Group, a coaching and training company he founded in 2004. She lives in Dublin with her husband Clive and children Anna (9) and Olivia (16 months).

Talking to Jane Downs, it’s hard to believe she’s ever been afraid of public speaking. “When I was at university I hated giving presentations or public speaking,” says Jane, who founded Clearview Coaching, one of Ireland’s first professional coaching organisations, 12 years ago. “Now, the bigger the audience, whether it’s TV, radio or a convention center, the better.”

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So what’s the secret? “Confidence is vital, as is being passionate about the subject and knowing you can step out of your comfort zone.” This is the root of being happy with the race. According to Jane, to be brilliant you need to realize that you are not just mediocre (life is too short) and that there are common pitfalls in the way we approach our problems.

“My late father used to say that everyone has one thing to do in their career, and that is to make an impact, no matter how small. It’s a matter of deciding what kind of impact you want to make. And I believe you should do it. It comes naturally to you, no matter what. you won’t feel like you’ve worked a day.”

The most common reason people seek Jane’s services is because they feel frustrated and “stuck”.

Small Business Coach Ireland

“I help people help themselves by analyzing and fixing what’s holding them back from achieving more.” Coaching offers perspective, free time with someone, purpose and an opportunity to build self-confidence and personal effectiveness. During her years developing her skills in HR and recruitment, Jane always knew she was destined for a career focused on bringing out the best in others and developing people.

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“My job is never boring, the best part is seeing people make positive changes and the happiness that brings.”

Breda Stack (39) from Cork, known as The Declutter Therapist, is the founder of Ireland’s National Declutter Day, Declutter TV and author of Declutter Therapy: Ultimate Wardrobe Decluttering. She lives in Limerick with her husband Ronan.

Breda Stack knows all about “letting go.” The concept itself formed the basis of a clutter therapy business that helps people with the emotional aspect of it, helping with the practical elements of personal style, organization, storage, decorating, design and lifestyle. “LET IT GO is really the motto of my business,” notes Breda.

“There is a huge lack of understanding around the difficulties people have in letting go and the sensation of shame and guilt around ‘clutter’. I teach people how to free themselves from overwhelming clutter to be simpler and happier in their lives; it’s all about being healthy and balanced.”

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Breda herself knows first hand the negative effects that clutter can have. In her 20s, her wardrobe was a mix of sizes, styles and eras, with most of her clothes neither fitting nor flattering. “I learned how to organize my wardrobe and as a result gained control and confidence.” It inspired her career as a life coach, stylist, and eventually a disorder therapist.

“Most people associate clutter with deprivation, but I see it as wholeness. There is so much to be gained by getting rid of things that don’t feel good or feel good: freedom, comfort, increased confidence, happiness, peace, creativity, etc. confidence and clarity.”

For those struggling with parting with possessions, Breda recommends taking a gentle approach. “Cluttering and hoarding are often an emotional response to something, but the word ‘hoarder’ is overused and people think their clutter is worse than it is. The reasons we keep things can be complex and deep-rooted, so it’s important to be kind. and be kind to yourself throughout the process.”

Small Business Coach Ireland

Expand Close Image Consultant Aideen Garvey is pictured at her home in Dundrum. Photo: Steve Humphreys. / Facebook Twitter Email Whatsapp Image consultant Aideen Garvey is pictured at her home in Dundrum. Photo: Steve Humphreys.

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A long-term interest in personal development and a desire to be at home with her children led Mayo resident Aideen Garvey (43) to set up her own image consultancy business in 2013. She lives in Dublin with her husband, Ken, and their four children, Rory. (12), Emily (10), Ailbhe (9) and Isabelle (6).

As a mother of four, Aideen Garvey admits it can be hard to keep up appearances while running from school to extracurricular activities, especially when she’s sitting on the sidelines of the soccer field, on her lap, asking what she’s doing. But then personal style has to take into account your lifestyle, says Aideen, who replaced her 20-year career in image consulting three years ago and is now busier than ever. “We all have an idea of ​​what we want to look like if time and money weren’t an issue, but looking good doesn’t have to cost a fortune.”

Your job is to create a client’s style identity through questionnaires and meetings, find their best colors, show them clothing lines and textures, patterns and proportions, and find the best fit for them through a wardrobe analysis and personal shopping session.

“I leave them with a clear sense of style and image that reflects their true potential. Looking good isn’t something trivial, it changes our mood and makes us feel good, and that’s a powerful tool.”

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Many of her clients claim that they feel more confident and secure. A client recently sent Aideen a photo of herself on the red carpet with Johnny Depp in a dress Aideen was wearing, a proud moment for her. “I love empowering people to feel better by giving them the tools to look their best.”

Close Niamh O’Reilly. Photo: Frank McGrath / Facebook Twitter Email Whatsapp Niamh O’Reilly. Photo: Frank McGrath

Originally from Dublin, Irish media regular Niamh O’Reilly (42) is a sleep expert, baby and toddler care expert, author of The No Fuss Baby & Toddler Sleep, and answers many parents’ concerns.

Small Business Coach Ireland

“My role as a PA in a big bank was a lot like babysitting,” laughs Niamh O’Reilly, one of Ireland’s best-known babysitters. While running a daycare business, she discovered common challenges parents share in creating good sleep patterns for their children. Now she is a full-time counselor working with families in their own homes to help them put their awake babies to sleep.

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“My job is not to tell people what to do, but to offer them alternatives and support them through the process of change. Most parents say they often get the most out of this part. I never judge, because many factors lead people to burn out. , who am I to say what is right or wrong?’

Even when parents admit they spend the whole night on their child’s bedroom floor with one arm outstretched in their crib? “No consultation is the same; there have been many tired and desperate parents, but if anyone is ready to make a change, I’m there to hold their hand.”

According to Niamh, sleep and behavior problems are closely related, so by addressing the sleep problem you will see behavior improve. But she admits it can be difficult when mom and dad aren’t on the same page and she’s the “mediator” or when the child tries every trick in the book.

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