Small Business Ideas Mumbai

By | May 4, 2023
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Small Business Ideas Mumbai – Are you looking for business ideas in Mumbai? Then you should read this article. I am sure you live in Mumbai and you must be working but you are not satisfied with it. Every Indian wants to start their own business but due to lack of financial support they are not able to start it.

Mumbai is the largest city in India. Mumbai has a population of around 1.9 crore which means more business opportunities for you. Mumbai is the city of dreams with the highest success rate for startups.

Small Business Ideas Mumbai

Small Business Ideas Mumbai

Here in this article I have listed 35 small to big business ideas that will suit you best. The series is divided into three parts. 1) Business ideas with small investment in Mumbai. 2) Generate business ideas in Mumbai. 3) Online Business Ideas in Mumbai. You can choose whichever one you think is best for you.

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With a small capital investment, you can start a breakfast restaurant in Mumbai. As the food business is very successful with the population of Mumbai. No one can stop your business if you can provide good food at low prices.

Starting a live event management business does not require any investment. But you need an office where you can meet your clients. One of the best business opportunities to start in Mumbai.

At first, landing your first client can be difficult as you have no prior experience and no portfolio to show. I suggest asking your family as your first customer. 3. Cake and Pastry Stores

Cake shops are very popular in Mumbai. Mumbaikars have a sweet tooth and love eating bread and cakes. Starting a cake and pastry shop is easy but requires a lot of money. So, if you can prepare the investment, start it.

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Security is very important in a city like Mumbai. Big or small security firms earn a lot of money in Mumbai. Almost every community needs a security guard. You can start a security firm with a small investment. To start a security agency in Mumbai, you must first register your company. After that, the office and the staff are found and set up.

If you have knowledge and expertise in any field, you should start a training institute. Starting a training center is easy and costs nothing. If you want to teach you can start a tutoring center from your home. To be successful in this business, you must keep reading and developing. 6. Products

Grocery store is one of the oldest yet popular business ideas in Mumbai. Groceries are a daily necessity. If you want a sustainable business you should definitely go into retail business. Starting a grocery store does not require special skills. It may require significant investment. 7. Mobile restaurant

Small Business Ideas Mumbai

Handmade food stalls are very popular business ideas in Mumbai. If you look around you will find hundreds of eateries near your office or on the roadside. Starting a mobile food stall is a profitable business because you don’t need to pay for the location. Also, you get the freedom to move it whenever needed. With less investment, you can start a mobile food outlet 8. Mobile Repair and Services

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Mobile phone repair and service is the fastest growing business in India. Also, starting a mobile phone repair and service is the cheapest business idea in Mumbai. If you want to repair mobile phones yourself, you should learn it, it’s very easy and anyone can do it. There are many mobile phone repair courses available in the market. 9. Water supply services

Another popular business idea in Mumbai is drinking water distribution. You can start this business with a small capital. First, you can go out into the public and take orders and slowly grow your customer base. Then you can hire more people to grow your business. 10. The tea group

Haha! A pot of tea? Do you think so? Let me tell you that a friend of mine owns a roadside tea stall and earns more than a corporate job. The perfect sweet and savory tea is the key to success in this business. If you think you can make mild tea, you’ll be rich quick. 11. Ice cream parlor

Ice cream parlor is another easy business idea to start in Mumbai. There are hundreds of ice management systems in India. Also, you make your own ice cream with a little experiment. The demand for home-made ice cream is more than that of an ordinary company.

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Ladies salon is the best business opportunity in Mumbai. If you know Mumbai is the city of cinema and every day many people come to Mumbai to fulfill their dreams. It may require a moderate range of investment but starting a ladies salon in Mumbai is highly recommended. 13. Maid service

Nowadays women also work and pay more attention to career. The population of Mumbai is really huge and getting a good maid at an affordable price is a great job for Mumbaikars. If you like you can start this maid service business. 14. Auto Repair Service

Do you know how many cars operate in Mumbai? If you look, you will see the possibility of an auto repair shop. Also, along with repairs, you can start selling auto parts, which will also increase your income. 15. Insurance Agent

Small Business Ideas Mumbai

Insurance agent is a business that you can start from your main job. All you have to do is register with LIC and get your license. Once you complete the registration you can start selling policies. You will get 5%-10% commission every time a customer pays EMI. This is also the best income.

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You can start a candle making business with a small investment. You can set up 200 square feet candle making machines. There are different types of candles that you can choose from. White tall candles are the best selling candles but nowadays people buy candles for decoration as well. 17. Agarbatti Manufacturing Business

Similarly, agarbatti manufacturing business is a small investment business idea. Agarbatti is a thin bamboo stick usually coated with aromatic oil. Agarbatti making machine does not require much space. You can set up an agarbatti making unit at home. 18. Candy Industry Business

Candy industry is another business idea in Mumbai. It requires moderate investment to start but the return is very good. Success in the candy business depends on experimentation. If you can create a completely new candy for the market, the success rate increases significantly. Packaging is also a factor in the success of the confectionery business. Consider choosing an eye mask for your sweets. 19. Production of potato chips

After samosas, pav bhaji and vada pav, potato is the most consumed snack in Mumbai. There are many flavors of chips in the market. In addition to chip companies, you will also find local companies that produce potato chips. Potato chips manufacturing business is very demanding and very profitable. Starting a potato processing business is not very difficult with proper planning and execution. 20. Chocolate making business

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It’s a creative venture but believe me the results are delicious. You can start a chocolate making business from your home with little investment. There are manual and automated processes in chocolate making. But first, I recommend you to go with the manual process as it is cheaper.

Paper cup and plate manufacturing is another small business idea in Mumbai. The demand for paper cups and plates in Mumbai is very high. In a 300-400 square feet room you can set up paper cup and plate making machines. After that, you have to buy paper plate and cup making machine which will cost you around 5-7 lakhs. If you have enough capital to invest, you can go into paper coffee and plate making business. 22. Noodles (Chowmein) Trade

The demand for noodles is high not only in Mumbai but across India. The process of making noodles is very simple and anyone can do it. You can start a noodle making business with a small to medium investment. 23. Ice cream cone manufacturing business

Small Business Ideas Mumbai

There are many types of ice cream in the market today. Ice cream cones are another business idea that you can start in Mumbai. The process of making ice cream cones is simple and anyone can do it. Also, the demand and profit in this business is very high. 24. Business of making bread and cakes

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Bread and cake (bakery) is another profitable business idea for Mumbai. The demand for bread and cakes is increasing rapidly. With today’s busy lives, people rarely find time to cook. You have enough capital, you should try this business.

The demand for paper towels is very high in polluted metro cities.