How To Start Your Own Home Care Business

How To Start Your Own Home Care Business – If you’ve always dreamed of starting your own home-based business that could give you financial freedom and control over your life and future, then this might be the most important letter you’ve ever read!

10,000 baby boomers a day will turn 65 – every day between now and the year 2030. By 2030, there will be more than 70 million Americans over the age of 65 – one in five Americans!

How To Start Your Own Home Care Business

How To Start Your Own Home Care Business

These seniors will live longer and have more money to spend, thanks to a period of prosperity during their working years. More than 80 percent of older people own their own homes and plan to live in them as long as possible.

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But with aging can come chronic health conditions or temporary medical emergencies, such as a declining disability, that may require assistance to stay in the home. Providing this assistance to the rapidly growing population of seniors requires an army of senior caregivers, who can assist with daily tasks at home that may be difficult or impossible for many seniors, such as cooking, light housekeeping, shopping and errands.

Often, as little as 3 hours of daily assistance can allow seniors to live in their own home longer, which is the preferred choice for 90 percent of them. At home, they are able to maintain privacy, dignity and independence.

“Last year I bought your nursing home guide. At the time I was working for a local domestic service agency for $12 an hour. Thanks to the great advice in your guide, I was able to start my own home service business, with rates of $28 per hour. Now I’m so busy I’m turning customers away.” Jennifer Curtis – Pennsylvania

Staying at home also benefits the elderly’s children, the “sandwich generation”, who also have to work and raise their own children. With the help of an elderly care provider, visits to the parents can be more about quality time together than having too many responsibilities to handle at each visit. It is less stressful for both the elderly and their adult children.

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“Helping seniors live in their own homes affordably is more than a business – it’s a community service!” US. Council on Aging

Due to the rapid growth of the senior population, home care is the fastest growing segment of the entire US healthcare industry. Rising healthcare costs are also fueling the growing demand for more affordable home care. Leaving the hospital earlier or avoiding a nursing home stay is more economical if all the senior needs is help with daily activities.

A non-medical senior home care business is easier to start than a home health care business since it does not require skilled caregivers, such as nurses. This is why only 28 states out of 50 currently have licensing and registration requirements for starting a non-medical home health care business.

How To Start Your Own Home Care Business

To get started in this rapidly growing field, you need a detailed step-by-step system to help you on your way to claiming your share of the $20 billion spent on senior home care each year. The market for home care, also called “non-medical” home care, is huge and growing every day as more baby boomers turn 65.

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I read the book in two days, and started my new senior care business in just two weeks, with your help! The guide is a great reference tool, and worth 10 times the small price you charge. Maria Rodriguez – Kansas

Now is the time to start, while the field is still open. A senior home care business is recession proof, provides a steady income and can be started with just a few hundred dollars. Since this is not medical treatment, you do not need special medical training or classes.

Non-medical home care is the fastest growing segment of home care, with high demand due to millions of older people getting older. There is a lot of money to pay for senior home care, as 80% of senior clients are private wage earners. And the pay is solid too, with a national average hourly wage of $26, up to $40 an hour in big cities.

I cannot thank you enough for your latest book on elder care. It was very valuable to me when I started my own business. Judy Denton—Maine

How To Start A Private Home Care Business

If you’ve dreamed of starting and running a profitable business that improves people’s lives and are a caring, compassionate person, take the first step by reading Start Your Own Senior Home Care Business.

Starting your own home service business doesn’t have to be difficult. The expert advice you’ll find in the guide will help you reduce risk, overhead and start-up costs. Here are just a few of the techniques, tips and secrets you’ll discover:

In the resource chapter of the guide you will also find the essential forms you need to be successful – a new prospect form, a service agreement, a weekly schedule, a client assessment form and a non-medical treatment plan.

How To Start Your Own Home Care Business

You can find similar forms for sale elsewhere online for $30 to $50 each! But instead of paying $150 or more for the forms, these ready-to-use forms are included as a bonus at no extra cost, and you can customize them for your own use.

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A non-medical senior home care service is an ideal business for those who want to help others, be in control of their own lives and have a stable, reliable income, no matter what the economy does.

Start Your Own Senior Home Care Business covers everything you need to get your business profitable from the start. Each chapter is packed with useful information, trade secrets and tips from experts. There’s never been a better time or easier way to start your own home care business for the elderly. The guidebook shows you step by step how to get started and start making money next week. The new second edition is now available, with more than 30 pages of additional information. To make it affordable for you to get started, you can purchase a 108-page e-book for $7.95 (you can read the book instantly on any smartphone, tablet or computer) or a print copy for just $15.95. At that price, anyone can take the first step in starting their own nursing home service. Click here to order your copy on today.

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