How To Become A Business Strategist

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If you’re an entrepreneur trying to build, develop or grow your business, it can be a bit confusing not knowing where to turn for help. We’ve all been told that the most successful business owners don’t do it alone, but what are the best resources to help you get there?

How To Become A Business Strategist

How To Become A Business Strategist

Coming out can feel like a confusing and scary act, so some of us just give up on asking for help.

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I also hired one, only to find that it wasn’t exactly what I needed. It is also bad on many levels:

When I first started this job, I struggled for the longest time with what to say to myself. I would say I’m a bit of a coach, a bit of a mentor. These are terms that people are familiar with, but neither feel like they capture the essence of what I really do.

A strategist, on the other hand, is something that people don’t know as much about, but once I leaned on that term, I and my clients felt that the description it was perfect for me.

Confused about the difference, I can only imagine how confused people are trying to hire us! So in the table below, I have explained how I define the difference between a strategist, a consultant and a coach, in the hope that it will help you find the kind of support that will take your business forward very much.

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Keep in mind that due to confusion about these terms, some providers of these services may use them differently, perhaps even in combination. For example, since starting my business, I have expanded beyond strategic services and now provide consulting on branding, websites and operations. A good friend of mine who is a certified coach said that I also incorporate a lot of coaching techniques to help my clients develop strategies.

But I’ve found that most experts generally fall squarely into one of these three categories, making it a good starting point for finding what you need. about you (and even how you talk about your services). If that doesn’t work, follow the instructions to make sure you get the type of support you need most.

Strategists, consultants and coaches have unique and important skills and techniques that help people do different things at different times and for different reasons. That’s why it’s so important to hire the right people (and why I’m not happy with the results when I’m not).

How To Become A Business Strategist

Strategy usually involves setting goals, identifying tasks to accomplish them, and mobilizing resources to accomplish the tasks.

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How are we going to compete in this business? In other words, a business strategy can help you answer the big questions about what your business does, for whom, how, and why, and help you develop a plan to achieve those things. to achieve

An expert or experienced professional in a particular field with extensive knowledge of the subject.

A form of development in which an expert (called a coach) supports the learner or client

To me, the biggest confusion is between a business strategist and a business coach. The articles I found most helpful were these explanations from She Hustles, which draw the difference in detail: Design A Better Business: New Tools, Skills, And Mindset For Strategy And Innovation: 9781119272113: Van Der Pijl, Patrick, Lokitz, Justin, Solomon, Lisa Kay, Van Der Pluijm, Erik, Van Lieshout, Maarten: Books

Be you (but they can guide you) or be a developer (but they can help you think and solve problems).

Don’t hire a consultant to teach you how to do something or help you do something if you don’t already know 100% what your strategy is.

Don’t hire a coach and expect them to tell you what to do or work with you to figure out every strategic detail of your business.

How To Become A Business Strategist

What happens when you hire the wrong kind of help

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When I was trying to build and grow my first business, I knew I needed help. Something is not working, but I’m not sure why. I am going back and forth on things and hope an expert can help me.

I tried a business coach first. Everyone always says you need a business coach. That could be (he could be a good coach), but it wasn’t what I needed at the time.

Want or how to deal with it. So I don’t know what questions to ask to get the help I need from this trainer. I could tell he wasn’t used to helping people with these kinds of issues (because that’s not what coaches usually do) and I often left our meetings feeling like I was just checking boxes instead of making progress. I still feel like I’m running in circles.

Eventually, I started trying different approaches to solve these problems myself. I’ll show him my work (or sometimes try a process in front of him) and let him verify that my idea makes sense. He always said yes and told me he was fascinated by the way I thought about things and the process I used.

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I hired a coach, but it became clear that I needed guidance to help me solve the problem strategically.

I also hired some consultants to help with specific areas of the business, such as content marketing. It quickly became clear that because my strategy was constantly changing, we were often not on the same page on how to approach my marketing through content creation.

They are doing the job, but something just doesn’t feel right and I don’t know why.

How To Become A Business Strategist

Some advisors will ask you hard questions about your strategy in advance so they can work effectively to achieve it. When you can’t answer these questions easily, it’s a sign that you need to do that hard thinking work first and then come back and hire them to implement it or teach you how to implement it e.

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Other advisors don’t even know to ask these tough questions (or don’t bother), and at that point you might end up dissatisfied with the job because you might not be on the same page (even though which you have the answers in your head ).

I nodded and hired both types of mentors (those who asked good questions and those who didn’t), but it became clear that I wasn’t ready for a mentor.

You know when you can’t find a solution, sometimes you create it yourself? That’s what happened to me.

The silver lining of these hiring mistakes is that I figured out how to guide myself through this strategic thinking process and I realized that I was pretty good at it! I reversed course with my first business and launched a second through my own strategy process.

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In developing a way to solve these difficult problems myself, I gained a better understanding of my special skills and how to use them and the process I developed to help others solve these difficult problems.

Just how your business should be approached on a big picture level or for the specific work you are doing. They help you define your vision and often the details that support that vision.

Once you have all the strategic details, you can choose to hire a consultant to help you

How To Become A Business Strategist

If you are at a stage where you can use a guide to help you solve difficult problems, it is time to hire a strategist and I would like to be your strategic thinking partner. I love working with both new entrepreneurs and experienced business owners who are ready to make a change to increase their income, reach or work enjoyment.

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My 3-step process helps entrepreneurs like you… stop spinning so you can run your business with the confidence of a boss

The next best option to working directly with a strategist is to use a guide created by a strategist. Here’s one I’m giving away for free to help you figure out what meaningful and fulfilling work looks like for you, so you can build your business around it. Download for free below.

Yes! I can’t wait to help you build a business you love! Check your email to download your free guide to help you identify meaningful and fulfilling jobs so you can start or upgrade your business.

I’m Stacy, a small business strategist who helps entrepreneurs like you understand your mission, increase your impact, and take the stress away so you can succeed with sanity.

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You are going to do important and wonderful things in this world, and I am here to help you do that. The world needs your unique brand of seed, so let’s find out what it is!

Yes! I can’t wait to help you build a business you love! New tips, tools, resources and strategies delivered to your inbox every Wednesday. business strategy in

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