Small Business Coach Charlotte Nc

Small Business Coach Charlotte Nc – It all starts with an initial Heart to Heart consultation between you (the parent or guardian) and me, where I listen and find out where your teen or teenager is and wants to be in life and health.

Tell me about the challenges that led him to make it on his own. I will ask questions and we will get to know each other.

Small Business Coach Charlotte Nc

Small Business Coach Charlotte Nc

During a Heart to Heart call, our conversation will guide us in choosing the best program for the young woman in your life. Heart to Heart discovery calls are free, limited to 15 minutes*.

Hire The Perfect Life Coach For You

I have two signature affiliate programs, the 90 Day Life Coaching Program and the 90 Day Health Coaching Program.

There is no magic wand that can change his life just by buying it. Changing your mindset, doing the work, and being willing to change your mindset along with some habits that aren’t serving you is where the magic happens. But don’t worry, I’m very good with young people. It’s my job to motivate him!

We are so grateful to have Denise work with our 17 year old son. Growing up is hard enough, but with social media, thinking about life after high school, and isolation from a pandemic, we’re facing a recipe for disaster. I hated seeing my daughter struggling and not being able to find the right answer or words to help. Denise provided another perspective and coping mechanisms that were invaluable. I’m also happy to see my child learn that sometimes we need help and it’s okay to ask for it. I know it will serve him well in many ways throughout his life. Even though we thought we knew what was going on with our children, sometimes I found myself completely in the dark. With Denise on our team, I felt like we had a safety net for our daughter and the comfort she gave us was an incredible gift for our entire family. – Valery

This is your teenage or adult daughter’s first meeting with me to see if we are a good match. We will talk, discover his difficulties; discuss the areas we will focus on and start building our relationship. This is an important step before investing in a life coaching package, as this session will reveal whether life coaching is helpful at this point or whether a therapist can be consulted first.

Counselor, Coach, & Artist

Help your daughter manifest the life she wants and have a powerful plan to help her discover her purpose, build confidence, and achieve her goals.

Life coaching will help you develop your relationship skills, boost your self-esteem, improve your social skills, learn how to manage your money, learn how to do “big” things, make friends, or plan to achieve something. . The list is endless. You choose what we work on together, where you want to go and what you want to learn!

Help your daughter feel better and achieve her best health long term. We will focus on changing habits that will reduce stress, increase energy, and create a better balance between diet and lifestyle choices.

Small Business Coach Charlotte Nc

Do you feel like you make less than ideal food choices on a daily basis? Does he lack energy? Or are you simply not motivated to exercise? Does she want to physically improve her legs?

Become A Certified Dei&b Executive Coach

I don’t help her diet. I help her live healthier so she can feel better physically by making better choices.

As she changes her health habits, I have motivational tips and steps to keep her engaged and entertained!

While working with Denise, we focused on my confidence and overall health. I was tired all the time, ate terribly, and was not happy. Having action steps each week held me accountable and gave me the structure and motivation I needed. -AbbieOnly you can take responsibility for your professional career strategy and business development. My goal is to help you navigate this process and help you build a career and business you can be proud of.

When building a career strategy, you need to understand the value and stage of your career that you are currently in. love in the season you’re in.

You Are…life Coaching

You have a heart that flows all over you and you are ready to start a small business. But how? Whether you’re just starting your own business or have started but feel “stuck,” I’ll help you set goals, guidelines, and ongoing goals to help your small business move forward.

Alisa is a unique leader who can identify and develop your strengths, providing simple and clear instructions on how to improve your performance and confidence. It can help you learn and grow with real, constructive feedback. It makes you think like a leader and teaches you to challenge ideas that don’t make sense or could be improved in a professional way, allowing others to see you as an asset to their team. It’s not just “what”, it’s “how” you do things.

Alice helped me secure my chosen career. With his vast knowledge, skills, talent and passion, Alisaus inspired me to boldly follow my dreams and look forward to achieving them. With her support and understanding, I was able to do it!

Small Business Coach Charlotte Nc

I am a smart, intelligent, inspiring, strong, assertive, genuine, effective, forgiving, simple, passionate, faithful, influential woman born in Alexandria, Virginia. A town ranked as one of the best small towns in the US. I was born there, ha! I grew up in the great state of North Carolina and have made it my home for over 40 years. I wish I could be a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend. All these roles play a major part of my life and day by day I hope to be effective in all of them. I was born and raised in Salisbury, NC, living with my mother and younger brother. Although I grew up in a single parent home, my dad is always in my life and we have a good relationship. Both my parents have always taught me morals and values. I learned to protect my character and never compromise my morals.

Adrianne Pinkney — B. Well: Live Consciously

Growing up, I participated in many community events, sports and committees, which helped me to be effective and versatile in various areas of my life.

I attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and the North Carolina School of Insurance. I’ve been an insurance agent/trainer for over ten years and I’ve been known to help others protect their families and the things they’ve worked so hard for. I began to hear the gentle whisper of my calling as a life coach. Whispering started when I found myself being a listener and advisor to my clients, which seemed to be more on a personal level. Building a relationship with a customer will become a real relationship. I felt that they would openly trust me and talk about their lives with me. I would lift them up and encourage them in ways they were grateful for.

Then the soft whispers grew louder as more people came up to me and discussed their struggles in life. People knew I was honest and had a genuine desire to see them overcome obstacles, build their confidence, and lift their spirits.

So…here I am answering the call and dedicating myself to helping you discover WHO you are so you can become who you want to be.

The 6 Steps I Use To Come Up With Captivating Life Coaching Mission Statements

A life coach is a trusted person who sees what your goals, dreams and aspirations are and provides positive support and encouragement. There is a certified action plan provided by your coach for you to follow that challenges you to think differently and try a different approach than before so that you can achieve positive results and reach your full potential.

YOU… Life Coaching Mission My mission is to stand behind you and follow you when you can’t move forward. Only when we see and face the limited and believe in the limitless. I am here to be the wind beneath your wings and help you rise to who you are…

A strength coach works with clients who want to feel good, confident, strong, and embrace strong personal boundaries. You may have experienced personal trauma such as a bad family experience, abusive relationship, experience with narcissists, or abuse. As an empowerment coach, La’Toya will help clients confidently stand up for who they are, create healthy boundaries, and attract the love and respect they deserve.

Small Business Coach Charlotte Nc

Coach La’Toya works with clients who feel lost and meant for more. As a goal manager, she helps clients discover their goals

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