Sap Business Objects Tips And Tricks

Sap Business Objects Tips And Tricks – Here’s a little BI truth: You don’t know what you can’t see. This is why there has been an increased focus on data visualization in recent years. As such, BI tools that provide a variety of charts and graphs are increasingly considered the BI tools of choice in businesses. But with all BI vendors looking to improve their charting and visualization tools, there is little to differentiate BI tools when it comes to charts and graphing options.

At the same time, mature Enterprise BI tools like SAP BusinessObjects are questionable in their ability to deliver the popular data visualizations that are so essential. Few organizations are evaluating BI software vendors

Sap Business Objects Tips And Tricks

Sap Business Objects Tips And Tricks

For data visualization capabilities. But before your company starts racking up big bills for new software and application licenses, you should know that you could be paying (again!) for the skills you already have. It’s right under your nose, so to speak. This capability is dormant and unexploited in the SAP BusinessObjects tool you have begun to doubt.

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That’s why we want to show you that “all roads lead to Rome”, and there are visualization options in the SAP BusinessObjects stack that you might not have seen. A small treasure you can access to find the photos you want, and

Summary: The screenshots and graphs are from sources related to input analysis which is divided into 4 quadrants:

Spend some time studying the images, and match each one to the tools used to create them.

You see, given the same criteria, several BusinessObjects tools can be used to create beautiful, intuitive,

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Visualization. Even analysis for OLAP or WEBI, which is rarely considered for data visualization, can do a good job under the hands of an experienced developer.

The lesson is clear: Instead of spending time considering which BI tool to migrate, companies should spend more time consolidating their existing SAP BusinessObjects investments first.

After all, that’s money you’ve already spent. It’s an attitude you already have. Why not take advantage of it? With the release of SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.5, there are many new and exciting features and components. One feature that I find very interesting is the Chart Type Picker. There are 5 menu buttons to change the chart type on the fly and more can be added. However, when designing my dashboard, I find that there are challenges when limiting the number of menu options to less than 5 or when limiting the display of specific table type buttons. Although there is no such option in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, I found a way to achieve this using CSS.

Sap Business Objects Tips And Tricks

To do this, I used the CSS nth child selection concept, defined as ,

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In the following steps, I will show you how to limit the number of menu options in the Chart Type Picker in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.5.

2. Drag and drop the table type collector element to the element panel. As you can see, there are 5 menu options: Bar / column chart, line chart, pie chart, scatter chart and radar chart. Additional table options can be added using properties

Now copy and paste the required CSS script as a custom style sheet and save as described above.

The nth CSS selector can be used when you want to make a selection of specific elements to apply CSS. Using this, we could easily design the type of table. Thanks CSS!

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