Small Business Coach Canada

Small Business Coach Canada – Finally the sun is shining, it’s hot and the days are long! Did you have fun? How did you feel? Better than how you did during the winter months? Are you filled with a little more energy? YES? Perfect! Now is the perfect time to make the life changes you’ve wanted for so long.

Do you want to discover your potential? Improve your relationships? Love yourself? Find a new career? Improve your health? Earn more money? Quitting a bad habit? Or just live a more fulfilling life?

Small Business Coach Canada

Small Business Coach Canada

Don’t wait until you feel down and in a rut to improve your life. Do it now with that summer spark you feel.

Life Coaching Testimonials

Years ago I made the biggest decision of my life. I decided that I wanted a better life and would do everything in my power to make it happen. It started with a strong desire to feel better. It took determination, persistence and hard work, but I did it! I made a change in my life! I’d like to show you how you can do the same, if you’re truly ready to transform!.

I want to help you discover what you can do. Your life is yours to create. No one can do it for you, but I have the skills and experience to steer you in the right direction.

If you want, we can get out of the office and take advantage of the nice weather. We can enjoy our sessions in a beautiful park, take a walk by the water or even on a nice terrace.

“I can’t recommend Samantha enough. As a life coach, friend, and friend, she has been (and continues to be) a cornerstone and inspiration to my personal development journey over the past year. Samantha’s support, energy, and endless encouragement have allowed me to discover new ideas and different perspectives in all areas of my life, including career, health, relationships, and wellness. 2015 was an extraordinary year for me, probably one of the most transformative years of my life, and Samantha played a key role in that transformation. I keep looking forward to meeting her and having her in my life as a life coach and friend.

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“I only had a half hour session with Samantha – but from what I got out of it, it seemed like a worthwhile day – she’s so smart and thoughtful and positive and confident.

I recommend her to anyone looking for a second opinion on something that is happening in their life and a new look.”

“I followed Samantha Barley on her social media platforms for a few years before taking the plunge and attending her events around town. I was very impressed with Samantha’s sunny personality when I first met her. I like the casual atmosphere of her Self Discovery group training sessions and I always bring home insights and tools that I can put into action right away. Last time I took my daughter with me and she was inspired and reassured that she was on the right track! I highly recommend Samantha for group and private workouts. She connects easily with people and quickly identifies individual needs. If you’re interested in personal growth, self-discovery, and inspiration, she’s the right person to talk to.”

Small Business Coach Canada

“Samantha is like the best friend you never had. Describing her skills is hard to put into words. There is an energy and authenticity about her that is indescribable. She is extremely intelligent and she will make you feel at ease right from the start. Don’t let her adorable face fool you as a child, she has quite a bit of experience behind her back. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to the most important people in my life. I guarantee you will not regret your session.

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*Early Bird Bonus* Make your first payment by July 1st and receive 2 FREE group life coaching sessions! ($20 value – Montreal area)

Do you want to do a test session first? No problem! I’m happy to offer you 50% off your first Casual or Skype session or just $40 off your first Office session. Better planning your life is messy and fun!! I am a Certified Design Your Life Coach, Career Educator, and Workshop Facilitator, with a Masters in Career Development and over 10 years of experience helping college students and mid/encore career clients… applying curiosities, possibilities and a new “how might I think about their next steps. Through 1-1 and group career and life design thinking workshops, I will guide you from dreaming the future…to actually designing it. With a background in PR, marketing and tourism, I’ve had my career pivots, reinventions, and relocations, and I personally understand the pros and cons of starting fresh wherever you are in life. Drop me a note for 1-1 chats, workshops, and more!

As a Certified Organizational Coach, Jennifer works collaboratively with clients to build skills and expand results at the individual, group and team levels. With over eighteen years of leadership experience in the culture and education industries, Jennifer empowers her clients to leverage their ability to be creative, focus on what matters most to her, and live and lead with impact and purpose.

Colin is the co-founder of Fluency Leadership, a Vancouver-based leadership + training company specializing in working with leaders and teams in the marketing, communications, and creative industries. He brings a positive and results-oriented approach to people-oriented personal development and growth. As a coach, his commitment to an authentic, fun and proactive approach is intimate and drives clients to achieve results that matter. By bringing the mindset of a marketer into a coaching discipline and through a full commitment to authenticity, she supports clients in understanding and cultivating their personal brand, enhancing their superpowers in communication and active presence, and creating life strategies that help you achieve unprecedented results inside and out. of work.

Certified Life Coach: What It Means And How To Become One

Jessica Elliott is an Executive Coach, Creative Entrepreneur and Mentor. Jessica founded LIFETOX to serve her clients in education holistically. Her training practice focuses on a proprietary concept of total body training, which keeps the mind, body and soul engaged. This whole-body approach helps you accelerate your personal growth and overall well-being and fits well with the DYL philosophy and concepts.

Jessica runs outdoor ‘Walk & Talks’ as a service for individuals and teams to get their bodies moving, connect with nature and turn inward for self-discovery; this improves your memory, your mood and increases your problem solving skills. Whether remotely or in person, Jessica’s coaching, walks, and outdoor lectures help people find holistic processes for growth in their lives, careers, and businesses.

I have been teaching high school students since 2007. I have been a guidance counselor since 2011. Since arriving at Trinity College School, a boarding school about an hour outside of Toronto, I have specialized in postsecondary counseling with experience navigating questions through Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Japan and Europe. I have found the Design Your Life materials to be of great value when working with students and families. I am passionate about helping people, especially students, find meaning and purpose in their lives and careers.

Small Business Coach Canada

Wenny believes everyone has the ability to grow and change. She also believes that mental health and career exploration are very integrated and she has a passion for working with people to build a meaningful and fulfilling career and life. As a Registered Clinical Consultant, Wenny is experienced in providing a compassionate, non-judgmental and collaborative space to support people facing life’s obstacles.

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We spend most of our lives working, work that defines us and requires our energy. However, sometimes we get stuck. There are many things we get stuck on: How can I be a better leader? How can I find a new career? How can I find more peace at work? How can I plan for the future? I work with people who are stuck on figuring out the next step. Together, let’s reflect on who they are at their best, discover what they have to offer, and discover ways to create meaning and fulfillment. So let’s bring these insights to life.

Katherine is a social worker, psychotherapist and social entrepreneur registered in Toronto, Ontario. She runs her own private practice and her own non-profit organization simultaneously. Katherine is a longtime LGBTQ+ advocate and intersectional feminist. She is currently a full-time student pursuing a law degree and is committed to becoming a human rights lawyer in the future.

Annie is the co-founder of Leadeo, a Design Thinking and Innovation agency. She also has more than 20 years of experience in learning and development, leadership, talent management and organizational development in management and consultancy roles, within large corporations and public sectors.

Annie supports leaders and employees in their professional and personal development through various changes or transformations. She has been recognized for her leadership in enabling people to work together, experiment with new methods and generate ideas. She is also an agile catalyst who naturally finds innovative solutions and navigates ambiguity easily.

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Dr. Mariyam Ahmed is a registered clinical psychologist. She believes in providing an authentic, empathetic, non-judgmental space for

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