Small Business Coach Brisbane

Small Business Coach Brisbane – I see you beautiful mother. You love being a mother to your children, but in the process you’ve lost yourself in raising little people.

Family, marriage and taking care of children, not career, finances and household responsibilities.

Small Business Coach Brisbane

Small Business Coach Brisbane

How to ask for what you need? And what do you really want for yourself and your life?

With Over 25 Years Of Experience As A Successful Businessman, Now Helping Entrepreneurs To Have Profitable, Sustainable Businesses & Fulfilling Personal Life. The Best Service Provider With Over $1.2 Million In Revenue

To have more joy, purpose and direction in your life? I am here to support you in reconnecting with yourself, finding clarity and reigniting the spark that makes you YOU.

It would be my absolute honor to support you as you reconnect with yourself and witness your transformation. We can work together through 1:1 coaching sessions (just you and me) where we spend time together full of deep discussions, powerful questions and practical tools to help you rediscover yourself. You can do this through a one-off 90-minute session or commit to yourself by opting for a 3-month coaching package.

I mainly wanted to work on my body image and confidence and feel more connected to my husband again. I really appreciated Annie’s warmth and reassurance that I was normal! I felt able to move towards my goals instead of stagnating. I am confident in my abilities again! I really appreciated Annie’s time and effort. He helped me a lot.

When we first started working, I was in a state of flux, struggling to make life-changing decisions and crumbling under the pressure. After our time together, I am now telling my truth! I can’t thank Annie enough for her open-minded listening, compassionate and realistic advice, suggesting practical goals, and most importantly, keeping me accountable.

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Great question. I had no idea what a life coach did before I started this journey! I wrote a whole blog post about it and why I became a life coach here.

Coaching is not the same as counseling. As a coach, I work with clients to see where they are now and what goals they want to achieve and how to work on them. It’s very forward looking. Counselors tend to work with their patients on past experiences and psychological issues they face. There is absolutely room for both a coach and a therapist because they have different focuses. If, after our initial conversation, I felt that I would be better off providing you with advice rather than coaching services, I would discuss this with you in the first instance before beginning any coaching.

In terms of coaching, I have graduated as a life coach from Your Beautiful Coach Academy, an organization accredited by the International Coach Federation. I also have a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Queensland.

Small Business Coach Brisbane

The idea of ​​discussing private elements of your life can be a little scary. I totally understand that! If you feel that something needs to change in your life, but you are not quite sure about it

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It is now, it is perfectly fine. We can discuss this in your free discovery call before you commit to a full coaching series.

If you’re in Brisbane, absolutely (well, if we’re not restricted by the pandemic!). Most of my coaching clients find it very easy to conduct sessions via video call and it saves travel time, but I am also willing to meet in person if desired.

Absolutely! Most of my clients are a little nervous before they start. But in our first discussion, they quickly realize that I’m easy to talk to and that our sessions together are actually something they look forward to!

Book a free 20-minute discovery call and we’ll find the best option for your needs.

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Annie is an inspiring, creative and calm coach who gives you an anchor to help you get back to your inner self. His consistent approach to seeing the underlying issues beneath the “noise” sheds light on your process and who you want to be. I was able to really listen to myself with what I wanted and needed, which helped me achieve more in the outside world. I have worked with a trainer before, but working with Annie was a completely different experience. Annie made me feel relaxed and at ease.

From our first session together, I felt that I was being listened to, that my concerns were not trivial, and that I was getting the strategies I needed. I was impressed with how easy Annie was to talk to and how she was able to take what was discussed and turn it into goals I wanted to work towards. Since working together, I have noticed a change in mindset. When I feel myself slipping back into old habits, I listen to Annie’s voice and use one of the strategies I learned. It stays with me for a long time and is really powerful. Whether you’re still employed but dreaming of starting a business, or you’ve been running your business for decades but feel like it’s more chaotic than ever, you can take a breather. We got you. We work with a wide range of micro-enterprises and sole proprietors, as well as international corporations that want to challenge the status quo. From 1:1 business coaching to workshops and public classes, as well as project-based and specialist consulting, there is a way for My Business Coach to help you start, grow and expand your business. Choose from the options below or click here for a free consultation.

Whether you need a marketing strategy, business transformation, content audit, process coaching or a creative idea, we’re here to help. We’ve partnered with the world’s most innovative companies to help them succeed.

Small Business Coach Brisbane

Do you need practical steps you can take right away to grow your business, reduce stress, get more exposure or increase profits? During these 1:1 sessions, we’ll break down your key business goals and then develop the tactics you need to achieve them.

The What And Why Of Business Transformation In 2019

Know what you need to do but don’t have a plan to do it? Tired of Google searches and YouTube videos? In our public seminars and online business courses, you will learn exactly what you need to do to start and market your business.

Fiona Killacky is a file design app for small business advice – for your business and the small business owner! Fiona brings an incredible amount of global experience to her work with Australian small businesses and startups and strikes the perfect balance between big picture and small thinking. We are very grateful for Fiona’s invaluable contribution to our business

Join 1000’s of small business owners who get a FREE weekly dose of insight and inspiration every Sunday. Let’s talk about small lessons with tactics you can use NOW to grow your business. (We’ll send Kelis and just give you “good sense”)

We’re not here to block your inbox, we’re here to help you start and grow your small business today. You can unsubscribe at any time and we will NEVER spam you.

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My Business Coach is a consulting service that helps business owners (and their teams) understand, create, analyze and improve their marketing, branding, content and overall business strategy. The company was founded in 2015 by Fiona Killacky (see the lady looking into the distance in the photo).

Fiona has almost two decades of experience working with brands large and small in content and marketing roles and has also been a published journalist since 2002. Fiona was raised by wonderful parents who promoted education and kindness as the two most important aspects of life. It’s these beliefs that drive My Daily Business Coach, which offers free training via daily Instagram posts and weekly emails, as well as affordable public seminars and e-books, and customized business consulting and coaching packages.

We treat our amazing clients and customers (many of whom are small business owners) with respect and kindness (#onelove), so 98% of our business comes from referrals and referrals.

Small Business Coach Brisbane

Contact us anytime via email at hello@ or send us a gram DM.

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Fiona was recommended to us through a PR agency when we were looking for someone to help us create a marketing plan for a new digital product launch. I was very impressed with how well he was able to identify product strengths and create a concise and accessible marketing plan for us with targeted advertising messages. Fiona is a pleasure to work with and sharp. We regularly recommend him to our clients and continue to work with him on new projects.

Money. How do you feel about it? okay? Bad? Careless? Do you equate money with greed? Or with status and prestige?

I’m sharing some of the tools and platforms created by creatives and arts companies that many of us have benefited from, especially as we deal with the challenges of the pandemic.

I thought I’d share ten lessons I’ve learned after 100 podcast episodes. Now that’s all

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