Business Administration For Beginners

Business Administration For Beginners – Business management is a broad discipline. And it’s a field with many amazing career opportunities for emerging business graduates. While a degree looks good on a resume, experience in the field is also necessary. Here are some great entry-level business management jobs.

Entry-level business administration is perfect for business graduates who want to gain experience. An entry-level position usually doesn’t require too much experience. And there aren’t as many responsibilities as mid-level or management roles.

Business Administration For Beginners

Business Administration For Beginners

Graduates who hope to start a successful career in business tend to start these jobs. So, in this post, we’ll dive into five entry-level jobs for business administration majors. Each of them is ideal for those with a degree in business administration.

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A Human Resources Assistant (HR Assistant) helps in the HR department of a company. They support the Human Resources Specialist. They do clerical work such as answering phones and writing correspondence.

Maintaining personnel records is another part of what a Human Resources Assistant does. This includes keeping track of employee address changes and performance reviews. Human Resources Assistants also help with recruiting. They post job ads and pre-screen candidates.

HR assistants usually notify applicants of the final job acceptance decision. And they can serve as a training assistant for new hires. They sometimes compile the job description of each role and write new procedures.

The average salary for Human Resources Assistants is $41,777 per year or $17.48 per hour. But the top 90 percent in this field can earn more than $60k a year.

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The annual salary in this role can also vary by location. Human Resources Assistants in D.C., for example, earn 20 percent more than the national average.

A social media marketing coordinator is a great entry-level job. They can also be called social media specialists. Their goal is to increase a company’s visibility through social media.

The main job of a social media marketing coordinator is to attract more business. They determine effective marketing programs and create fresh content for social media. They also coordinate promotional activities. They must have excellent organizational skills to keep track of each site. But the typical day for a social media marketer is never boring.

Business Administration For Beginners

The average salary for social media marketing coordinators is $41,285 per year. But it can vary significantly depending on the skills you have. Essential Linux Administration: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners: 9781435459564: Chuck Easttom: Books

For example, workers with knowledge of Google Analytics can earn up to $67,000 annually. And those with web design skills can earn up to $53,000. Social media marketing is a relatively new and rapidly growing field. In fact, the job growth rate through 2029 is expected to be six percent, which is higher than average.

Accounting clerks are part of a company’s accounting department. Their job is to help with clerical and administrative duties. They can find jobs in private and government agencies.

Generally, an accounting clerk handles basic office tasks. This includes reporting and accounting. Accounting Clerks also process accounts and receive payments. Other responsibilities include answering phones and producing financial reports. Of course, they must also keep accurate financial records.

According to Payscale, the average salary for accounting clerks is $40,382 per year. Over the next decade, 170,200 annual openings for accounting clerks are projected.

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Purchasing assistants support business operations. They are also referred to as Procurement Clerks. They order products or materials for a company. Often they report to a project manager.

The purchasing assistant also manages relationships with suppliers, suppliers or wholesalers. They keep track of supplies and products and restock as needed. They also track shipments from production locations to their destinations. They regularly run financial reports and inventory records.

The average salary for purchasing assistants is approximately $41,593 per year. But it can vary depending on where you live and work.

Business Administration For Beginners

For example, shopping assistants in Seattle make 20.1% more than the average. And those in New York earn 13.6% more than the national average wage.

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Executive Administrative Assistants provide administrative support to an office or company leader. Most executive assistants schedule meetings, keep records, plan events, etc.

Administrative assistants ensure that the office runs smoothly. Administrative assistants may supervise clerical staff. But they mostly work with senior leaders.

The average salary for Executive Administrative Assistants is approximately $53,109 per year. However, the base salary in this role can go up to $75,000 annually, depending on the company you work for.

Certain skills can also make you more marketable and thus increase your salary. This includes leadership, investor relations and more. Executive Administrative Assistants can work with private organizations or in public administration.

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These five entry-level jobs for business leaders are a great starting point. However, many other jobs are also suitable.

Here are some more entry-level business degree jobs that can also give you great experience in the field. These positions usually require a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

Sales managers oversee all aspects of a company’s sales process. They develop and implement sales strategies tailored to their team’s strengths. They interact with employees and potential customers. In short, they are the head of the sales team.

Business Administration For Beginners

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for sales managers is $127,490 per year or $61.30 per hour. Clearly, this is one of the highest paying entry-level business management jobs.

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The career prospects for sales managers are good. The projected percentage change in employment from 2020 to 2030 is a seven percent increase.

An insurer analyzes the risks associated with insuring assets and people. Then they determine insurance rates for accepted risks.

Financial Analysts help companies and individuals make smart investment decisions. They analyze market trends, news and strategy for a company. General tasks include financial reporting and assistance to the financial manager. Clearly, these professionals require strong analytical skills.

Financial officers are financial professionals who perform a variety of administrative tasks. This includes keeping financial records and handling accounts. They may report on investment activities or other financial information. Financial clerks must also report to the financial manager.

Salesforce For Beginners: A Step By Step Guide To Optimize Sales And Marketing And Automate Business Processes With The Salesforce Platform, 2nd Edition: Shaalan, Sharif, Royer, Timothy: 9781803239101: Books

Positions in this role are expected to decrease by two percent over the next decade. However, the career prospects are still quite good. 121,000 jobs will still be created every year until 2030.

Payroll officers ensure that employees are paid correctly and efficiently. They keep accurate records of wages and work activities of current employees. They are also responsible for keeping up-to-date tax forms.

Those with additional skills have the opportunity to earn more. Those capabilities include benefits administration, payroll tax compliance and others.

Business Administration For Beginners

Many accredited universities and colleges offer business administration degrees. And some of them offer fully online programs. This allows students to earn a business degree from home.

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Arizona State University (ASU) is a public research university. Located in Arizona, this school focuses on teaching, research and service. It was established in 1885 by the 13th Arizona Territorial Legislature.

ASU’s online Bachelor of Arts in Business gives students the critical thinking skills to work in business. And it prepares them for business administration degree jobs. Additionally, it prepares them for graduate business administration degrees.

Along with business principles, students learn to build strategies for the future. The curriculum for this bachelor’s degree focuses on management and value creation from a manager’s point of view. Some of the required courses are:

Located in Starkville, Mississippi State University (MSU) is a public land grant research university. It is formally known as the Mississippi State University for Agriculture and Applied Science. It enrolls more students than any other university in Mississippi.

Estate & Trust Administration For Dummies: Munro, Margaret A., Murphy, Kathryn A.: 9781119543879: Books

The university was founded in 1878 like Mississippi Agricultural & Mechanical College. The first class was offered in 1880. MSU participates in the National Sea Grant College Program (National Sea Grant College Program). It is also a member of the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program.

Mississippi State University offers an online bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. This bachelor’s degree teaches students to interact and collaborate in today’s global business environment.

Participants learn the ins and outs of various business aspects. For example, planning, organizing, leading, controlling and budgeting are covered. Students are also taught how to organize these resources. Some of the courses administered are:

Business Administration For Beginners

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (U of) is a public land-grant research university. It is located in Champaign and Urbana. Founded in 1867, it is the main university of the University of Illinois.

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Students can complete the Management, BBA degree program online. It is designed to teach students the skills to be problem solvers. It also teaches them how to be great communicators and forward thinkers.

A business major in this undergraduate program teaches that developing people is the best way to gain a competitive advantage. Some of the courses in the curriculum include:

Amherst, Massachusetts is home to the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass). It is the only public land-grant university in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The school was founded in 1863 as an agricultural college. And it is the flagship university of the University of Massachusetts system.

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The online Bachelor of Business Administration at UMass is very flexible. This program equips students with the tools to succeed in the business sector. The curriculum teaches business fundamentals and sustainability. It also covers social responsibility.

Students study subjects related to their majors. In addition, they take elective courses that complement their coursework.

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