Top 20 Franchise Business In The Philippines

Top 20 Franchise Business In The Philippines – Whether you’re a breadwinner who sends your siblings to school, a parent with a growing family, or an employee who’s fed up with your boss, starting your own business contributes to financial advancement.

So if you have limited savings right now, you can start buying your own franchise. Having a franchise means buying and owning a perfect business concept.

Top 20 Franchise Business In The Philippines

Top 20 Franchise Business In The Philippines

You don’t have to go through the process of building a startup. If you’re not sure you have a product to sell, why not sell something that’s already proven?

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Working in a company is not enough to save money and ensure your bright future. It is highly recommended to invest your hard-earned money by franchising a reputable company in the Philippines.

The business owner (franchisor) gives the applicant (franchisee) the legal right to acquire the trade name, market the service or product, and operate the business for a one-time fee. Then you get all the income from your own franchise.

Don’t get overwhelmed when choosing your franchise business. We have listed the 10 best franchises in the Philippines for you.

Potato Corner was launched in October 1992. This has been one of their most popular grocery brands ever since. You can find it in schools, train stations, shopping malls, hospitals and amusement parks. Corner potatoes are also known as “The World’s Best Tasting Fries”.

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During its nearly 27 years in business, Potato Corner has received multiple awards including the 2003 Franchise Excellence Hall of Fame Award, Best Franchisee of the Year and the Global Franchise Award.

Potato Corner currently has franchises in Panama, USA, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Kuwait.

Prices depend on the type of business you want to franchise. However, due to the pandemic crisis, Potato Corner has suspended its franchise fee until the end of December 2020. Now you can choose between school carts, standard carts, customized packages, kiosks, online counters and online meals. In.

Top 20 Franchise Business In The Philippines

After reviewing your application, the Potato Corner team will schedule a site visit with you. You can do this on the same day that you sent all the application form requirements.

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Remember that you can postpone the planned on-site visit depending on the number of applicants arriving each day.

The application process can take a month. Once approved, you will complete training on the process and make your franchise business in the Philippines successful.

You will learn everything from preparing flavored fries to selling them at the best quality.

Applicants for Potato Wedge franchises should prepare the amount of capital they will need by selecting the type of business they wish to franchise.

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The success of the Siomai King franchise saw her appear in some of ABS-CBN’s prominent programs “Umagang Kay Ganda”, “Pangkabuhayang Swak na Swak” and a feature story in the Philippine Free Press and Entrepreneur Magazine. It was even called “Ang Hari ng Siomai” for its affordable but delicious siomai.

With 13 successful years in the franchise industry, Siomai King has sponsored ABS CBN TV programs such as It’s Showtime, Singing Bee, Bet on Your Baby and Gandang Gabi Vice.

It is the first and only franchise in the Philippines with 5 pieces of Siomai in a serving. Using the latest machinery, Siomai King Franchise aims to produce quality food products, particularly Shanghai, Hong Kong and Japanese Siomai, for as little as 28-30 pesos per serving.

Top 20 Franchise Business In The Philippines

Aside from Php 1,000.00 complimentary tasting products, complete operating supplies and full in-person training if you wish to obtain this franchise in the Philippines, the Gold Package includes:

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Businesses around the world have been severely impacted since the outbreak of COVID-19 which has lasted the last year of 2020 up to now. But the opportunity to franchise Siomai King didn’t stop there. Therefore, the industry has introduced an online franchise system. It paves the way for the Siomai King franchise to overcome this pandemic crisis.

Setting up an online franchise system opens doors for other people who want to do business and even earn from the comfort of their own home. The benefit of this is that it is a lifetime franchise opportunity.

From now on you can now apply online for a franchise business for only Php 16,888. As soon as you register for the franchise online, you will receive an account with Shoplink ID. instead of having a norm.

With face-to-face transactions banned during this pandemic (so we can help contain the spread of the virus), do business online. All you have to do is share your Shoplink ID. with your friends, colleagues and family. After you have successfully ordered through the link, you will receive a commission based on the franchise package you have availed.

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Note that instead of selling five pieces of Siomai, you are now selling 40 pieces in a tray (20 pieces of Siomai products) of Siomai King’s best-selling product. Siomai flavors are SK Chicken, SK Hong Kong, SK Shanghai and SK Japanese.

There is no better way to start a Siomai King franchise than by contacting JC Franchising Inc. via landline numbers (02)8894773 to 76. Get quick answers to your inquiries and requirements from you.

One good thing about the Siomai King franchise is that there are no license fees and no annual renewal fees. This means that you have the opportunity to get the full ROI on the money you invested in Siomai King in less than six months if you work every day, including weekends.

Top 20 Franchise Business In The Philippines

Originally, Masterrific Foods started out in 1999 as a distributor of ham, bacon, siomai and burger patties to customers primarily hotels, restaurateurs and markets.

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At the time of writing, there are over 900 Master Siomai branches in the Philippines. To ensure continued efforts to market its brand, Masterrific Foods is constantly featured in television advertisements, billboards, trade events and sponsorships.

Due to the success of Master Siomai, the company launched new products and franchise concepts such as Maming Gala, Master Tempura and SioGo.

For only Php280,000.00 as the Master Siomai franchise fee, franchise applicants can receive the following as perks:

Set up a site assessment schedule with the Master Siomai team. In order to have a franchise in a mall, you must provide a tender notice or lease proposal prior to the site evaluation.

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If the location is outside the mall, you must have a written agreement with the tenant who will be renting it.

Please note that selection, business permits and staff are not included in the Master Siomai franchise price. Also read Master Siomai’s franchise review beforehand.

Finding a franchise business in the Philippines couldn’t be easier than with Zagu Franchise Company! The Zagu franchise offers tapioca pearl flavored ice shakes, and most of the main products are Chocolate, Hazelnut Cappuccino, Four Seasons, Cookies and Cream, and Ube.

Top 20 Franchise Business In The Philippines

Since Zagu’s inception in 1999, this facility has received three awards including the following:

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The Zagu franchise has 446 stores in the Philippines to date. Some of its franchisees are bank executives, retirees, housewives and others from all walks of life.

The price depends on the type of store operation you want to get. The 2019 Zagu franchise price includes:

1: Download and fill out the first questionnaire on Zagu’s website. Expect to be pre-evaluated and scheduled for an initial interview.

3: Pay a cash deposit of Php10,000.00 by cash or postdated check. Don’t worry the cash voucher is refundable.

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4: Fulfill all requirements mentioned during the first interview. If you do not comply with your application, your application may be suspended.

5: Go to the interview. This is where the Zagu franchise team will assess your ability to run a business.

6: Conduct the debriefing and post-approval meeting once your application is approved. The extension department then issues a letter of approval.

Top 20 Franchise Business In The Philippines

8: Pay the Zagu franchise fee in full and sign the agreement. You will receive a notarized copy of the contract.

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Zagu Franchise discourages applicants from making seat reservations until they receive Zagu Franchise application status. It prevents franchise applicants from spending money without a guaranteed cash refund.

Cesar and Grace Suan founded Mr. Liempo in 2009 in Mandaue City, Cebu with high hopes of bringing the best Liempo and Lechon cuisine to the guests. Fortunately, Mr. Liempo was a success and just after 8 months of operation, Mr. and Mrs. Suan opened another branch in Cordova Cebu.

Mr. Liempo’s franchise started in January 2010. Up to now, 33 franchise shops have been successfully operated in Visayas. Additionally, Mr. Liempo’s franchise is now available in Metro Manila since the first store opened in October 2010 in Zapote Las Pinas.

All interested applicants should submit a Letter of Intent providing your contact number, email address, a map of the area surrounding your target location and a completed application form.

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Franchise applicants must consider their target site with the minimum area of ​​2.5 x 3 m for renovation or with the standard size of 3 x 4 m. The same sizes apply if you’d rather acquire Mr. Liempo’s standalone franchise.


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