Business Opportunities In South Africa

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Find out who is making waves in multiple industries and how they have managed to differentiate themselves in local and international industries.

Business Opportunities In South Africa

Business Opportunities In South Africa

“Disruption is about taking risks, trusting your intuition, and rejecting the way things should be. Disruption is more than advertising, it forces you to think about where you want your brand to go and how to get there,” he says. Richard Branson.

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South Africa has its fair share of startups and disruptors that are taking local and international industries by storm. From cutting edge technology to innovative products, and innovative businesses, here are 25 of the most successful business ideas in South Africa:

Spas do a business of about 9 billion a year. They are the mainstay of the urban economy, but the lack of credit, the risk of crime and the inability to compete with supermarkets are the biggest problems they face every day.

I Ndir Emerge’s award-winning app Vuleka taps into the shopping power of township shop owners, helping them order goods directly from manufacturers and benefit from extensive discounts.

“These things are cheaper than retail stores, so we save time and money,” says Brian Makwaiba, MD of I Am Emerge. “There are spaza shops that don’t have machines, we have young salespeople who take orders by hand.”

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I’m Emerge does all the work, including communicating with manufacturers, ordering warehouse space and delivering their purchases. The discussion of spaza shops includes the three largest townships in Gauteng: Alexandra with around 500 members, Soweto with over 4500 members and Tembisa with around 2,000 members.

Tuluntulu’s innovative technology manages low data speeds and video streaming together to keep audio in place. This disruptive innovation provides seamless video output, adapting to different bit rates without compromising each connected user.

The disruptive business is not only targeting this market, but is providing access to video content to users across Africa. The messaging engine is built to reduce the cost of entry where advertising is integrated into the video space. Tuluntulu uses a simple design to count a large number of viewers at the same time and when streaming individual videos.

Business Opportunities In South Africa

Over-the-counter construction projects are very popular in South Africa. As a result, projects are being built at much higher costs and in longer time frames than originally planned. Globally, cost and time ranges from 27% to 200%, according to Steven Golding of SSG Consulting.

Business Funding Opportunities For Entrepreneurs

Golding designed the KEY360 to handle large projects, on time and within budget. It does this by integrating 140 different business systems and processes with unlimited global availability, data validation and real-time reporting.

“Although we started project management as a startup business, and still are, KEY360 has so many business functions that we now serve many other industries.”

They recently launched the KEY360 app, which provides mobile access to the KEY360 platform and accelerates business processes by x 10.

Many people in South Africa have problems getting things delivered to their doorstep. In addition, we see that delivering to townships, rural areas and regions is difficult,” says Lars Veul, founder of Pergo. . in various stores throughout the country.”

Top 10 Small Business Opportunities For South African Youth

This logistics solution connects sellers with a large number of new customers who have a habit of not having a shipping address to deliver packages to. They enable their customers to have their parcels delivered when and where it suits them.

Pargo is a pioneering business because it is disrupting the postal industry, competing with the South African Postal Service. “What we want to do is enable e-commerce and connect people to other continents,” says Veul.

This high-tech company provides Africa’s first integrated, reliable rental platform for renters and landlords in SA. HouseME disrupts the agency model by providing complete automation of the rental process, including payment collection, marketing, rental placement and management operations.

Business Opportunities In South Africa

Ben Shaw, CEO and founder of HouseME says, “We are the first platform of its kind that truly serves both sides of the rental equation. This digital real estate platform also creates a fair and transparent pricing structure for the traditional pricing segment.

Uniquely South African Business Ideas

“What we’ve seen as making lending more efficient is a good example of how technology can cause disruption,” says Shaw.

“You have to ask: Is something right because it’s always been done a certain way? If that’s why we keep doing it, then it’s right to disrupt.”

In 2017, HouseMe secured a spot in Webber Wentzel’s Ignite Legal Incubation Program. It has doubled the size of the average regional office lease in the last 18 months.

Flip “N Roll is the new and latest innovation of Olympic Paints. This new concept in decorative paint is a paint bucket with a second purpose built into the paint tray. Their innovation is solving the problems faced by customers who have stains caused by traditional paint. The trays usually have one or two It has a liter capacity, which can create a waste when customers fill the tray.

South Africa: Political Unrest Leads To Business And Supply Chain Disruptions

Now the 20-liter container has a built-in tray that reduces waste and makes the job clean faster. Customers close the container when they need to tidy up—and any excess paint goes back in, reducing the amount of cleaning they have to do.

“The paint industry is very competitive with everyone doing the same thing. We thought, how can we be different? How can we be a little bit more innovative? How can we give our customers that extra edge that saves them money and saves them time. So. , we came up with this idea of ​​flip ‘n roll , where the tray is inserted into the paint bucket,” said Sejal Purbhu, founder of Olympic Paints.

“Most courses take years to complete. However, if you consider what you already know, and what you can do with that knowledge, your completion time can be shortened to months, weeks, or days. That’s the beauty. Recognition of the First Lesson. (RPL), the key; reliable, careful and quick assessment, says Passion4Performance founder and visionary MD Darrin van den Bergh.

Business Opportunities In South Africa

He goes on to explain that in 2017 one of their clients had 40 HR managers undergoing diploma training, which would take two years. Using the RPL concept, the average completion time was three months, with most managers completing the course in three weeks and one woman in three days.

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“80% of learning happens in the workplace. People learn by doing. When you go to training, you may already know a lot of things and therefore you only need one or two training modules to cover your skills.”

This is where Passion4Performance (P4P) comes in. “Knowledge is good, but knowledge tests don’t show what a student can do in a real situation. So, instead of taking a test, students go back to work. live environment.”

NewSpace Systems designs, develops and manufactures components for the USD200 billion design and launch industry, delivering to 15 countries on 5 continents. This innovative business is able to provide its customers with high quality products, while still paying low prices.

“Our customers are space agencies; NASA is one of our customers, universities, but mostly commercial customers, like Airbus,” says James Barrington-Brown, founder of Newsspace Systems.

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This innovative business was founded four years ago and has grown from 1 to 21 people. Since NewSpace Systems has not raised any foreign investors, they are growing at 30-40% per year, and are competing with some of the biggest names in the industry worldwide.

My online presence is a team of professional developers, who focus on designing and building systems to simplify complex business operations. This small business especially empowers their customers to have an online presence or create one from scratch.

They focus on creating the best custom software solutions for small, medium and large businesses at home and abroad. My online presence provides services in business analysis, consulting, custom software development and maintenance of custom-designed systems.

Business Opportunities In South Africa

They are building and developing iOS and Android mobile applications, customer relationship management software (CRM), integrated business solutions, content management systems (CMS), ecommerce solutions, as well as SMS and USSD services.

Pdf) Identification And Evaluation Of Business Opportunities: The Experiences Of South African And Ugandan Youth Entrepreneurs

In 2017, My Presence On The Internet won the National Small Business Champion Award given by the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC), in collaboration with prestigious events around the world.

This B2B sales application is used to manage sales people in the field. Skynamo gives field agents access to information, whether it’s customer information or past sales history. This technology also gives salespeople access to field agents, so they can

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