Top Gifts For Toddler Girl

Top Gifts For Toddler Girl – Christmas last year was a bit hectic because we had a new baby. I’m so excited this Christmas because E is so much more active even though he doesn’t fully understand what’s going on! Today I’m sharing the best gifts for kids, and this list works whether you’re giving your kids a Christmas gift or a summer birthday! These include the best toys, clothing options for 1-year-olds, and things that little hands will love. This list is primarily for little girls, but many of the items I’ve chosen can be for both boys and girls, and many come in different colors! And I included a bunch of our favorite toys in this list.

* Play Kitchen – I love that they made a version that fits easily in the corners! Pretend play is very popular with 1-year-old girls (and boys!) and I don’t think I know a girl who doesn’t love a play kitchen.

Top Gifts For Toddler Girl

Top Gifts For Toddler Girl

* Dress Up Station (for toddlers) – comes in 6 different colors with 2 storage drawers and is perfect for creative play! Having a simple station like this is a great way to teach them how to clean since everything is in one place.

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* Small Construction Bench – I don’t know if I’ve talked about this much on the blog, but when I was little my dad worked construction and did quite a few projects around our house, including building a sun porch and a second floor deck and stairs ! I had a little constructor when I was a kid (I actually saved it to give to my kids one day!) so this is a gift I would love to give a girl OR a boy. Toddlers love to do whatever they see their parents doing, so if you’re ever doing little projects around the house, I’m sure the little ones will think this makes a great gift!

* I’m dying for so many of these dollhouses! They make it very accurate, don’t they? I think this is my favorite. This is a little girl’s dream dollhouse! The perfect gift for outdoor play. We’ve had a dollhouse in our living room for a while and it’s so much fun watching her act out different scenarios like bath time with her dolls.

* Metal Shopping Cart – I love seeing little kids with little shopping carts at the grocery store and this is one they can keep at home! There are also plastic versions, but the metal ones seem to have a bit more weight and don’t tip over as easily.

* Personalized Name Puzzle – I’ve already ordered a few of these for the kids in our lives (sorry to spoil the surprise, friends!) because I think they’re so special. I love a good personalized gift and being able to choose a name and color also means you can really personalize these puzzles. It’s a great introduction to writing letters and their names, and the puzzles are also great for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Best Gifts For Toddlers

* Clothes are one of my favorite things to give away because I know kids grow up fast! (Really, I wear a different outfit every month!) I love this dog sweater , fun unicorn hoodie , old school tracksuit , and $25 designer cardigan . If you don’t know what size they are, buy something bigger. So, if the size doesn’t fit, they can grow there. (And they grow so fast!)

* Other ideas: musical toy, building blocks, shape sorter, soft doll or other developmental toys perfect for little hands.

What to avoid: For children under 3, avoid toys with small parts. Little fingers love small objects, especially putting them in their mouths! Also avoid interactive toys if you think they make funny noises.

Top Gifts For Toddler Girl

Growing up, our stockings always contained coloring books, crayons, stickers, and some items of clothing. I always enjoy hearing what other people did when they were kids! What did your family do? What other stocking fillers would you include for a baby?

Of The Best Toys And Gift Ideas For A 4 Year Old 2022

Gifts for him. Gifts for him. Gifts for babies. Gifts for babies. Beauty. Presents. Travels. Gifts for new mothers. Gifts and socks up to $25

Toddler Gift Guide: Best Gifts for New Moms 10 Best Holiday Toys for Under 5s 25 Gifts for a 3 Year Old Girl Some links on this page are affiliate links. When you make a purchase through an affiliate link, I earn a commission free of charge for you. See my full disclosure policy for all the gory details.

In this post, you will learn the best gift ideas for children! I guarantee your kids will love these for a birthday, Christmas present, or just for fun. How do I know?

The little one has been living in our house for the last 7 years. (Our four children were born within 5 years.) Our toddlers love the same basic toys as all of our toddler friends. First we had 2 girls, then 2 boys. Every little one in our house loves an item on this list, so most will work for little ones, too.)

What Are The Best Gifts For 1 Year Olds And 2 Year Olds?

In fact, many seemingly fun children’s toys were tossed aside while we rummaged through the toy bins for a certain mini backpack or stack of speakers. Therefore, only the best gifts are in this publication.

Your child doesn’t need a toy that screams the ABCs while they’re learning. In fact, children under the age of 5 learn mostly through unstructured play. (I homeschool and all of our kids learned to read by age 5.) You can do more research on your own another time, but I mention this for 2 reasons:

The items on my list below will likely be used by children of all ages for years to come.

Top Gifts For Toddler Girl

These are possibly my favorite toys of all time. Our kids never get sick of it and so far I’ve seen 6 month – 10 year olds use it in our house. So the big kid will love getting these as a holiday gift.

Best Gifts For 2 Year Olds: Toys For Boys & Girls

If your child already has a few magnetic tiles, it’s fun to add to their collection because as they get older, they’ll be interested in playing with more magnets. This is a great way to build a collection of the best toys.

Outside brands usually charge around $0.50 a piece, and Magnatile brand closer to $1.50. We have had several brands of magnetic tile and I don’t see enough of a difference between Magnatile and other brands to pay triple the price.

We’ve bought this particular set from Amazon four times over the years – haha! I prefer teammates to Picasso tiles… I find that Picasso tiles are easier to break.

Once we gave our kids these big items to make the collection more fun! They play with it all the time!

Best Toys For Christmas 2022

Our Duplo loves it so much! Duplo is a large version of Lego. Over the years we’ve had several brands of building block type toys (Mega Blocks, Fisher Price Builders, other brands’ look-alikes, Small Fat Brain Cubes, etc.)

The Duplo train and the classic box are two of my favorite starter sets for 1-2 year olds, and the big giant platform (from Target) makes up the Duplo collection.

More fun!! I recommend sticking to the brand of this toy. They are better together and other brands are not always compatible (even if they say they are).

Top Gifts For Toddler Girl

I can see a little girl or 2 building their hand eye coordination while having fun with little hands!! Learning through play is the way children learn!

Best Gifts For Kids 2023: Best Selling Toys, Clothes & Tech For Children

Every one of our kids (and every kid that comes to our house) has enjoyed playing with a stroller, grocery cart, or pushchair. The picture on the right shows the prams used for dolls and stuffed animals, but the picture on the left shows this situation most often… kids putting all the random things in and out of the toy, everything gets pushed around. finish, empty, fill, etc.

Yes! These push toys provide hours of fun for children ages 18+ to 5 years old. Sometimes my older kids even now play cute games with the younger kids who are willing to play and they will have a lot of fun with the car, the food. cart, etc.

Push toys are great for gross motor skills. Speaking of which, the following items are great gross motor toys!

Think: those giant ball cages you can get at Target or Walmart in the summer. Very funny! With one of these, our little one will play with himself for a long time. And when the game gets old,

Best Gifts For Kids 2022: Best Early Holiday Gifts For Toddlers, Kids

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