Business Ideas In The Philippines

Business Ideas In The Philippines – The best home food business ideas in the Philippines are making good profits for small entrepreneurs today. And you want to make a little income by selling food, don’t you? In the end, it’s a good idea because Filipinos really love a lot of different food. It goes without saying that food is a vital necessity for every person every day.

That’s why you want to know the best trendy food ideas for a startup. Something that is easy to sell and something that you can cook in your own kitchen. After all, you don’t need a full store or kiosk business setup to start making money.

Business Ideas In The Philippines

Business Ideas In The Philippines

Start by thinking about the most important food on the Filipino table: rice. And you have plenty of options for businesses that revolve around rice flour. Do it right and you will definitely succeed.

Top 5 Best Business Ideas In The Philippines

Your first option is a basic rice and side dish combination. Yes, you can sell your own side dishes like adobo, pork chops, fried chicken, afritada, etc. But selling them with rice gives your customers a lot of coin value.

You can sell them in a carinderia or buy some disposable plastic lunch boxes to offer packed lunches. It’s also a good idea to sell them with rice filling in large plastic bowls.

Now you can’t even rule out fried rice from the Homemade Food Business Ideas Philippines options. Think tapsilog, longsilog, tosilog, hocilog, etc. Selling these products is especially easy for students. But put them in disposable lunch boxes and you will definitely sell more of them because of the convenience.

Of course, you can sell snacks to satisfy your customers’ taste buds. Start with the popular pizza, burger, hot dog sandwich, french fries, siomai, siopao, spring rolls, cake and more.

Profitable Business Ideas & Opportunities In The Philippines

But also don’t miss out on Filipino delicacies such as biko, suman, bibinka, puto, kutchinta, sapin sapin and many more.

As the term suggests, street food is food that is commonly sold on the streets of the Philippines. These include barbecue, fish balls, peanuts, and even iso and balut, among many other options.

Yes, you can sell them on the street like other Filipino vendors do. But putting them in more presentable and unique packaging allows them to be sold elsewhere. Consider selling them on social media or presenting them at events.

Business Ideas In The Philippines

Filipinos also love coffee. And it’s perfect to have a cup when you want to prevent drowsiness, or paired with a delicious meal or snack.

Food Business Ideas For First Time Entrepreneurs In The Philippines

This makes the coffee ideal for students and workers in the Philippines. You can offer cups of homemade coffee and then have them delivered on demand. Or choose an entire coffee shop when possible. Another popular option is to rent a coffee machine.

The best thing about coffee is that there are different varieties. It doesn’t even have to be hot when the customer wants it, especially when they want a cup of iced coffee.

Speaking of cold cups, there are still plenty of options in the Philippines today that are cool home-cooked food business ideas. Iced coffee or the popular milk tea are just some of them. Some other good foods to consider are smoothies, smoothies, soft ice cream, snow cones, hard candies, halo halo, etc.

Even regular cold water, soda and cola sell well in the Philippines. And thanks for this warm climate.

Food Business Ideas

By the way, these products are great for sidewalks and bus stops. But most vendors don’t consider selling these cold treats next to food stalls. You will not compete with them. Instead, you will perfectly complement each other’s business.

Selling canned food here in the country is also a viable option. Think Tuyo, Daing, Bagun, Alige, etc. These are popular Filipino foods that are often sold in bulk if you know how to prepare them properly.

You can sell them in individual packages, as a set, or become a supplier to other food companies. For example, you can become a bagong vendor for green mango or carinderia vendors who sell bagong. Selling them in saree shops is also a good idea.

Business Ideas In The Philippines

Last but not least, consider selling pancetta or noodles. You have pansit palabok, miki, malabon, bichon, sottangon and mami among many other types of noodles for you to choose from.

Funny And Witty Business Names In The Philippines

Some of them may be sold as a side dish with rice flour, but panchata is best sold as a separate dish. They are also perfect as a snack or meal and almost everyone in the country loves noodles.

The food business here in the Philippines is definitely flexible and profitable. There is a really long list of choices from different food categories, and Filipinos’ love of food is sure to reflect on your customers. Choose just one or a few of these homemade food production business ideas near the Philippines today and start planning your business now!

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Small Business Ideas In The Philippines You Can Start Even With Low Capital

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Business Ideas In The Philippines

Herbal or organic products are becoming more and more popular these days. Many people are becoming aware of what they are using on their skin or body. They are looking for natural products that don’t use too many chemicals.

Best Profitable Business Ideas In The Philippines For 2019

(Scale, thermometer, blender, alkali measuring and mixing container, soap dough mixing container, heavy-duty plastic or silicone spoon and spatula, gloves and goggles, soap mold).

First, research what type or recipe you are going to be selling. Are you going to focus on just one recipe or multiple recipes? You can attend soap making workshops and workshops to learn the basics of soap making and the best way to make soap. Gather all the necessary tools and materials. Make your first soap and sell it to your target market.

For handmade soap, you can earn from 500 to 1000 pesos per lot (depending on how much soap you make). Once you find your market and are ready for bulk orders, this is where you can make big money.

Filipinos are one of the largest mobile phone users in the world. It is rare to see a person without a mobile phone. And what’s the use of a phone without load, right? This is a great idea, especially if you work in an office – you can be the friendly and reliable reloader in the group!

Small Business Ideas In The Philippines

Obtain a retail SIM card (Globe, Smart or Sun Cellular) from a third party provider in your area. You can also use a universal SIM, which means you can resell load on any network using just one SIM.

Who wouldn’t want a small store near their home, right? Is it a less expensive and more convenient option than 7-11 where they can buy basic groceries/commodities like coffee, shampoo, rice and some sodas? Interestingly, when done correctly, sari-sari stores have this

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