How To Start Starbucks Franchise

How To Start Starbucks Franchise – Starbucks is a world famous premium coffee brand. Over the years, the company has become one of the biggest names in the coffee industry. No other company enjoys such popularity. If you are interested in this company, you have a lot of money to invest, you can invest in Starbucks, Starbucks is the best coffee brand in the industry.

Starbucks is an American company and a world famous chain of coffee shops. The company was born in Seattle, Washington in 1971 through the efforts of three college students, Zev Sigiu, Gordon Bowker and Jerry Baldwin. Starbucks launched the second wave of coffee in the world. It is currently available in 78 countries and six continents.

How To Start Starbucks Franchise

How To Start Starbucks Franchise

Starbucks franchise is gaining popularity in India as it is spread across multiple cities. Indians are big fans of premium international brands of tea, coffee and other beverages. A large part of the population is a daily consumer of tea and coffee. Coffee is the first thing many people need in the morning before starting their day.

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If you are passionate about beautiful coffee shops and can invest heavily in the business, you should consider Starbucks as an alternative. The popularity of the brand is unmatched by any other brand and is known for its premium drinks. Now, let us understand their business model in detail and further discuss the cost of setting up a Starbucks franchise in India.

Starbucks has 191 stores in India. It entered the Indian market in January 2012 with a joint venture with the Tata Corporation named “Starbucks, Tata Alliance”. Since then he has been opening company stores in various locations in India. These two industries are united by their passion for tea, coffee and other innovative beverages.

First, you need to understand the company’s non-franchise model. Franchising Starbucks is the opposite of the franchise model, and cities have their own rules for opening chain stores. You can’t easily approach Starbucks in the usual way like other franchises.

They have a unique policy in the global franchise business because the company does not offer franchises to anyone. Managing a Starbucks franchise is a challenging task. The company needs high quality and professional workforce.

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Starbucks has partnered with Tata, an amazing brand in India. Tata Starbucks opened its first store in India in October 2012 and now has 136 stores across the country. Tata Starbucks Private Limited, popularly known as Tata Starbucks Limited, promotes Starbucks in India. It is a 50:50 joint venture company owned by Tata Consumer Products and Starbucks Corporation.

Currently, the joint venture group has plans to expand into the Indian market. Additionally, Starbucks coffee is exclusively available on all Vistara flights, a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines.

Today, franchising is the way many large companies choose to grow their business. In this method, investors, called franchisees, pay a certain amount to a company in exchange for the company’s proprietary know-how, trademarks, and formulas. Franchisees use the company name to operate their business.

How To Start Starbucks Franchise

Howard Schultz of Starbucks decided against the franchise model in order to protect the quality of the coffee and have proper control over the entire business. The decision is a good one for the company as Starbucks has grown by leaps and bounds in the coffee industry, aided by excellent customer service and creative marketing.

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Howard Schultz sees franchisees as middlemen because he doesn’t want them to come between the company and the client. He believes that the most important thing is the interaction between customers and employees, it is necessary to train employees not only to prepare coffee, but also to interact with customers so that each customer receives a personalized experience at home. .

You cannot open your own Starbucks coffee shop because Starbucks does not offer any franchise. But there is an option to use Starbucks franchised stores in India, which means your store is still owned by Starbucks. Franchise stores receive assistance from the company in interior design, menus, equipment, promotions, site visits, training and support.

Although franchising helps the company grow, Starbucks prioritizes licensing for better control over product quality and service.

You need a license to open a Starbucks store because they do not grant franchise to individuals, only proper control and dominion over the business by providing the most valuable service. You need a license, experience, investment, skills, etc. to open a Starbucks franchise in India. Starbucks has been a strong competitor for Coffee Day, the number one coffee shop in the world and the best coffee shop in India.

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Starbucks Secure “A Tata Alliance” proposed franchises are accepted only if the tenant meets all franchisee requirements. Knowing the requirements in advance can make your process easier and it is essential to go through it, it is like a checklist that can give you a chance! These are some of the basic requirements mentioned in the next section!

Just like every business you enter has certain requirements to enter it, you also have certain requirements for a Starbucks franchise store. Requirements such as location, mindset, skills, experience, etc. These are just a few examples. Every franchise has different requirements and so does Starbucks!

Starbucks is present in all popular locations in India where there is potential for more customers. So make sure you start with a location that is big enough to generate good sales.

How To Start Starbucks Franchise

You can’t start a strong business with zero skills, you need skills to run a business. Every successful business is built on skills, so make sure you have them before you walk into a Starbucks store. These are the skills needed to open a Starbucks franchise:

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Before that, you should know that Starbucks only accepts entrepreneurs who have experience in the restaurant industry. Additionally, candidates must first run their own multi-site business.

There is no such application procedure or form for Starbucks franchise in India, but you can contact Starbucks through the contact details provided on their official website. There is no application form or anything on the website, but you can contact them by writing an email. Starbucks has a dedicated subdomain page for career options such as jobs, internships, store managers, retail and non-retail careers, and more.

Starbucks mainly serves coffee and food, giving customers an atmosphere to take a break from their busy schedules. On the food side, they offer baked goods, sandwiches, wraps, salads and muesli, desserts and more. In terms of the following drinks, they offer Iced Fresh Brew Coffee, Cream Frappuccino, Cold Brew Coffee, Espresso, Coffee Frappuccino, Teavana Tea and more.

According to Business Insider, the average rent for a Starbucks store in India is Rs 6 crore. Since a person can choose a Starbucks franchise store, they cannot enter without business experience or experience, so to get a license, they must first have experience in the food industry. the need. by Starbucks.

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I only mentioned Rs. 600,000, Business Insider reported in February 2020. Rent can go up or down, and there are other things that can cost you besides rent that I haven’t mentioned because there’s no reliable information on that. Internet.

The company does not follow the usual franchise business model. However, you can send a written request to their website to open a store in India, as no one can open a Starbucks coffee shop on their own. They need to get permission from the company to open franchise stores in India. Starbucks created these guidelines to maintain store ownership and control business management.

The company itself helps set up each licensed store and manages the menu, promotions, interior design, equipment, site visits, support and training, among many other aspects. This is why Starbucks focuses more on licensing than franchising; Starbucks needs to control the quality of service and product.

How To Start Starbucks Franchise

The main goal of the company is to balance the premium quality of coffee, not to open more stores. In addition, the brand has successfully entered the Indian market.

Starbucks Coffee Sign, A Successful Coffee Franchise. Photo Is Taken At Cebu, Philippines Stock Photo

There’s no real data online to refer to, but according to a report by Kotak Institutional Equities on Business Insider, a single Starbucks store in India generates over Rs 93,000 per day and around Rs 2.79 lakh per month. Starbucks India’s average annual revenue is Rs 3 crore.

Tax, rent you have to pay, in expensive places the rent is usually higher, plus there are other taxes that will cost you, but I don’t have specific information due to lack of proper sources.

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