Birthday Ideas During The Pandemic

Birthday Ideas During The Pandemic – These are the sad consequences of the coronavirus pandemic – canceled festivals and events. Our friends with Aries, Taurus, and maybe even Gemini will not celebrate their birthdays in the same way!

My son Ryan has been looking forward to his birthday and birthday for months. (Yes, months!) Today she is four years old and she helped me choose her party theme and all the party supplies. Just like her mom, this baby LOVES to party! He is still young, so he doesn’t really understand what’s going on, why school is closed, or why he can’t go to the park with his friends. He was upset that his birthday party had to be canceled as well. But I told him that we were going to have a party—it was going to look different than what we had originally planned! (Challenge accepted, right?!)

Birthday Ideas During The Pandemic

Birthday Ideas During The Pandemic

So, here’s the important question… How do you celebrate your child’s birthday during a global pandemic? And how do you make it fun?!

Inside The Extra Pricey, Extra Fabulous Birthday Bashes That Guilt Ridden Dc Area Parents Are Throwing For Their Kids

I have some tips and ideas to share with you so you can celebrate all the fun times as a family and make our precious memories!

Decorate like a party! I know this seems like an easy thing to skip, but having party supplies like plates, cups, and napkins will help make it feel like a party! You want to do something different every day. What better way to make the day special than with fun and festive party favors?! You don’t need to buy enough paper for more than 20 guests, but you can buy enough to keep your family happy. Plus, party announcements go a long way in adding to the party spirit!

Here at The Graceful Host Party Store, I’ve created a variety of party kits! In this crazy season, I wanted to give my customers a really easy way to plan a party. Quarantine Party Kits are available for purchase, and if you don’t see a kit that fits your party theme or concept, please get in touch so I can create something special for you!

Or any dessert a boy or girl wants! Don’t skip dessert – after all, a party without cake is just a party, right? (

Creative Ways To Celebrate An 18th Birthday

) Get your kids involved in baking, or consider shopping at a local bakery, grocery store or restaurant – many are open this season and could use your support.

Balloons are like my secret weapon when it comes to party planning. They are cheap, but very effective! Balloons can provide a great infusion of color and create a fun and playful party atmosphere. To fill a room with balloons (in air), consider getting a bag of colorful balloons or a specific color of balloons! We love waking up our kids with a bubble shower, it’s a great way to start the day. Plus, the inflated balloons will take days (and days, days! I’m talking weeks, y’all!) so you’re creating fun opportunities that will last longer than the birthday party itself.

Also, check with your local balloon vendors and party stores as many people across the US are making special balloon deliveries after social distancing and social distancing! (

Birthday Ideas During The Pandemic

Children love to be active! You are ready for a fun event or game as if you are expecting several children!

Ideas For A Fun Birthday Party In Lockdown Mode

Or it’s a great opportunity for a game or event that would be impossible (or perhaps stressful) to do with a large group.

Technology is a huge blessing right now! Use Zoom, Google Hangout, or FaceTime for a virtual party. It’s a great way to safely include your grandparents! Schedule a time to sing happy birthday and send a text or email to your virtual guests so they can all call when it’s time to celebrate!

It’s so much fun to see the children’s faces light up on the big, colorful board in their backyard. These yard signs are made all over the US and are unmatched…so it’s another great way to entertain your child while supporting a local business! Plus, it’s a way to announce that your kids are having a special day, so get happy birthday wishes from passers-by.

You’ve probably seen videos of parties happening because of the Coronavirus… I love this trend! Planning a car ride for family and friends, stand on your front step and wish your newborn daughter a happy birthday. Encourage your parade guests to sign autographs, maybe have your child sign a thank you note and get ready to wave like Kate Middleton!

Covid 19: Woman’s 90th Birthday Celebrated Through Nursing Home Window

A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook that I canceled Ryan’s birthday and wanted to shower him with a card to show him that people are thinking of him on his special day. I’m not usually one to make requests like this, but I’ve seen the power of social media first hand and thought I’d give it a try. Everything. I was just surprised when I answered! We’ve had a lot of cards in the mail the past two weeks! Like most children, Ryan loves letters. So I know it will bring him a lot of inspiration. I plan to put the cards and letters in the mailbox and pick up all the mail myself.

Do you party during your quarantine? Visit our party store or send us an email – I’d love to help you create a unique party!

Get the latest news, tips and ideas from The Graceful Host straight to your inbox! Saint Host is committed to sharing our passion for creative event planning and beautifully planned events. But I like to share tips and advice to help you create an unforgettable party, from everyday gatherings to epic events. “I felt like a princess,” said Georgia Steffan, who turned 8 in June. He waved and smiled to family, friends, classmates and teachers during the hour-long motorcade organized by his mother, Janine, who lives in Olmsted Falls.

Birthday Ideas During The Pandemic

Janine Steffan explained: “Georgia’s birthday was right after school in the summer. “Usually we have a pool party at our house, but due to circumstances, we decided to have a car show – Georgia got to pick out a new dress, my friend Christy showed off the balloons connecting platforms (public spaces don’t allow decorations. on the lawn), and I sent out invitations to friends and family on Friday night. Everyone was on board.”

Making First Birthday Memories In A Pandemic

After sharing the cake and gifts with her family, Georgia walked down the sidewalk to welcome guests to the parade, including more than half of her group. “Some passed her gift bags through car windows, and many people decorated cars, sang birthday songs, honked horns, and waved as they drove by,” said said Janine Steffan.

They were surprised when the neighbors joined in the celebration, watching the parades, playing music and sending birthday greetings from their windows. “It made his day,” he said.

Have you been to a birthday parade? Regardless of your comfort level or preferences, there are some fun and creative ways to safely celebrate your events, real or hybrid. Here are eight more ideas to make your birthday child feel special.

With many siblings and a coordinating schedule, it can be difficult to focus on the wishes of one child, but choose a day to make the birthday child a star. Display photos of the children or favorite memories somewhere around the house, and have each family member write a letter or list what they liked about their birthday (eg 10 things for of 10 years). What makes your child happy? Let him choose everything from dinner, dessert, music to play, family activities for the day, movies, board games, playground or field trips. who. If you need to set limits, create a fill-in-the-blank schedule or menu of options, but save it for the child’s birthday.

Birthday Party Ideas For Kids Celebrating During The Pandemic

Prepare ahead of time a birthday box or takeaway, simple games like a bingo board and coloring pages to match your child’s chosen theme. For example, are you a fan of Blue’s Clues? Find tons of free printables, deals, and more online. Making “impressions” with paw prints

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