Small Scale Industries Business Ideas In India

Small Scale Industries Business Ideas In India – Small Business Ideas in India: Needless to say what economic disaster this Corona epidemic or COVID 19 has brought to the entire world including our own India. Because of this, millions of jobs have been lost. Starvation, death and job loss have become part and parcel of it.

The government had no choice but to announce a complete lockdown to maintain social distancing with India. This forced many of us to stay indoors, causing a lot of financial hardship. It has also been announced of late that we will have to live with this epidemic for the next few months or even years.

Small Scale Industries Business Ideas In India

Small Scale Industries Business Ideas In India

Keeping each profession in mind, I have selected 13 small business ideas during or after Corona in India that many people can use to overcome financial difficulties to some extent.

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We all know very well that Govt. India has taken several steps to ease the economic hardship faced by many people due to this COVID 19.

These benefits are like direct cash transfer, providing free food, free cooking gas, delaying electronic breakdown and many more.

Before starting the discussion, I must tell you that no business or profession is that easy. So, it takes a lot of hard and smart work to make it profitable and successful.

My attempt is to come up with some small business ideas for 2020 during the shutdown period or later. This helps to avoid job loss or loss of income to some extent.

Small Scale Industries/projects With 50 Lakh To 1 Crore Investment

Don’t despair, the bad times won’t last forever. So this post is dedicated to all those who are suffering from loss of income.

Your parents, wife, children may be waiting for you. Your income can bring them food. So guys, be prepared, be patient and believe in yourself.

Here are selected 13 Indian small business ideas that can be started with a small investment. It certainly helps in earning a living.

Small Scale Industries Business Ideas In India

I keep in mind that in this age of foreclosures, even with the stakes of supporting a family, it can be a huge investment. So the initial investment amount for the following small business ideas in India is very low.

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Now let’s see what are these 13 small business ideas in India that you can afford to earn your living.

After the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Covid-19 as a global pandemic, the sales of some products, i.e. face masks, have increased rapidly. A face mask is the first step in keeping yourself away from this coronavirus. So it has become an integral part of our daily life.

So face mask business is number one in my 13 small business ideas in India. Both online and offline masks are sold in India. You can see that these masks are sold for Rs.20 to Rs.500.

So, the face mask business will definitely be a booming business in the coming years. Because when public transport starts running in full, the social distancing factor doesn’t work. Thus, reliance on face masks is increasing rapidly.

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If you do a thorough search in the market, the most popular N-95 mask is now priced at Rs. 150 to Rs. 170 pieces if you buy in bulk. Usually, it is a package containing 25 numbers.

Therefore, the initial investment will be around Rs 4,000. So, if you buy this mask easily for Rs. 200 to Rs. 250 each may be the case. If you can sell 10 masks a day, it can bring you a profit of about 300-500 rubles.

Not everyone can afford a R200 mask, so you need to stock up on other types of face masks, such as surgical masks, 3m layered masks, cloth masks and nylon masks. About Rs. 10 to 30 each.

Small Scale Industries Business Ideas In India

These low cost masks can bring you up to 50% profit. Hence, it will cost you Rs. can help earn. 300 to Rs. 400 daily by selling these masks in and around your area.

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The following small business ideas that come to mind when you think of the current hand sanitizer or hand wash are the most sought after products across India during this lockdown period. Many of us have definitely paid extra to buy it because there was not enough stock of this hygiene product.

This must have pleased the black marketeers who stockpiled disinfectants shortly after the epidemic developed. Of course, they managed to make a lot of money out of it as the demand peaked across the country.

There are many instances where you pay Rs 100 for a 50ml bottle of disinfectant. It is only Rs 25-40 considering the price range of unbranded and branded hand sanitizers.

Everyone was concerned about safety first, so the price factor came last. However, the situation seems to be under control now. Now the price has come down significantly and a normal 50ml hand sanitizer will cost Rs 30-40.

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Therefore, it can be assured that the demand for these hand sanitizers and hand washes will be as high as ever in the coming months or years.

How to do it: You can search your local market and get good quality hand sanitizers and hand sanitisers. Investment can be about 2000 to 3000 rubles. From this easily Rs. 300 per day.

Although it looks very simple, but practically speaking, you have to sweat a lot to earn so much. But what you can do is walk around your locality and interact with your relatives, friends, acquaintances. They can help you a lot in this difficult situation.

Small Scale Industries Business Ideas In India

I advise you not to lose hope or despair. Just think about your family and concentrate. Remember that the product you are selling is in high demand.

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Home delivery of groceries is one of the other small business ideas in India that one can think of. Because people are still afraid to go out for fear of social distancing.

Hence, home delivery is the next big thing this foreclosure period and beyond.

In some cases, people are even willing to pay a premium for this home delivery service. The specter of corona infection will not disappear from people’s minds so soon.

So it’s a win-win situation for all those who lost their jobs due to the spread of the deadly virus. So I think people will take up the offer of having groceries delivered to their doorstep. It’s a win-win.

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How to do it: See, getting bulk groceries from your local market is not that difficult. I advise you not to keep any items at home. Take orders first, pick up goods and deliver to customers the next day.

Based on our daily experience, I can say that the average grocery order per family is around Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000 depends on customers. This means your initial investment is around Rs.3000 to Rs. 5000.

Generally, if you can deliver groceries worth Rs 2000-3000, you can easily make Rs. 300 to Rs. 400.

Small Scale Industries Business Ideas In India

People want their claims delivered to their homes and you can charge extra in this disastrous situation.

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In this case, you can also first turn to your friends, relatives and acquaintances. Following your niche will help you get new customers. This is one of the best small business ideas in India right now.

Even during this period we cannot avoid our daily needs. In addition, grocery consumption can be seen skyrocketing for some households as they spend more and more time at home.

So this is the perfect time for anyone who has lost their income due to this pandemic. So, if possible, I recommend this option.

Another small business idea that is more relevant in this difficult situation is door-to-door selling of vegetables. Yes, it is one of our daily needs.

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So there is a good chance that people will also like the idea of ​​home delivery of their vegetables at a reasonable price. Because lockdowns can be lifted, but social distancing requirements cannot.

Additionally, we have seen many auto drivers, e-rickshaw drivers, washers, bike/motorcycle repair shop owners in our area using this vegetable home delivery company.

Considering all these different professions, I would like to say that no profession is bad unless it is done with great dignity and respect.

Small Scale Industries Business Ideas In India

How to do it: Sell and deliver vegetables to your home,

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