50th Birthday Ideas During Pandemic

50th Birthday Ideas During Pandemic – Birthdays are a big deal in my house. We usually celebrate it with a group of friends, sharing good food and wine and partying well into the night.

But when it came to my husband Dan’s birthday this year, we were on lockdown like everyone else and had to get creative. So, the night before, I put up love poems around the house, baked his mom’s famous chocolate cake, and threw a surprise Zoom birthday party with a few close friends holding candles and sending him heartfelt wishes.

50th Birthday Ideas During Pandemic

50th Birthday Ideas During Pandemic

Why go to all the trouble? Like weddings and other celebrations, birthdays are not just about one person. They bring friends and family together, strengthening the relationships that make up our society. They remind us that we are not alone in the face of our own mortality. They are a good reason to eat cake.

Making Birthdays Happy

We’re all going to celebrate a birthday (or maybe two or three) within the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Maybe we don’t want to risk large secular gatherings, even if it’s easier. While some people don’t mind birthdays going unnoticed,

United Kingdom In the study, scientists asked people to describe their birthday celebration and how the celebration affected them on two levels.

They came to some interesting conclusions: the rituals associated with birthdays – giving cards and gifts or sharing a cake or food – give them importance and significance. They create a sense of “collective continuity” — that is, a sense that we are all living together — which helps us feel less focused on our individual aging.

Celebrating birthdays makes us feel loved, which is a great way to boost our mental health, especially during stressful times. And birthdays are especially important for children, helping them understand the concept of aging while boosting their self-esteem and strengthening their sense of family.

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Birthdays (and other temporary milestones) can be a time to reevaluate our lives. Research shows that birthdays can motivate people to make important changes, such as exercising more or eating a healthier diet, and to pursue life goals more purposefully. Birthdays seem to help us leave the “old self” in favor of a future, evolving self that helps us move forward on our life’s journey.

Of course, birthdays often give us the opportunity to engage in shared celebrations: emotional group gatherings that help us transcend the present moment and deepen our connection with others. Research shows that shared rituals make us feel part of a larger social identity, suggesting that it is difficult for us to lose these rituals.

So what can we do to please people this time and keep those benefits? Here are some guidelines to follow.

50th Birthday Ideas During Pandemic

Birthdays are an opportunity to let people know that you are special. That’s why I want Dan’s friends to show appreciation for his birthday. It filled the usual zoom social times with more meaning and emotional resonance.

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Amber M. of Novato, CA; He wasn’t expected to do much for his 31st birthday, which came just two weeks after the lockout. But her sister, daughter and niece organized a birthday car parade, with friends driving around her neighborhood in cars decorated with signs and balloons, blaring radios or dangling from roof hatches, serenading her as she watched from her front yard. . Some threw away her thoughtful gifts, such as potting soil and toilet paper, which were hard to come by in the early days of the lockdown.

“It was one of the happiest things that ever happened to me in my life,” says Amber. – It makes me very happy.

Later, Amber was surprised to discover that this display of love had an effect on her neighbors as well. Many of them wanted to get to know her and her husband better, believing that someone who radiated so much enthusiasm for a birthday must be kind and approachable.

The parade was filmed and posted on Facebook, which meant she could watch it in the following months whenever she felt the pandemic was abating.

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“Whenever I start to feel bad about not being able to see my friends and do the things I want to do, I see this and it cheers me up,” says Amber.

Birthdays are all about letting people know they are part of a community of people who care, which is what made Amber’s party so special. Because we feel more connected when we’re in each other’s presence, it’s good to meet in person, even if people have to be physically apart.

Seventeen-year-old Anne-Lynn S. of Flemington, New Jersey; They threw a celebratory party that included gathering friends at the birthday girl’s house and hanging out together to chat, chat and share cake. Tell the celebrants that even though the girls stand six feet apart and wear gloves and masks most of the time, they are important because they are together.

50th Birthday Ideas During Pandemic

“As humans, we should be together,” says An-Ling. “Because it’s the first time everyone’s out of the house and socializing, it’s special.”

Why It’s Important To Celebrate Kids’ Birthdays During A Pandemic — And How To Do It

Aidan G., 20, of Kensington, California. Although he was home from college due to Covid, his girlfriend put together a video of his college friends wishing him a happy birthday and sharing their gratitude, which touched him deeply. Later, his mother invited six local friends over to the house and hung out on the front lawn, sitting around the fire and making s’mores.

“My birthday was surprisingly happy, better than I expected because I connected with people even though everyone was supposed to be socially distanced,” says Aidan. “I was reminded that people care about me.”

Surprises can make people feel a surge of energy and give a sense of vitality, which is especially useful at this time. So for her son’s 14th birthday, Anne S. of Berkeley, California, asked his friends, family and some of his teachers to send him a happy birthday video. She asked her oldest daughter to put it together into a fun slideshow with music to share with him on his actual birthday.

Angela J. from Los Angeles, California. Zoom attended a surprise 90th birthday party for her aunt who lives in Philadelphia. More than 80 family members and friends from around the country joined the call, expressing their congratulations and gratitude to her aunt. Cousin also created a special online presentation for the call, which includes live and recorded music, as well as dance numbers and poetry.

Celebrating During A Pandemic

Of course, the most important thing in creating any celebration is to know what the birthday boy likes and dislikes, and what is most important to him. It might take a bit more of a concerted effort to come up with something that resonates with celebrants during lockdown and still keeps everyone out of harm’s way.

Even so, it makes sense to hold such festivals during COVID. The loss of social rituals is detrimental to our well-being as we feel less connected to others and less united in purpose. Conversely, continuing important rituals, such as celebrating a birthday, can create the positive emotions, social relationships, and sense of control over our lives that we need during this stressful, uncertain time.

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50th Birthday Ideas During Pandemic

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50th Birthday Ideas During Pandemic

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