How To Start Your Own Jewelry Brand

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How To Start Your Own Jewelry Brand

How To Start Your Own Jewelry Brand

Jewelry is one of the most popular things to make and sell online. Maybe you’re struggling to DIY, but you have a great online business idea and an existing audience, and you’re looking for a creative way to make money.

How To Start A Jewelry Business In 7 Steps

Regardless of your motivation or skill level, figuring out how to start a successful jewelry business at home or anywhere comes with its own set of considerations and complexities.

One of the first questions: is it good or fashionable? Or maybe your interest lies somewhere in between. Each category has its own materials, production process, price and customer profile:

Once you’ve narrowed down the broad category of your jewelry business, it’s time to make room for your products. Start by identifying your ideal customer (classic, fashion, bridal, socially conscious consumers, etc.) and decide whether your products are appropriate for any occasion (wedding, party, casual, etc.). This will determine how you market them to your target audience.

Trend research is one way to identify (and validate) your chosen direction and is an important step in understanding how to start an online jewelry business. Read fashion and jewelry blogs and posts and follow influencers in the space to keep up with trends for each upcoming season. Using Google Trends, you can also see the large global search volume for a given term.

How To Make Your Own Jewelry

Alternatively, you can look at the trends or habits of neighboring consumers, such as an appetite for customizable experiences such as engraving or ethically sourced materials.

But business owners don’t just have to follow the trends – you can also use them to start your own jewelry business. That’s what Biko founder and designer Corrine Anestopoulos did when she presented her collection based on personal style.

“For some reason I felt that I had accidentally found a market for something new,” he says. “But it was my taste.” When it was launched, Corinne worked with copper plating. “Nobody else was doing it,” he says, noting that shiny silver was the trend at the time.

How To Start Your Own Jewelry Brand

Today, while her collections evolve every year with trends in the jewelry industry, the common thread is a recognizable look that defines her brand and ensures customer loyalty.

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As a startup in all aspects of the fashion industry, success depends on a strong aesthetic, unique design, and consistent branding. Before hiring a designer to develop branding and individual pieces, business owners should do a few exercises to determine your overall signature style.

Camille Enrico jewelry is known for its unique combination of metals and textiles, making each piece instantly recognizable and harmonious with the rest of the designs.

Depending on how you like to get inspired, you can create Pinterest boards, design your own digital mood boards, use a mobile app for jewelry design, or even physically collect inspiration on a bulletin board or sketchbook.

Collect images, colors and textures from nature, architecture, fashion or travel, then identify emerging themes. Never stop being inspired, says Corinne. “I’m always looking for inspiration and I collect inspirational images wherever I can find them.”

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Designer Josie Bullard calls mood boards “a great way to plan ahead, set an aesthetic, remind yourself of your goals, and provide lots of inspiration.”

Remember that branding is different from branding. A brand is your voice, your mission, your vision and your brand story. It tells your potential customers what they think about your product. Fashion shopping is often emotional, and emerging brands can connect on a personal level and win over customers even through something as simple as a business name. Tell your story through your page, include yourself in your social media posts, and share the process and inspiration behind your creations.

The next part of how to start a handmade jewelry business is branding. Branding refers to the more tactical elements that visually represent your brand: your logo, packaging, business cards, and website.

How To Start Your Own Jewelry Brand

Once you’ve established your product aesthetic, chosen a business name that resonates with your audience, and defined your customer profile, it’s easier to define the overall look and feel that defines your brand. This is an important step even for small businesses, so don’t rush it.

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You don’t need to create an expensive and complicated website if you want to know how to turn jewelry into a successful business. For less, you can create a free theme store and design your own logo using a free online logo maker. If you need inspiration, we also have resources to help you come up with domain name ideas.

Keep in mind that you’ll always want to set aside a portion of your budget for professional product photography. We will discuss the importance of jewelry photography later in this article. With these tools, it is easy to understand how to start a jewelry business from home.

For larger budgets, work with a designer to turn your vision into a complete branding package for your business, from logo and website to packaging and marketing materials. Browse our portfolio of design professionals to find a designer that fits your taste.

A formal business plan may not be necessary unless you plan to pitch your idea to investors or seek other forms of outside funding. However, reviewing several business plan templates can be a good exercise to help you understand your target customer, goals, business model, costs, and growth plan. Learning how to run a jewelry business is also beneficial for you.

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What do you need to understand to understand how to make jewelry? Whether you develop your products by hand or in a factory, in-house or outsourced depends on the complexity of the design, cost, materials and the level of skill required. In this section, we will look at how to make jewelry in four ways:

Handcrafting delicate, one-of-a-kind (OOAK) jewelry can be one of the most complex yet personal and versatile production methods. Depending on the materials and design, some fine and OOAK jewelry manufacturing methods require special training/certification and expensive equipment. If you’re wondering how to start a handmade jewelry business, you may want to explore some of these methods, including:

If you’re not sure which route you want to take, consider starting with free online tutorials. Once you know what field you want to study, you can invest in paid courses or apprentice with an experienced master to improve your skills.

How To Start Your Own Jewelry Brand

If you want to know how to start a handmade jewelry business without investing time and effort into new skills, there are other options. Handmade jewelry often involves combining existing items – chain, wire, beads, cast necklaces, etc. – and requires no special training or equipment other than basic hand tools.

How To Create Your Own Jewelry Line By Emilie Shapiro

This type of business is easier to scale because you can buy products in bulk and create models for assembly by hired production staff.

If there are parts of your design and manufacturing business that bring you joy—not the actual job of making jewelry—outsource or hire other roles to increase your creative workload. Corrine, the founder of Biko, reaches out to local universities with well-known fashion communication programs to find her interns. “I’m never looking for someone who’s interested in design,” he says. “What I need is someone to help me free up my time so I can design more.”

Rather than making the jewelry yourself, you can have someone else make your creation. This is not ideal for fine, custom or OOAK jewelry, but can be cost effective for large fashion jewelry. If you want to know how to start a jewelry business from home, there are two main options for outsourcing to wholesalers:

If you are outsourcing to a manufacturer, you will need accurate sketches or 3D renderings of your designs. Depending on your level and budget, there are several options for you:

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The easiest way to produce is to upload your designs to a print-to-order application. Your original creations are 3D printed or recreated in stainless steel, wood, plastic, gold or silver and shipped directly to your customers.

If you choose to make jewelry at home, you and your team will need workshop space. Consider the following when installing this space:

“The jeweler’s bench, the flexible shaft, and your safety will be the most important considerations,” says Gillian, founder of Canadian jewelry brand Hawkly. “A flexible spindle is a great, versatile tool that you can use to drill, finish and polish parts.” He also advises wearing a face mask and goggles – and those with long hair should pull it back to avoid getting caught.

How To Start Your Own Jewelry Brand

If your production team is larger or your requirements are a little more complex, such as metalworking or silversmithing, consider an out-of-home sales area. If your startup budget exceeds your budget, find co-op studio space or split the cost of space and equipment with other creators. Gillian shares her studio with two other companies.

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Sharing the space will also help you deal with the contractor

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