How To Register A Business Name In Kentucky

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How To Register A Business Name In Kentucky

How To Register A Business Name In Kentucky

This post is for information only. It is your responsibility to review and use this information appropriately. This content does not contain and is not intended to provide legal, tax or business advice. When requirements are updated, you should do your own research and consult with legal, tax, and business advisors, if necessary. Businesses outside of Kentucky may have different procedures and requirements. To sell products using the platform, you must comply with the laws of your business and customer jurisdiction, our Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and other applicable policies.

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Kentucky offers a diverse and varied business environment, from the cities of Louisville and Lexington to the mountain communities of Appalachia.

New entrepreneurs can take advantage of the Bluegrass State’s location, international shipping options, and below-average labor costs. It also has the Kentucky Small Business Tax Credit Program, which offers small businesses tax credits of up to $25,000 per year.

The first step to starting a new business in Kentucky is to come up with a viable business idea. Do you sell products, services, or both? What makes your offer different? If you’re confident you’ve created a solid project, ask yourself the following questions:

With a Kentucky business in mind, it’s time to choose a business name. Create a short and memorable name that describes what you sell. Here are some other rules and tips for choosing a good business name in Kentucky:

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Every business needs a solid business plan to determine how the company will run and make money. A successful business plan describes what your business will do and includes thorough market research, organizational structure, product and service descriptions, customer and market information, as well as marketing, logistics, and financial strategies. You can write this plan yourself, use a template, or prepare a template.

There are many business structures to choose from when setting up a Kentucky business. Each has different advantages in terms of personal liability, ownership, taxes, and financing, and some types are better for different company structures. Here are the differences between the three main structures:

Once you’ve chosen a formal business structure for your Kentucky business, you can register for a federal employer identification number, or EIN. EINs are issued by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS). State and federal tax authorities use EINs to identify businesses and track taxes. Applying for an EIN online through the IRS website is free.

How To Register A Business Name In Kentucky

With an EIN, you can incorporate a new business in Kentucky. Sole proprietors do not need to complete this section but LLCs and corporations must be formally incorporated. Register your business through the Kentucky Secretary of State’s One Stop business portal. The form varies depending on the business structure:

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LLCs and corporations in Kentucky must file an annual report with the Secretary of State’s office, which requires a $15 filing fee.

Kentucky does not require a statewide business license, but some businesses require special licenses or permits to operate legally in certain areas or fields. In some cases, more than one license or permit is required. Contact your local government office to find out if your county or city requires a business permit. One Stop Kentucky’s database offers occupational licensing resources to help you decide if you need a special or specialized occupational license.

Purchase insurance to manage risk and get the right level of liability protection for your Kentucky business. Standard insurance packages in Kentucky include:

In addition to insurance, you may need to invest in a new Kentucky business. This may include professional or contractual fees, such as lawyers and accountants, or the payment of certain digital services, such as social media management, website development or hosting. You will need money to rent space if you are going to operate a brick-and-mortar store or ship through a warehouse. There are business resources available to help you raise funds and pay for some of those startup costs. You should also consult your bank to set up a business account to manage your business expenses and manage your cash flow.

Free Kentucky Name Change Forms

Once your Kentucky business is done, speed up your marketing. Create a marketing plan to grow your business in Kentucky and beyond. Here are some ways to market your business:

At least, it costs $40 to form an LLC and $50 to form a corporation in Kentucky. You may also be subject to certain business licenses, depending on where you operate and the nature of your business. If you’re planning to hire an employee, you’ll need to purchase workers’ compensation insurance, pay the $15 annual reporting fee, and consider other startup costs.

If you choose to form an LLC in Kentucky, you must file Articles of Organization. The company must file Articles of Incorporation. The Secretary of State’s office will provide more information about the documents that must be submitted with the document.

How To Register A Business Name In Kentucky

Kentucky is a great place to start a business. It offers cheap utilities and projects, some of the lowest costs in the US, and a variety of financial incentives, including a progressive tax program that will increase the availability of new businesses.

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Incorporate In Kentucky

To start a company in Kentucky, you must do three things: choose a registered agent, choose a name for your business, and file Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State. You can submit this document online or by mail. There is a minimum fee of $50 for submitted documents. Submitted to the state, this document establishes your Kentucky business.

Pursuant to KRS § 14A.4-010 (2019), every Kentucky corporation must appoint a registered agent. You don’t need to hire a registered agent, but if you do, your registered agent should put his address on your documents somewhere to ensure confidentiality.

If you are starting a new business, you probably already know what you want to name your business. But you should know that your good name is available. To find out, visit the Kentucky SOS Business Entity Search and search until you find the right name for your business.

How To Register A Business Name In Kentucky

Once you know who your registered agent is and your company name, you’re ready to file your Kentucky Articles of Incorporation. Follow our submission instructions below:

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Learn more about each of the requirements of the Articles of Incorporation below. Remember that any information you provide will be part of the public record at all times.

Your name cannot be the same or the same as any other business registered in the state. Your name must include “Corporation,” “Incorporated,” “Company,” or “Limited,” or an abbreviation of one of those words. Tip: Many companies are simplified to “Corp” or “Inc.”

List the number of shares you want to create. You need to make one part. Tip: Are you interested in multiple classes or series of shares? You cannot use standard forms; you must write your own documentation so that you can define rights and restrictions for each class or sequence.

Your registered office is the Kansas street address – not a post office box – where your registered agent receives legal notices for your business. For registered agents in Kentucky, you can list a resident (such as yourself) or a business that provides registered agent services (such as Northwestern). Tip: Instead of listing your own address, Northwest will be listed here when you pay.

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This is the address where you will receive official mail (other than the legal notice-which goes to the registered agent). Tip: Keep it simple with one address for all your letters. Rent Northwest as a residential customer you can use a Kentucky address for your mailing address.

Your company signs and files the Kentucky Articles of Incorporation. Your company has no directors, officers, or people in your company – only people you authorize to sign your documents. Companies must include their name and mailing address. Tip: We are a company when you hire North Carolina to form a Kentucky business.

Check this box if your business is 51% unencumbered by one or more veterans (if 51% of its shares are owned by one or more veterans). Kentucky allows military businesses to waive the filing fee for business incorporation.

How To Register A Business Name In Kentucky

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