Birthday Ideas For Friend In Lockdown

Birthday Ideas For Friend In Lockdown – Birthdays are kind of a big deal in my house. We usually celebrate by inviting some friends over, sharing great food and wine, and partying into the wee hours.

But when my husband Don’s birthday rolled around this year, we were in lockdown like everyone else – and creativity was called for. So the night before, I posted love poems around the house, baked his mother’s famous chocolate cake and organized a surprise Zoom birthday ritual with some close friends who held candles and sent him warm wishes.

Birthday Ideas For Friend In Lockdown

Birthday Ideas For Friend In Lockdown

Why go to all the trouble? As with weddings and other rituals, birthday parties are larger than one person. They bring friends and family together and strengthen the bonds that are part of our society. They remind us that we are not alone in the face of our own mortality. They’re a good excuse to eat cake.

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We will all be celebrating a birthday (or maybe two or three) under the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. While this is easy, we may not be willing to risk large social gatherings. Although some don’t mind if birthdays go unnoticed…

In a study in the UK, researchers asked people to describe their birthday celebrations and how the celebrations affected them at two points in time.

They came to some interesting conclusions: the rituals associated with birthdays, such as giving cards and gifts, or sharing cakes or meals, give them meaning and meaning. They convey a sense of “collective continuity,” meaning that we all move through life together, making us feel less focused on our individual aging.

Birthday parties also make us feel loved, which can be a fun way to improve our mental health, especially during stressful times. And birthdays can be especially important for children, as they help them understand the concept of aging, increase their self-esteem, and strengthen their sense of belonging to their family.

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Birthdays (and other temporary markers) can also be opportunities to re-evaluate our lives. Research shows that birthdays motivate people to make meaningful changes, such as: B. to exercise more or to eat healthier, and to pursue more conscious goals in life. Birthdays seem to help us to leave our “old selves” behind in favor of a future, evolving selves, which helps us move forward on our life path.

Of course, birthdays often give us an opportunity to participate in shared rituals: emotional group gatherings that can help us move beyond the present moment and deepen our connection with others. Research shows that sharing rituals makes us feel part of a larger social identity, suggesting that losing those rituals can be hard for us.

So what can we do to congratulate people during this time and hold on to these benefits? Here are some guidelines you can follow.

Birthday Ideas For Friend In Lockdown

Birthdays are an opportunity to let people know that they are special to you. So I wanted Don’s friends to express their appreciation for his birthday. It brought more meaning and emotional resonance to Zoom’s otherwise mundane social hour.

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Amber M., from Novato, California, didn’t expect to do much before her 31st birthday and was only suspended for two weeks. But her sister, daughter and niece threw a birthday car parade, with friends driving through their neighborhoods in cars decorated with signs and balloons, blaring their radios or hanging out of their sunroofs to serenade her as they listened to her front yard watched. Some threw away their thoughtful gifts like potting soil and toilet paper, which were hard to come by in the early days of lockdown.

“It was one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to me in my life,” says Amber. “It just made me so happy.”

Later, Amber was surprised to find that this declaration of love also had an impact on her neighbors. Many of them wanted to get to know her and her husband better, assuming that someone who inspires such enthusiasm for a birthday must be nice and closer.

The parade was filmed and posted on Facebook, meaning she could see it whenever she felt the pandemic was dragging her down in the months that followed.

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“Any time I feel down about not being able to see friends and not be able to do the things I want to do, I just look at that and it lifts me up,” says Amber.

Birthdays are first and foremost an opportunity to let people know that they are part of a community of caring people, which is what made Amber’s party so special. Because we feel most connected when we’re close to one another, it’s a good idea to actually bring people together in person, even if they have to maintain a physical distance.

Seventeen-year-old An-lin S., from Flemington, New Jersey, threw a driveway party where friends gathered at the birthday boy’s house and hung out together, chatting, gossip, and sharing cake. Although the girls stood six feet apart and often wore gloves and masks, being together let the celebrant know she mattered.

Birthday Ideas For Friend In Lockdown

“As people, we need to be together,” says An-lin. “As this was the first time everyone had been out of the house to socialize, it was special.”

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While 20-year-old Aidan G. of Kensington, California, was coming home from college due to COVID, his girlfriend shot a video of college friends wishing him a happy birthday and sharing their appreciation, which really touched him. Later, his mother invited six local friends to stop by the house and hang out in the front yard to sit around a campfire and make s’mores.

“My birthday was surprisingly fun, better than I expected because I felt connected to people despite everyone having to social distance,” says Aidan. “I was reminded that people cared about me.”

Surprises can give people a boost of energy and a sense of vitality, which can be especially helpful during this time. So, for her son’s 14th birthday, Anne S. of Berkeley, California invited his friends, family and some teachers to send in a video clip of herself wishing him a happy birthday. She also asked her eldest daughter to put it together in a fun slideshow with music to share with him on his actual birthday.

Angela J., of Los Angeles, California, attended a surprise Zoom birthday for a Philadelphia-based aunt who turned 90. More than 80 relatives and friends from all over the country joined the call, congratulated and paid tribute to their aunt. A cousin even made a special online presentation for the call with live and recorded music, dance performances and poetry.

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Of course, the most important thing when creating a party is knowing what the birthday recipient likes and dislikes—and what matters most to them. It may take a little extra organizing during lockdown to do something that resonates with the revelers while also keeping everyone safe from harm.

Still, it makes sense to stick to these kinds of celebrations during COVID. The loss of social rituals can be detrimental to our well-being, making us feel less connected to others and less united in our purpose. Continuing with important rituals, like celebrating birthdays, on the other hand, can build positive feelings, social bonds, and a sense of control over our lives that we need during this stressful, uncertain time.

Become a subscriber today. Help us continue to bring “the science of meaningful living” to you and millions of people around the world. In these strange and unprecedented times, most of us have had to adjust our entire lives. Whether that is WFH or living in isolation with little connection to the outside world as we knew it. It affects every area of ​​our lives, events such as weddings, communions and celebrations are canceled or postponed. I was recently contacted by a lovely lady looking for ideas for quarantine birthday gifts for her and her family, many of whom have birthdays in the coming weeks. We will most likely still be in some kind of lockdown and the way we give and receive gifts is so different now. We all need to think outside the box and get a little more creative. Below I’ve compiled a list of quarantine birthday gift ideas that I hope will add some joy to a birthday they’re sure not to forget.

Birthday Ideas For Friend In Lockdown

Without a doubt, technology and streaming services in particular have so far helped us overcome self-isolation. In fact, Netflix has reported more than 16 million new signups since the global lockdowns went into effect. Whether it’s Netflix, Disney+, AppleTV, Hayu and NowTV, there’s plenty to keep you entertained indoors. Concerts and festivals have been cancelled, but you can still listen to your favorite artists via Spotify, Amazon Music or iTunes. They are totally contactless gifts for everyone in the world.

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There’s nothing quite like getting an unexpected bouquet of flowers at the door from someone special. It’s also a great way to support a local florist. Here in Wexford we’re spoiled for choice, with LilyBloom and

Both still have a delivery service during this time. Bloom Magic will continue to be open for business as a

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